“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 6 ~Na Ri:”Do you still like me?”

Yeo Joo has a hard time at work and in her relationship with Dong Jin. She goes to Na Ri’s house and forces Na Ri to pretend that they are close again. After getting rid of Yeo Joo, Na Ri is getting closer and closer to Nan Gil. But Duk Shim isn’t pleased with Nan Gil and Na Ri having a close relationship and causes Na Ri to have an accident.

Episode 6

When she saw Won Shil, Na Ri asked him about Nan Gil. He refused to answer her questions, but Won Shil told Na Ri one thing. He accused Na Ri for forcing Nan Gil to help her fight against Dada Finance because her mother helped Nan Gil when he was little. Thinking about everything that she heard, Na Ri runs home, hugs Nan Gil and apologizes for not remembering him.

Na Ri:”Go while I’m letting you!”

Na Ri remembers that when she was little a boy was always following her and bullying her. She thinks that the boy that was bullying her is Nan Gil and doesn’t believe when he denies it.

 That night Yeo Joo came by. She is drunk and when Nan Gil opened, she hugged him and glued herself to Nan Gil until Na Ri came out. Yeo Joo has a hard time at work because the other stewardesses like Na Ri and after they found out that Yeo Joo is the reason Na Ri and Dong Jin broke up after dating for nine years, they are all laming Yeo Joo. When she saw Yeo Joo I Nan Gil’s arms, Na Ri became jealous so after Yeo Joo fell asleep, Na Ri reclaimed Nan Gil for hugging Yeo Joo.

Nan Gil:”People kept falling in my arms.”

Na Ri advised Nan Gil to keep his distance from Yeo Joo because all Yeo Joo does is steal away other people belongings. But…Nan Gil isn’t Na Ri’s…

To stop the other stewardesses from being mean to her, Yeo Joo send them a picture of herself at Na Ri’s house.  Before sending Yeo Joo away, Na Ri gave Yeo Joo something for hangover. But Yeo Joo wants more. Yeo Joo wants Na Ri to pretend like they are close friends because Dong Jin feels guilty for cheating and breaking up with Na Ri and because no one at work wants to be Yeo Joo’s friends.

Yeo Joo:”I have no pride!”

Yeo Joo didn’t leave. She is waiting for Na Ri to come out and take a picture together when she sees Duk Bong. She remembered that Duk Bong came to see Na Ri at the airport once and tells Nan Gil about it. Na Ri comes out after Duk Bong called her. To stop Yeo Joo from finding out that Nan Gil is her stepfather, Na Ri send him inside.

Yeo Joo doesn’t give up on her idea of pretending to be close with Na Ri. She threatens Na Ri with telling everyone that Na Ri and Duk Bong are dating if Na Ri won’t agree to take a picture together. Na Ri accepted and then introduced Duk Bong to Yeo Joo. She told Yeo Joo that Duk Bong is the president of museum and part of an extremely rich family. Then Na Ri and Duk Bong went inside. Because Na Ri and Duk Bong were talking for too long, Nan Gil came out. Frustrated that Nan Gil and Na Ri seem uncomfortable and scared of each other, Duk Bong advices them to talk and clear their misunderstanding like a family.

For days Nan Gil avoided Na Ri so she went to the greenhouse to force him talk to her. She explains Nan Gil that Duk Bong looks for her, including at the airport, to talk about selling the land.  Then Na Ri begins crying while talking about her regrets regarding her mother.

Being at the greenhouse, Nan Gil teaches Na Ri how to plant lettuce and pepper. While planting together, Nan Gil consoled Na Ri. He told Na Ri the reason her mother was badmouthing her was because of him. Nan Gil used to be jealous and hated that Na Ri is her mother’s daughter, so Na Ri’s mother pretended to badmouth Na Ri to make Nan Gil feel better. Duk Shim sees Na Ri and Nan Gil together and gets upset.

It’s been a while since she rode her bike so Na Ri asks Nan Gil to teach her to ride her bike again. They were having fun riding bikes, but when Nan Gil’s old feelings for Na Ri reappeared he decide to return at the restaurant and knead.

On his way to the restaurant, Nan Gil received a phone call from his adoptive father. Bae Byung Woo threatened Nan Gil and talked about something that happened some time ago. Because of what happened Na Ri and Nan Gil should’ve never had met again.

Because she is jealous, Duk Shim follows Na Ri, while she was riding her bike. Suddenly Duk Shim causes Na Ri to fell from her bike and get hurt.

Duk Shim called her brother to come over and went to help Na Ri get up. Both Duk Bong and Nan Gil arrived in Na Ri’s rescue at the same time. Duk Bong arrived few seconds before Nan Gil and was helping Na Ri. But when Nan Gil arrived, Na Ri pushed Duk Bong away.

Because of Na Ri’s back problems, she has to stay in the hospital overnight. As her guardian Nan Gil has to stay with her and monitor her back pain. Duk Bong knows his sister so he knows that Duk Shim intentionally caused Na Ri’s accident so he brought Duk Shim over to apologize.

Seeing Duk Shim looking at Nan Gil, Na Ri realizes that Duk Shim is the one that locked her in the storage room.  When they remain alone, Duk Shim shows her true self and argues with Na Ri. She even calls Na Ri old. But when they are in Nan Gil’s presence Duk Shim changes into an innocent and nice girl. So for Nan Gil is hard to understand why Duk Bong calls his sister a juvenile delinquent.

Nan Gil can’t forget the words his adoptive father said so he calls Bae Byung Woo. While he was trying to make a deal with his father, Bae Byung Woo blamed Nan Gil for the state in which Na Ri’s family is at the moment.

Na Ri insists in getting Duk Shim’s apology so she visited Duk Bong’s house. But since Nan Gil isn’t present, Duk Shim acts like her usual self.

Na Ri:”You’re making your life miserable.”

Since she already knows that Nan Gil is Na Ri’s stepfather, Duk Shim pretend to apologize and asked Na Ri to tell Nan Gil that she apologized. Later Duk Bong, who had asked someone to investigate Dada Finance, has received some information. He looks on it and sees Nan Gil as one of the directors from Dada Finance, but with a different name…Bae Byung Suk.

Meantime at the house, Na Ri asked Nan Gil if he likes her.

Na Ri:”I’m your first love, right? Do you still like me?”

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