“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 8 ~Na Ri:”Will you marry me?”

Na Ri returned to get her books and Nan Gil confessed that he likes her since he was little. They starts a relationship and everything seems to go well between them…until Nan Gil’s adoptive father shows up. Bae Byung Woo tells Nan Gil the reason Nan Gil and Na Ri can’t be together.

Episode 8

Na Ri:”You should never say sorry for love.”

Na Ri returned to get the books she left. When he saw Na Ri, Nan Gil confessed that she is his first love and he still likes her. Then Na Ri left for Seoul. They will have a long distance relationship, but they are okay with that.

Na Ri went to work. At the airport Yeo Joo stopped Na Ri and told Na Ri that she and Dong Jin broke up. Dong Jin regretted having cheated and broken up with Na Ri. Tired of Dong Jin’s regrets, Yeo Joo broke up with him. Now Yeo Joo wants to know if Na Ri will get back together with Dong Jin, but Na Ri already moved on.

Na Ri:”I threw that piece of garbage in this garbage can.”

Yeo Joo realized that Na Ri is interested in Nan Gil and advised what she has to do to not let her younger boyfriend lose interest in her. In exchange of that information, Yeo Joo wants Na Ri to help her get closer to Duk Bong.

Both Na Ri and Nan Gil returned to their lives. They both wait for the other to call or text, but neither is doing so. Na Ri finally found the courage to call Nan Gil, but during their conversation she keeps remembering Yeo Joo’s words and hang up on Nan Gil. But Nan Gil called her back. After that they kept calling, texting and sending photos to each other often.

Duk Shim visited Hong dumplings restaurant after seeing and hiring add. Unfortunately for her Nan Gil doesn’t want to hire her until Duk Shim get Duk Bong’s permission.

When she heard that Dong Jin was planning to propose to Na Ri, Jung Im went to see him. She gave him something and now Dong Jin wants to return it to Na Ri. During their meeting, Dong Jin told Na Ri about his encounter with Nan Gil too. The time Nan Gil came to Seoul to repay Na Ri’s uncle’s debt with Dong Jin, Nan Gil didn’t feel that well. Worried, Na Ri calls Nan Gil. Because Nan Gil didn’t answer, Na Ri went to see him.

Yeo Joo showed up at the meeting between Dong Jin and Na Ri. She doesn’t know, but Dong Jin was planning to settle down his life and start a serious relationship with Yeo Joo. Unfortunately Yeo Joo wasn’t patient and ruined everything so Dong Jin decided to break up with her for good and move on with his life.

Arrived home, Na Ri asks Nan Gil about his illness. He doesn’t avoid it and tells her the truth. The symptoms Nan Gil experiences are a mixture of panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorder.

Nan Gil:”This is your chance to get away from me.”

Na Ri:”Will you marry me?”

The thing Na Ri’s mother gave Dong Jin was a poem Na Ri wrote in fifth grade, called “Marriage”. With Nan Gil’s help, Na Ri’s mother got the poem from the school and hit it until she gave it to Na Ri’s fiancée. Now Na Ri gave the poem to Nan Gil.

Before leaving, Nan Gil prepared some dumplings for Na Ri and didn’t let her leave until she finished it. The way Nan Gil treated Na Ri made Duk Shim angry.

Na Ri went to see Duk Bong. He told her that Duk Shim plans to pretend to be close to Na Ri and spy on her for Duk Bong. But Duk Bong told Na Ri what his sister intends to do and asked Na Ri to do the same. He asked Na Ri to get close to Duk Shim and spy on Duk Shim for him.

Duk Bong is worried about his sister. He doesn’t know why she left Seoul to live with him. She is always alone and doesn’t have any friends.

Na Ri and Nan Gil went to the greenhouse to see the lettuce that she planted. Then they’ve walked around like a couple…but their happiness didn’t last long. On their way home, Na Ri and Nan Gil met Bae Byung Woo. He told Nan Gil the reason Nan Gil shouldn’t be close to Na Ri.

When Nan Gil was still a gangster under Bae Byung Woo, he chased a man that had a debt with Dada Finance. While running away from Nan Gil, that man jumped from the second floor and died. That man was Na Ri’s father.

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