“The K2″ep 13 ~ Je Ha found evidence against Park Gwan Soo!

The witness that said Yoo Jin killed Hye Rin that Sung Won found changed his declaration. Se Joon had a press conference in which he transformed Hye Rin into a villain that blackmailed him to divorce his wife. Things turned in Yoo Jin’s favor so Yoo Jin gives Anna the chance to live a normal life. Yoo Jin told Anna to stay quit and live her life the way she wants as Yoo Jin’s daughter. But Anna refused the offer.

Episode 13

Yoo Jin revealed that Anna is Se Joon’s biological daughter to the media so now Se Joon holds a press conference. He told everyone that he met Hye Rin while working as a pro bono lawyer. They fell in love and had plans to get married. But when he was arrested and lost the election, Se Joon heard that Hye Rin went to film a movie in America and married director Go Joon Ho. With his heart at broken, Se Joon met Yoo Jin. They got married and had a happy live…until Hye Rin appeared with her young daughter. When everything seemed to go well for Se Joon, both professionally and personally, Hye Rin told Se Joon that Anna is his daughter and demanded Se Joon to divorce Yoo Jin. At that time, Hye Rin even threatened Se Joon and Yoo Jin with revealing the fact that Anna is Se Joon’s daughter to the public. Because Se Joon refused to abandon his wife, Hye Rin threatened him with committing suicide by medicine overdose. Since it wasn’t the first time Hye Rin threatened Se Joon like that, he didn’t believe her. The next day Se Joon heard that Hye Rin was found dead.

At the end of his press conference Se Joon talked in behalf of his wife, Choi Yoo Jin and made her the victim. Anna was watching him doing so and she was hurt. But…when she started the fight, Anna should’ve thought well the consequences. She blindly did what Sung Won wanted and now isn’t pleased that Yoo Jin is fighting back…making Hye Rin the villain of the story.

At the police station, the man that Ann and Sung Won visited in the prison changed his story. Actually that man wasn’t present in Hye Rin’s house the night she was killed. That man was a trap that Yoo Jin prepared for Anna and Sung Won.

Hurt by everything that happened, Anna tries to reach Sung Won, but he doesn’t answer her calls anymore. Je Ha comes to Anna and consoles her. Then Je Ha encouraged Anna to talk with Se Joon and hear what he has to say.

Se Joon apologizes for what he said at the press conference about Hye Rin. He tells Anna that Hye Rin didn’t blackmailed him, Hye Rin just asked him to divorce his wife. Also Se Joon tells Anna that when she was at the infirmary after eating strawberry ice cream, he lied to her and broke her heart because Yoo Jin was watching them. Unfortunately Se Joon decided to come clean with his daughter too late. Anna doesn’t believe him anymore.

Days passed and everything is back to normal, Yoo Jin and Se Joon once again is a loves couple while no one talks about Hye Rin anymore. While Anna went to visit her mother’s grave, he met Yoo Jin there. Yoo Jin told Anna that she never intended to kill Anna, not even when she believed that she needed Anna dead. Both Anna and Yoo Jin are similar. Neither of them had a mother, but instead had a stepmother who didn’t like them. Yoo Jin can understand that Hye Rin didn’t know that she was pregnant when she broke up with Se Joon and married another man. But what was Yoo Jin supposed to do when Hye Rin returned and wanted Se Joon to divorce Yoo Jin? Choi Yoo Jin had thrown everything away for Se Joon and all of a sudden Se Joon’s ex girlfriend appeared with a child demanding Se Joon to divorce his wife.

Now that the truth is revealed, Anna will become Yoo Jin’s daughter legally. Since Yoo Jin doesn’t have any children, Anna will her hair one day. So Yoo Jin asks Anna to stay quiet until her father becomes president and if Anna wants to revenge her mother, she can do that after she will inherit everything Yoo Jin has.  But the foolish Anna doesn’t understand what Yoo Jin is trying to tell her. Because Anna insists on not doing as Yoo Jin asked her, Yoo Jin gives Anna another option. Yoo Jin offers to give Anna all the support Anna needs as long as Anna goes to Lafelt and lives the life Anna wants without creating troubles for Yoo Jin and Se Joon.

Since Anna insists with her stubbornness behavior, Yoo Jin told Anna why Je Ha is working for her. She told Anna that Je Ha is working for her because Yoo Jin offered to help him revenge his ex fiancée’s murder. Because he suffers from PTSD, Je Ha can’t kill anyone so he needs someone like Yoo Jin to help him. Also Yoo Jin told Anna that Je Ha isn’t his real name, but an alias K2 is using because he is on Interpol’s wanted list considered a war criminal after he slaughtered civilians in Iraq.

Je Ha went to Se Joon. He has a plan for Se Joon to break free from Yoo Jin’s leash and became the president of the country. With the evidence Je Ha has at the moment, Se Joon can become a powerful man…and Park Gwan Soo will retire on his own .

Yoo Jin and Dong Mi are at Cloud Nine. Since Yoo Jin gave full control to Je Ha over Mirror, now Yoo Jin wants to know what Je Ha asked Mirror about. All the questions Je Ha asked Mirror were related to Kumar-gate.  With Mirror’s help, Je Ha house out who is the biggest player involved in Kumar-gate incident…the president of the country. One of the volunteers in Kumar was the president’s son, Kim Suk Han.

Je Ha goes to Park Gwan Soo and continues with his plan of destroying Park Gwan Soo. He reveals Park Gwan Soo that he knows about Kumar-gate and Kim Suk Han. Scared Park Gwan Soo went to see Kim Suk Han and tried to convince Kim Suk Han of getting rid of all evidence regarding Kumar-gate. But dr. Kim Suk Han needs that evidence to protect himself from Park Gwan Soo.

Je Ha follows Kim Suk Han. He sees that after Park Gwan Soo left the hospital, Park Gwan Soo’s men go after Kim Suk Han.  Luckily for Je Ha, Yoo Jin sent the JSS bodyguards to help him. Continuing with his plan, Je Ha asked the JSS bodyguards to keep an eye on Kim Suk Han and make it obvious that they are. Everywhere he looks, Kim Suk Han sees a JSS bodyguard following him around.  Since Kim Suk Han has evidence against Park Gwan Soo, related to Kumar-gate, Je Ha wants the JSS bodyguards to make Kim Suk Han uncomfortable. When Kim Suk Han will become uncomfortable enough from being watched, he will move the evidence. At that moment Je Ha can take it. And Je Ha’s plan worked!

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