“The K2″ep 14 ~ Anna:”Je Ha…I love you!”

Je Ha is badly hurt. Yoo Jin brought him to Cloud Nine to hide him from the police. Hearing that Je Ha was hurt, Anna kneel and begged Yoo Jin to let her see Je Ha…and Yoo Jin accepted. In exchanged Yoo Jin convinced Anna to leave the country and Je Ha. But Je Ha isn’t safe in Cloud Nine either. One of the Cloud Nine member’s betrayed Yoo Jin and brought Sung Won in.

Episode 14

Kim Suk Han got out the USB with the evidence and run away. Je Ha follows him, but he is stopped by Kim Suk Han’s bodyguards. While Je Ha was fighting Suk Han’s bodyguards, Park Gwan Soo’s men went after Kim Suk Han. He managed to run away for a while, but Park Gwan Soo’s men caught him.

When he was trying to get away from Park Gwan Soo’s men, Suk Han fell from the parking garage of the hospital where he works. At that moment Je Ha appeared and saved him. He caught Suk Han and pushed him inside.

When he caught Suk Han and saved him, Je Ha got the evidence USB. Unfortunately Suk Han’s men thought that Je Ha is the one that tried to kill Suk Han so they shot him. Luckily chief Joo arrived in time and took Je Ha away. But Je Ha is badly hurt! While they were taking Je Ha to the infirmary, the police was following chief Joo’s car with unconscious Je Ha in it. To stop the police cars, the other JSS bodyguards intervened and blocked the police.

Park Gwan Soo took advantage of the situation and attacked JSS headquarters. Knowing that Park Gwan Soo will do so, Yoo Jin brought Je Ha to Cloud Nine. While Je Ha was fighting for his life and Park Gwan Soo’s men were attacking JSS headquarters, but not Cloud Nine, Kim Suk Han woke up in the hospital. Remembering what happened, Kim Suk Han told his men to not chase Je Ha because Je Ha saved him…and took the USB. Now that Je Ha has the memory card, Yoo Jin is untouchable.

Yoo Jin:”We’re untouchable now!”

Worried sick about Je Ha, Anna rushed to JSS headquarters. She goes to the infirmary and to ninth floor, but she can’t see Je Ha. When she meets Yoo Jin, Anna kneels and begs Yoo Jin to let her see Je Ha.

Anna:”Please, let me see Je Ha just once…I’m begging you! Please, let me see Je Ha…mom!”

Yoo Jin gets close to Anna and helps her get up. She has to think about what will happen when Je Ha wakes up too. Yoo Jin tells Anna to leave because that’s the only way Anna can protect Je Ha, Mi Ran, Sung Gyu and the cooking lady. And Anna accepted. Then Yoo Jin took Anna to Cloud Nine and let her see Je Ha.

Yoo Jin:”I’ll save Je Ha!”

Anna:”Je Ha…I love you!”

Je Ha woke up and the Cloud Nine members came to see him. They want Je Ha to give the memory card he took from Kim Suk Han and destroy Park Gwan Soo. But Je Ha refuses to give them the memory card. He didn’t steal it to give it to Yoo Jin. Je Ha took the memory card to protect himself and Anna from Yoo Jin. Also Yoo Jin won’t be able to use the memory card and destroy Park Gwan Soo because one of the people who are on that memory card is Sung Won. Yoo Jin won’t be able to use the memory card without destroying JB Group and she has no intension of doing that.

While Je Ha and Yoo Jin were talking and he was explaining Yoo Jin why he can’t be one of her men, Sung Won came with his men. Sung Won has inside help and is able to come to Cloud Nine.


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