“The K2″ep 16 ~ Je Ha:”Get us out of here!”

Yoo Jin and Sung Won are at Cloud Nine with the bomb. When Se Joon and Anna arrived at JSS headquarters, they were taken to Cloud Nine to be safe. But Sung Won shot Yoo Jin and threatening to kill Anna, managed to get away for Cloud Nine. Je Ha had a idea of getting everyone out, but Yoo Jin and Se Joon stayed behind. Since Se Joon and Yoo Jin died, Anna became their only hair and she got the power Yoo Jin had.

Episode 16

Alone with Sung Won at Cloud Nine, Yoo Jin asks Sung Won about Kumar gate. Since he and Suk Han were old classmates, Sung Won asked the medical volunteer in Iraq, Kim Suk Han to introduce him to Omar Abdul. At that time Suk Han was treating Omar Abdul. The Kumar gate was a trap Sung Won and his father-in-law set for the consortium members. After Kumar gate, Sung Won left the consortium, but he had to return. Suk Han put Sung Won’s name on the consortium members list as a self protection mechanism.

Yoo Jin:”Take the bomb and leave! Want me to teach you what’s more difficult than dying?”

Dong Mi and the JSS bodyguards finally showed up and secured the JSS headquarters lobby. Things seemed to be going Yoo Jin’s way, but then Dong Mi and Yoo Jin are announced that Anna is somewhere in the building running from her kidnappers.

When Se Joon and chief Joo arrived at JSS headquarters, Yoo Jin asked chief Joo and Dong Mi to escort Se Joon to Cloud Nine. Since Se Joon has the memory card, Se Joon has to be safe so he could trade the memory card with Anna if by any chance Park Gwan Soo’s men will catch her before Yoo Jin’s men find her.  Soon Je Ha arrived and he, as the smartest person in the universe, checked the surveillance cameras to track down Anna. Before Je Ha arrived, no one had that BRIGHT IDEA!

Je Ha found Anna and of course he is alone with the enemy. No one of his team is there even when he is really hurt and barely stays on his legs. Guess who won the battle? Of course it was superhuman Je Ha. While he was fighting the enemies, Anna was sitting there like an idiot instead of running away. So one of the enemies caught her! It’s not like they were foolish enough to let her go if she was there for them to catch. He threatens Je Ha with killing Anna so Je Ha pretending to raise his arms, signs Anna to sit down. Anna did as Je Ha signed her and Je Ha shot Park Gwan Soo’s man. Dong Mi heard the gunshot and realized it was Je Ha so she send the JSS bodyguards to help him…finally.

Je Ha:”Anna, you have to get out of here!”

Se Joon is at Cloud Nine with Yoo Jin. For the first time, Yoo Jin decided to reveal him the truth. She told Se Joon that she didn’t kill or ordered Hye Rin’s death. She just pretended to have done so because she was afraid Se Joon would’ve left her and that would’ve proved to her father that Yoo Jin made the wrong decision to give up her family and inheritance for Jang Se Joon.  She finally realizes that she should’ve have lived like that and apologizes to Se Joon.

Dong Mi brought Anna to Cloud Nine, but Sung Won shot Dong Mi and while pointing the gun on Anna he asked his sister to open the door. Then Sung Won shut Yoo Jin and threatened Se Joon with killing Anna if Se Joon doesn’t give him the memory card. But that moment chief Joo called Se Joon to tell him that Park Gwan Soo betrayed Sung Won and the bomb Sung Won activated at Cloud Nine can’t be defused.

Dying, Yoo Jin confessed to Anna that she didn’t kill Hye Rin. The one that gave the order for Hye Rin to die was Yoo Jin’s father and master Song was the one that received the order. Master Song injected Hye Rin with something and when he was about to leave, little Anna entered the room. To not be seen, master Song flashed the light in Anna’s eyes and then covered her mouth. While master Song was holding Anna and hiding behind the door, Yoo Jin came in. It was too late to save Hye Rin and Anna saw Yoo Jin’s shoes before she fainted. Because of that Anna always thought that Yoo Jin killed her mother.

Yoo Jin:”I got there too late!”

Yoo Jin realized that master Song was holding Anna behind the door, but she was too afraid to look back. She was afraid to see Anna’s face. For a short moment, while Hye Rin was begging Yoo Jin to save her, Yoo Jin considered calling for help. But she couldn’t do so.

Yoo Jin:”Love isn’t meant to be shared! I coldly turned away from her…I did kill your mother!”

The elevator doesn’t work so Je Ha came down with a rope. When he saw Je Ha coming, Sung Won put the gun at Anna’s head and threatened to kill her. Sung Won went up with the rope Je Ha used to come down and when he was up, Sung Won threw the rope down.

They can’t go up, but the can go down so Je Ha, Anna and Dong Mi got on the elevator and the JSS bodyguards shot the cable so the elevator will fell down. Yoo Jin didn’t want to leave Cloud Nine. There isn’t any place she can go now so she wants to die there. Se Joon chose to stay by Yoo Jin side and die together. Before the explosion Se Joon carried the bomb to the soundproof room of Cloud Nine and Yoo Jin closed the door. If the bomb will explode there, the impact won’t be so powerful.

Je Ha assumption was right. With the elevator falling they survived.

Je Ha:”Get us out of here!”

Je Ha was on the Interpol’s black list his enemies found out that he was the witness that will confess against them for a massacre against the civilians that happened while he was in Iraq. Now that everything passed, Je Ha finally got the chance to declare the truth and get his old life back.

Yoo Jin and Se Joon can’t be the only once too pay for everything so Je Ha and Dong Mi revenge them. Je Ha caught Park Gwan Soo and forced him to commit suicide. Meantime Dong Mi killed Sung Won.

Anna is Se Joon and Yoo Jin’s only hair. She became more powerful than she ever thought to be and she also has Suk Han’s memory card.  But Anna decided to not life the life Yoo Jin had. Anna exposed the content of the memory card and together with Je Ha left the country.

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