“The K2″ep 12 ~ Yoo Jin:”Anna is my real daughter!”

Sung Won is using Anna in her new plan to destroy Yoo Jin. But Anna doesn’t realize that she is used as sword and trusts her uncle way too much. He found a so called witness that saw the person who killed Hye Rin. To fight back, Yoo Jin revealed that Anna is her stepdaughter.

Episode 12

Sung Won took Anna to her mother’s grave. The grave was shabby and no one had taken care of it. A lot of reporters came to see Anna visiting her mother’s grave and started asking questions about Choi Yoo Jin not taking care of her best friend’s grave.

Later Sung Won took Anna to the prison. There they’ve met the thief that entered Anna’s house the night her mother died. While searching Hye Rin’s room, the thief heard someone coming in. He hid and someone else came in. The thief saw someone covering Hye Rin’s mouth and injecting her with something. Then the thief said that the person who killed Hye Rin was Yoo Jin.

Meantime K2 talks with master Song about Choi Yoo Jin and Choi Sung Won. Yoo Jin was supposed to inherit JB Group and she was supported to get the group from her father. But Yoo Jin lost everything when she didn’t marry one of the rich men her father had chosen. On the other hand Sung Won hurried to marry the woman his father chose and became the new chairman of JB Group. Everyone fears Yoo Jin believing that she is aggressive, but Young Choon told Je Ha that Sung Won is far more aggressive than Yoo Jin. No one can guess what Sung Won is thinking or planning behind his nice smile.

Anna trusts too much her uncle so she does everything he tells her too. When Sung Won told her not to say anything to Je Ha about them visiting the prison or preparing to destroy Choi Yoo Jin, Anna did as her uncle told her too.

Later that day Anna went to a tribute fashion show in her mother’s memory. She already took some of the anxiety medicine Sung Won gave her few days ago, but she needs more. Je Ha tried to stop Anna from taking the pills a third time that day, but he wasn’t able too.

Sung Won posted a news online to make people suspect that Choi Yoo Jin might have killed Hye Rim.  Following his plan, Sung Won went to the police station with Anna and requested Hye Rin’s death to be reinvestigated.

Jang Se Joon came to see Anna, but she refuses to see or talk to him. All her life Anna’s been waiting for her father and now when he came to her, Anna doesn’t need him anymore. But she accepts Je Ha around her. He tries to make Anna realize that she shouldn’t trust Sung Won that much, but Anna is stubborn.

Anna:”Are you on my side or Choi Yoo Jin’s side?”

Je Ha wouldn’t be surprised if Yoo Jin did kill Hye Rin. Still he went to see Yoo Jin and asked her directly.

Je Ha:”Did you kill Uhm Hye Rin?”

Since Je Ha is the only person who asked her if she killed Hye Rin or not instead of directly blaming her, Yoo Jin opened up and told him the truth. Yoo Jin didn’t kill or order Hye Rin’s death. She is letting Se Joon believe that she killed Hye Rin because it’s the only way Se Joon will stay by her side thinking that Yoo Jin is capable of hurting Anna. Also Yoo Jin knows who the real killer is. But she can’t ever say the murderer’s name.

After the scandal that Sung Won created using Anna, Yoo Jin is called at the police station. She asked Se Joon to accompany her and in front of the police station, Yoo Jin revealed to the journalists that Anna is Se Joon’s daughter.

Yoo Jin:”Anna is my real daughter! Anna is the real daughter of my husband, assemblyman Jang Se Joon!”

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