“The K2″ep 15 ~ Bomb at Cloud Nine!

Director Gook betrayed Yoo Jin and brought Sung Won, with a bomb, to Cloud Nine. Je Ha pretends to be on Park Gwan Soo’s side and leaves Cloud Nine to go and kill his enemy. But he couldn’t find Park Gwan Soo, who already kidnapped Anna. Soo…Yoo Jin is surrounded by capable people, like her secretary Kim. Dong Mi is fearless and capable of doing anything for Yoo Jin…as long as she shows up… JSS is a great bodyguard company, if not the better, but the bodyguards are nowhere to be found when they are needed…EVER! Anna had all her life bodyguards, even if neither Mi Ran or Sung Gyu were next to her when she was in danger, but now when she needed them, they left her to leave alone.

On the other hand Mirror has a great power, but Mirror can only turn off the elevator to Cloud Nine and the outside communication from Cloud Nine. If Mirror was so great, why didn’t Yoo Jin tell her to close JSS headquarters so no one from inside could go out and no one from outside could enter. Like that Anna couldn’t have been brought there…Also when the JSS bodyguards, 4 of them, finally appeared …it needed all of them to fight two police officers?  I mean the JSS bodyguards should have the advantage…they are on their territory so they should know JSS headquarters better than anyone.

Anna does what she had done in every episode…ruining everyone plans with her existence and foolishness… If she had gone when Yoo Jin told her too….If she had done what Yoo Jin told her too…to stay hidden…If she wouldn’t have followed a stranger just because he told her he is a policeman when she lived around Yoo Jin all her life…

And of course…Je Ha is the only one in this drama that saves everyone and doesn’t get killed. The once Je Ha fought are defeated with just a fist or a small cut from a knife, while Je Ha is shot, hit, cut, with blood coming out from every part of his body….but he is still able to fight 10 people at the time…..Je Ha must be Superman!

Episode 15

One of the Cloud Nine members betrayed Yoo Jin and went to Sung Won’s side. Sung Won’s men are taking over JSS headquarters and the betrayer tool Sung Won and a bomb to Cloud Nine. Sung Won is working with Park Gwan Soo. They both want something that Yoo Jin has. Sung Won wants the power Mirror can give him while Park Gwan Soo wants the memory card Je Ha took from Kim Suk Han. Since they are surrounded Je Ha continues with his plan of getting Park Gwan  Soo. He pretends to be on Park Gwan Soo’s side and left Cloud Nine with one of Park Gwan Soo’s men to get the memory card from when he hit it.

After Je Ha left, Yoo Jin asked Mirror to turn off the elevator and all outside communications. If Sung Won and the betrayer want to kill Yoo Jin then they will die together. Then she asked Mirror to send a video with what happens at Cloud Nine to Dong Mi.

Yoo Jin:”Shall we begin the game now?”

The game started and Yoo Jin told Mirror to send director Gook’s family information to her men with instructions to kill them. Director Gook became the CEO of JSS after he took care of Hye Rin at Yoo Jin’s father’s order. Now he betrayed Yoo Jin and he has to pay. Fearing that his grandchildren will die, director Gook kneeled and begged Yoo Jin to spare them. And she agreed! She won’t kill director Gook’s family if director Gook will kill himself.

Yoo Jin:” Die right here, right now!”

It’s Sung Won’s turn now! Yoo Jin promises the three bodyguards there that she will give them each a billion dollars if they kill Sung Won. Unfortunately they can’t do so. Sung Won activated the bomb he brought and he is the only one that knows the password to defuse it.

Yoo Jin:”You’ve made a grave mistake walking into this place. There is no exit for you!”

Je Ha and Park Gwan Soo’s man arrived at the place where Je Ha hit the memory card. As soon as Je Ha got the memory card, Park Gwan Soo’s man hit him and is about to kill Je Ha. Luckily at that moment, chief Joo arrived and saved Je Ha.

Je Ha:”He died already!”

Chief Joo and Se Joon want the memory card. It’s the only thing that can assure Se Joon that he will become the president of the country and that no one could touch him. Even when Je Ha insisted that he wants to reveal the content of the memory card to the world to protect Anna and Yoo Jin, they didn’t give. Je Ha gave Se Joon the memory card in the end and left after Park Gwan Soo.

Je Ha:”I’m off to kill Park Gwan Soo now.”

After Je Ha left, Se Joon called a press conference to release the content of the memory card. Before doing so, Se Joon called Yoo Jin to ask her opinion. She was against the press conference. Instead Yoo Jin told Se Joon to threaten the members of the consortium that fear the content of the memory card.

Park Gwan Soo found out that Je Ha gave the memory card to Se Joon and understood that Je Ha never was on his side. He sent his men after Anna, who was on a plain getting ready to leave the country.

Je Ha entered Park Gwan Soo’s hideout, but he wasn’t there. From Park Gwan Soo’s men, Je Ha found out that Park Gwan Soo kidnapped Anna and goes to save her. Meantime Park Gwan Soo calls Se Joon and threatens him with killing Anna.

Je Ha arrived where Park Gwan Soo was holding Anna, but while he was fighting Park Gwan Soo’s men, Anna was taken away. Park Gwan Soo gave the order that Anna should be taken to Cloud Nine. He also called Se Joon there because he wants to kill Anna, Yoo Jin and Se Joon.

Park  Gwan Soo’s men and Anna arrived at JSS headquarters, but there infiltrated between Park Gwan Soo’s men there were JSS bodyguards. They fought Park Gwan Soo’s men and released Anna.

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