“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 5 ~Nan Gil:”We’re not close enough to share secrets.”

Na Ri took some time off from work and move in with Nan Gil. Now that she knows the reason Nan Gil married her mother, she trusts him. Also Nan Gil told Na Ri when he met Na Ri’s mother and is disappointed that Na Ri doesn’t remember him. While living in the same house with Nan Gil, Na Ri kept talking with the people from that town to find out more about Nan Gil.

Episode 5

Nan Gil was abandoned soon after he was born. He was left with only a note on which it was written his name and birthday. While growing up, Nan Gil hated Na Ri because she had a mother, but hated more when the other children were bullying her. Because of that Nan Gil used to defend Na Ri always. So he decided to marry Na Ri when he will grow up just to make Na Ri’s mother his own mother.

Nan Gil:”I’m going to marry Hong Na Ri!”

After Na Ri left for college, teenager Nan Gil realized that Na Ri was his first love. Soon Nan Gil was adopted by Dada Finance owner. That man adopted a few other boys and raised them to despite each other and made them into a gang. The boys grew up hating and fighting each other. They had to fight back to survive!

During the passing years, Nan Gil visited Na Ri often. He didn’t talk to her or got close to her, he was just watching her from far away… while Na Ri was dating Dong Jin or going to work.

Na Gil was in prison too and when he was released he went straight to Na Ri’s mother. She showed Nan Gil the debt documents she had received from Dada Finance and Nan Gil decided to become the head of the family in order to protect her from Dada Finance.  In order for Nan Gil to protect Na Ri’s mother, whom he was loving as his own mother, Nan Gil convinced her to get married and everything she has to be transferred on his name.

Nan Gil:”I need to become the head of this family!”

Unfortunately Nan Gil wasn’t able to protect Na Ri’s mother as she died from an accident. From that moment, Nan Gil promised to protect Na Ri. When Na Ri went to Dada Finance, Nan Gil rushed in and got her out. After Nan Gil got her out from there, Na Ri can’t stop thinking about Nan Gil.

Yeo Joo is meeting Dong Jin and tells him about the documents Na Ri received from loan sharks. While they were talking Na Ri and the other stewardess arrived. That place is where they meet often so Yeo Joo brought Dong Jin there intentionally. Later that day, Na Ri moved in with Nan Gil.

Na Ri unpacked her belongings and went to see Duk Bong. She asked Duk Bong to retire the lawsuit against Nan Gil regarding Nan Gil’s marriage with Na Ri’s mother. Now Na Ri knows that the reason her mother and Nan Gil married is because of her real father’s debt with Dada Finance. Since the debt was made by Na Ri’s father, Dada Finance can’t force Na Ri to pay them as long as she has a stepfather.

Na Ri:”He’s the only person I can trust right now.”

Now that she knows the reason Nan Gil became her stepfather was to protect her and her mother from the gangsters, Na Ri called Nan Gil to the park. She wants know since when Nan Gil and her mother knew each other. Na Ri found between her mother’s belongings a handkerchief with Nan Gil’s name on it. Disappointed that Na Ri doesn’t remember him, Nan Gil tells Na Ri when he met her mother.

Nan Gil sits down and tells Na Ri that he grew up at the orphanage her mother used to volunteer. Na Ri’s mother was coming by the orphanage often and she was treating Nan Gil as her own son. When they young, both Na Ri and Nan Gil gave Na Ri’s mother a hard time.  Na Ri was annoyed that her mother goes so often to volunteer at the orphanage while Nan Gil was angry that Na Ri’s mother goes home at night instead of staying with him.

Nan Gil:”Being curious means you are interested. You can’t see me as a man!…She really doesn’t remember anything.”

Dong Jin called Na Ri and told her that Nan Gil paid him the money Na Ri’s uncle borrowed from Dong Jin. Curious to know why Nan Gil did that, Na Ri follows him to the greenhouse.

Na Ri:”I never saw you smile before. It’s nice!”

Nan Gil shows Na Ri the flowers from the greenhouse that will grow to become fruits and vegetables. But when Nan Gil starts talking about signing Na Ri up for matchmaking, Na Ri gets upset. She imagines Nan Gil walking her to the altar and the groom was…Nan Gil.

After finding out why Nan Gil became Na Ri’s stepfather, Duk Bong came by to try one more time to convince Nan Gil to sell the land. Still Nan Gil refused. But Duk Bong is curious why Nan Gil is so attached to the land…is Nan Gil afraid that once he will sell the land he and Na Ri won’t see each other again? And if that is true, is she Nan Gil’s first love?

Nan Gil:”We’re not close enough to share secrets.”

Na Ri cooks for Nan Gil and the staff every morning, then she goes to town and talks to everyone about Nan Gil from Hope orphanage. One of those days, Na Ri was searching to find more about her mother and Nan Gil, she arrived at Duk Bong’s company. From Duk Bong, Na Ri found out that Dada Finance are dangerous gangsters that are capable to kill anyone.

Later Na Ri met Nan Gil and asked him to promise her that if Dada Finance will threaten him, Nan Gil will tell her.  But when Na Ri starts asking if Nan Gil has a girlfriend or if he ever dated, Nan Gil leaves.

Na Ri sees Won Shik and asks him about the legendary Go Nan Gil. But Won Shik didn’t tell her anything and went to Nan Gil. While thinking about all the things she heard from everyone about Nan Gil and what she talked with Duk Bong about Nan Gil, Na Ri suddenly remembers something about Nan Gil. She runs home and hugs Nan Gil.

Na Ri:”I’m sorry I couldn’t remember anything.”

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