“Goblin” ep 1 ~ Kim Shin:” I don’t feel like seeing someone die tonight.”

After he died, Kim Shin became an immortal creature called goblin. He has the honorable title of being the protector of souls. Meantime Wang Yeo is the angel of death that claims the souls. Both of them have a problem. Kim Shin wants to end his immortal life and Wang Yeo has amnesia. But the only way for goblins to lose their immortality is to marry a human bride. One night, Kim Shin intervened in life and death matters and saved a pregnant woman from dying. Later years Kim Shin met the child of the woman he saved. It was a girl called Ji Eun Tak and all her life she was able to see the ghosts that kept calling her the “goblin’s bride”. Eun Tak had a difficult life, but she grew up to be a cheerful girl.Cast:

Gong Yoo             as     Kim Shin

Kim Go Eun          as    Ji Eun Tak

Lee Dong Wook    as   Wang Yeo

Yoo In Na              as   Kim Sun

Yook Sung Jae       as   Yoo Deok Hwa

Episode 1

A general, considered a divine warrior, leaded his men to victory and killed many enemies. Returning home, victorious, the general was accused of high treason. He takes out his sword and insists meeting the king, but in return the king’s men attacked his army and many were killed.

Kim Shin:”If you try to stop me, you’ll die!”

The young king’s eunuch manipulated the king saying that the people love and respect Kim Shin, the divine warrior, more than the king. The fear and jealousy of the young king lead him to order Kim Shin’s death.

King:”This is treason! Kill everyone in his family!”

After the king started killing his family, Kim Shin accepted his end. He ordered one of his men to kill him.

It’s Seoul 1998, a car hits a man. The driver comes out and sees his car completely ruined, but the man is safe. The man disappears and people gather. They start screaming when they see in the car’s trunk a dead woman. The man that was hit by the car, Wang Yeo came after the dead woman.

That day Kim Shin, the goblin, and Wang Yeo, the grim ripper, saw each other.

Years passed since Kim Shin was killed and his servant still comes to the place where Kim Shin’s body was left. But something is strange! The sky changed and suddenly Kim Shin appeared in front of his dying servant and that man’s grandson. For killing many enemies, Kim Shin was punished to watch all his loved once die and became a goblin.

Kim Shin went to the palace and killed the once that killed him, then returned to the place his sword was. His servant was already dead, but young grandson promised to serve Kim Shin instead of his grandfather. Kim Shin took the boy and left their land. But when they were on the boat, the sailors threw the boy over board and threatened Kim Shin. As a result, Kim Shin used his goblin powers to make them pay.

Returned to Korea after many years, Kim Shin hears a woman asking for help. She was involved in a hit-and-run accident. She was lying on the ground begging to be saved. Kim Shin gets close, but his principle to not meddle in life and death matters. But the woman was pregnant so Kim Shin saved her life.

Kim Shin:”I’m that “anyone”! I don’t feel like seeing someone die tonight.”

The woman that the goblin saved gave birth to a baby girl. When the baby girl was born, spirits came by calling her “the goblin’s bride”. Time passed and Eun Tak grew. She is a special little girl that can see spirits. One day, when she came from school, Eun Tak sees her mother’s spirit. Eun Tak’s mother had just died!

On her way to the hospital, Eun Tak sees Wang Yeo. He had come for both Eun Tak and her mother’s souls. But a grandmother that Eun Tak’s mother was friends with appeared. She protected Eun Tak.

Eun Tak had lived a hard life with her aunt family. They treat her like their servant so on her birthday, Eun Tak wised with all her heart to get a job, for something to happen with her aunt’s family and to get a boyfriend. Kim Shin heard Eun Tak’s wishes!

Hearing Eun Tak’s call, Kim Shin goes to her. He doesn’t understand how she called him and he can’t understand why he can’t see Eun Tak’s future when he looks at her. On the other hand, Eun Tak thinks Kim Shin is a ghost. Because Kim Shin was holding some flowers, Eun Tak asked him to give her the flowers.

Kim Shin:”Did you call me here? I grant people’s wishes at times.”

After his encounter with Eun Tak, Kim Shin went home. The Grim Ripper was inside his house.  Because Kim Shin was planning to leave for the next 20 years, Deok Hwa thought of renting the house. For the money Deok Hwa rented the house to Wang Yeo.

At the day they’ve met, Kim Shin told Eun Tak that she will find a job at a chicken shop. Getting her hopes high, Eun Tak went to every chicken shop, but she didn’t get the job. Tired, Eun Tak wishes that she had asked Kim Shin’s phone number. At that moment Kim Shin appeared before her saying that she called him again.

Eun Tak realized how she can call Kim Shin and she keeps calling him over. She knows that Kim Shin is a goblin and tells him that the ghosts she keeps seeing since she was born, call her the “goblin’s bride”.

Eun Tak:”I’m the goblin’s bride.”

Surprised, Kim Shin wants Eun Tak to prove that she is “the goblin’s bride”. If she really is “the goblin’s bride” than Eun Tak should be able to see his sword. Since Eun Tak didn’t mention the sword, Kim Shin left. Eun Tak followed him and few seconds later they were in Canada.

Eun Tak:”I’ll marry you! I love you!”

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