“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 9 ~Duk Bong:”I like Na Ri!”

Nan Gil found that he might have to be blamed for Na Ri’s father’s death. He doesn’t believe what his adoptive father say, but he still can’t be sure that Bae Byung Woo is lying. While continuing to date Na Ri, Nan Gil investigates if Bae Byung Woo said the truth or not. But while he and Na Ri were fine, Na Ri’s uncle showed up saying that he filled a lawsuit against Nan Gil to annul Nan Gil’s marriage with Na Ri’s mother.

Episode 9

Bae Byung Woo tells Nan Gil that because of his Na Ri’s father died. Nan Gil doesn’t believe his father’s words completely, but he will verify the information. While talking with his father, Nan Gil’s symptoms appeared again. After that talk and finding out that he might be to blame for Na Ri’s father’s dead, Nan Gil goes home. He pushes Na Ri away and doesn’t see or hear anyone around him. He took his medicine and starts to feel better. Nan Gil assures Na Ri that he is fine and nothing will happen to him before she leaves.

Na Ri:”I’m afraid you’ll get hurt.”

Duk Bong received a phone call saying that his mother was admitted to the hospital. He takes Duk Shim and goes there. At the hospital Duk Bong meets Yeo Joo. She was there with her family because Yeo Joo is the one providing for her complicated family who does nothing but ask her for money. While talking to Duk Bong, both Duk Bong and Yeo Joo saw Duk Shim getting dragged away by her mother’s people. For a few minutes Duk Bong didn’t want to help his sister so Yeo Joo helped her.

Nan Gil needs to confirm what his father said so he breaks in Wan Shik’s building to talk with Na Ri’s uncle. Returned at his restaurant, Nan Gil is approached by three women. They are writers from a TV show about food and what Nan Gil and his dumplings on their show. But Nan Gil refused.

Na Ri returned to Hong dumplings restaurant. She brought Nan Gil to the place she used to go with her father as a child and confessed her feelings. But Nan Gil can’t answer her confession. He is both embarrassed and doesn’t know how to react and he keeps thinking about what Bae Byung Woo told him.

Na Ri:”Why can’t we be like other couples? Go Nan Gil, I love you!”

Returned at the house, Nan Gil and Na Ri saw Wan Shik. He came to bring Nan Gil something. But they end up arguing and Wan Shik goes inside the restaurant and hits one of the staff members while looking for Nan Gil. But Hong dumplings it’s not a place where Wan Shik can do what he wants so Nan Gil drags Wan Shik to his room. From outside Na Ri heard Nan Gil talking to Wan Shik.

Nan Gil:”I will never go back to where I was. Please, help me!”

The day she helped Duk Shim, Yeo Joo ripped her clothes. Also on that day, Yeo Joo found out form Duk Shim that with her hair tied up, she looks like Duk Bong ex girlfriend. Using the information she has, Yeo Joo met Duk Bong using the excuse that he needs to repay for her ripped clothes. Of course she tied her hair that day. But Duk Bong doesn’t want to get close to Yeo Joo.

Duk Bong:”Na Ri is the only friend I need!”

From Hong dumplings, Wan Shik went to Na Ri’s uncle whom he holds hostage. He told Na Ri’s uncle to talk about Na Ri’s father, that Na Ri’s father died.

After their dinner, Duk Bong brought Yeo Joo to Na Ri’s house. To force Na Ri to let her spend the night there, Yeo Joo threatened with telling Nan Gil that Na Ri quit her job. While Na Ri was taking Yeo Joo to her room to close Yeo Joo’s mouth, Duk Bong told Nan Gil that he likes Na Ri.

Duk Bong:”I like Na Ri!”

Later, that night, Na Ri’s uncle came by the house. The uncle was manipulated by Dada Finance, who promised to give him the land Nan Gil is owning at the moment, Na Ri’s mother’s land, and came to tell Na Ri that her father died a long time ago. Also Na Ri’s uncle requested that Nan Gil’s marriage with Na Ri’s mother be annulled.

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