“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 7 ~Na Ri:”Let’s go on a date until midnight.”

Na Ri went on a date with Nan Gil…but their date didn’t last long. The next day Na Ri left saying that she will not return there until her mother’s next death anniversary. But Na Ri forgot her books so Nan Gil took advantage of that situation and called her back. When Na Ri arrived, Nan Gil confessed.

Episode 7

Nan Gil:”I remembered you for a long time and I still like you!”

Na Ri finds it strange that Nan Gil remembered her for so many years so she asks him if he likes her. He admitted that he likes the Na Ri he met while he was a child, but denies liking the actual Hong Na Ri. While they were talking, two police officers came by. Na Ri’s uncle was forced by Dada Finance to press charges against Nan Gil for assault. Because Duk Bong was present when the police came, he introduced himself as Nan Gil’s lawyer and helped Nan Gil.

When he was interrogated, Nan Gil told the police that he and Na Ri’s uncle were in touch until recently when he couldn’t contact Shin Jung Nam. Before leaving the police station, Nan Gil reported Shin Jung Nam as a missing person.

Returned at the house, Duk Bong and Nan Gil tell Na Ri about Nan Gil’s past. She knows already that Nan Gil was an orphan and now she finds out that Nan Gil was legally adopted by Dada’s Finance CEO, Bae Byung Woo.

Since Duk Bong offered to represent Nan Gil for free, he asks Na Ri to date him so that Nan Gil won’t be pressured. Of course Duk Bong likes Na Ri. He likes talking to Na Ri and he loved the way Na Ri looked while scolding Duk Shim.

Duk Bong:”Na Ri, will you go out with me?”

Nan Gil called Na Ri to the lake and asked her to leave until he solves the problem with her father’s debt. Then Nan Gil will give her all the properties Na Ri’s mother left on Nan Gil’s name. But Na Ri doesn’t want to leave. She trusts Nan Gil and wants to stay by his side. Unfortunately Nan Gil keeps pushing Na Ri away, insisting that they have different lives.

Talking to some neighbors, Na Ri found out that Nan Gil would fight every kid that was bullying her in school. In high school Nan Gil gave her his umbrella and got wet on a rainy day. Also Nan Gil drew that he will marry Hong Na Ri when he will grow up, that was his dream as a child. After finding out all the things Nan Gil did for her when they were little, Na Ri went home and asked Nan Gil to go with her somewhere. She took Nan Gil on their first date, a date that will last only one day.

They took the bus to town and had dinner at a fancy restaurant. Then they sat in front of a campfire and asked various questions to know each other better.  But the date finished and everything went back to normal.

Na Ri:”Let’s go on a date until midnight.”

Nan Gil follows Won Shik and sees that Won Shik borrows company money without Bae Byung Woo knowing. He threatens Won Shik to not appear in front of Na Ri ever again. Then Nan Gil asked Won Shik what Bae Byung Woo knows that keeps saying that Nan Gil and Na Ri shouldn’t have met. Unfortunately Won Shik doesn’t know so if Nan Gil wants to find out that secret he has to go talk with his father.

The next day Na Ri left. Nan Gil sent her off in a cool manner and Duk Bong was the one that gave Na Ri a lift. She said that she won’t come back there until her mother’s death anniversary in a year. But on her way to Seoul, Na Ri can’t stop thinking about Nan Gil. And Duk Bong stopped for tea at the same restaurant where Na Ri and Nan Gil went together. While Na Ri was thinking about Nan Gil, he was doing the same. Because Na Ri forgot her book home, Nan Gil took advantage and called her. He promised himself that if Na Ri will return after her book he will tell her everything she wants to know.

Na Ri returned! And Nan Gil kept his promise to himself. He confessed and kissed Na Ri.

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