“The K2″ep 11 ~ Yoo Jin:”Come back alive!”

The mission K2 and the offensive team received started. But Park Gwan Soo already knew that they were coming and prepared his men. While running for his life, Park Gwan Soo entered a safe room. Unfortunately for him, K2 managed to enter there too. Since he can’t kill anyone anymore and he is alone with Park Gwan Soo, K2 doesn’t know what to do. Luckily for K2, Park Gwan Soo knows that Je Ha was a mercenary and offered him money to let Park Gwan Soo alive.

Episode 11

As the plan was made, K2 and the offensive team went after Park Gwan Soo. Dressed as policemen, K2 and the team leader could get closer to Park Gwan Soo. But Park Gwan Soo already knew that Yoo Jin send her men after him. Park Gwan Soo’s right hand asked a trick question and K2 and the team leader were caught. They are about to be killed, while they were surrounded by Park Gwan Soo’s men, but the JSS snipers saved them.  The battle started and a lot of bodyguards are killed.

Park Gwan Soo managed to enter the building covered by his men. K2 and the team leader follow them inside and from outside the JSS snipers cover for them. But inside there are a lot of Park Gwan Soo’s men and the team leader was hurt. K2 saved the team leader, then went after Park Gwan Soo.

Team leader:”If we don’t kill him, we’re all dead!”

K2 followed Park Gwan Soo and barely made it into the save room where Park Gwan Soo entered thinking that he was safe. But he isn’t! Je Ha is there with him! K2 pointed his gun towards Park Gwan Soo and Park Gwan Soo was kneeling before K2 begging for his life. Unfortunately K2 can’t shot, his PTSD showed up. Not knowing about K2’s condition, Park Gwan Soo made a deal. He offered Je Ha double the amount Yoo Jin paid K2.

Hearing Park Gwan Soo’s offer, K2 remembers Yoo Jin’s words that there are various way of killing someone, not just shooting them.

K2:”You said exactly what mercenaries love to hear the most.”

Je Ha plays along with Park Gwan Soo since Park Gwan Soo doesn’t know that he can’t kill anymore.  He pretends to be moved by Park Gwan Soo’s offer. Then Je Ha called Yoo Jin and let her know that he is alone with Park Gwan Soo. Even if Je Ha didn’t say it directly, Yoo Jin was able to read between the lines and understand that Je Ha is alone with Park Gwan Soo and can’t kill him. She has to help Je Ha in some way so she asks Je Ha to let her talk to Park Gwan Soo.

Yoo Jin talked to Park Gwan Soo then she wanted to talk to K2. She told K2 to do whatever is necessary to return alive.

Yoo Jin:”Come back alive!”

Je Ha made the deal with Park Gwan Soo, took the money and left alive.

To celebrate that they returned safely, Je Ha, the other JSS bodyguards, including Mi Ran and Anna went out for drinks and dinner. Since all JSS bodyguards had some drinks they’ve spend the night at Anna’s house.

Anna realizes that Je Ha wounded his back. She texts Je Ha in the middle of the night and when they’ve met, Anna cleaned Je Ha’s wounds. Then they’ve went on the rooftop and talked about their future plans and the past. Je Ha asked Anna to move with him to Spain when everything will be finished.

Realizing that she doesn’t know anything about Je Ha, Anna asked him about his past and what he was doing in Spain. He opened up and talked about Raniya and the fact that he was framed for Raniya’s murder. Hearing the story, Anna realizes why Je Ha has nightmares. She hugs him and consoles him.

Je Ha:”I think I can become happy now!”

The next morning Je Ha went to Cloud Nine to continue with his and Yoo Jin’s plan to get Park Gwan Soo. But something was strange there, chief Kim was acting differently. After being scolded  by Yoo Jin, Dong Mi keeps bowing her head in front of Je Ha.

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