“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 10 ~Nan Gil:”Hong Na Ri, I love you!”

Nan Gil tells Na Ri the reason he can’t give up her mother’s land. Shim Jung Im grew up at the orphanage her parents had. But an fire started and Jung Im was disappointed that her parents ran away instead of taking responsibility. Because she feels guilty, Jung Im plant a tree that represents every child that died in the fire. After hearing the story, Nan Gil promised Jung Im to help her protect the land. Before the trial, Nan Gil and Na Ri went on a trip together.

Episode 10

Early in the morning Yeo Joo went to see Duk Bong and proposed him a deal. She will help Duk Bong get in a relationship with Na Ri and in return Duk Bong has to introduce Yeo Joo to his rich friends.

Na Ri is upset! Nan Gil doesn’t want his marriage with Na Ri’s mother annulled. But Na Ri has a different idea. She wants the marriage annulled so she could date freely Nan Gil. If Nan Gil won’t be her stepfather legally, they can date, they can get married and even have children.

On the property that is now Hong dumplings restaurant it used to be an orphanage. That orphanage was run by Na Ri’s grandparents. They all lived there as a family, but one night a fire started. Na Ri’s grandparents took Jung Im and Jung Nam and moved to America where no one knew about the orphanage that caught fire and they didn’t have to take responsibility. Jung Im couldn’t forget that incident and she feels that staying there were Hong dumplings restaurant is, she can take responsibility for her parents wrongdoings. Near the lake, Na Ri’s mother planted trees and she was planning to donate the land after the trees had become a forest. In her mind every tree represented a child that died in the fire and she thought that if people would walk around her forest then everyone will remember the children.

Jung Im told that story to Nan Gil and he promised to help her protect that place until all tree grow. Nan Gil brought Na Ri to the lake and told her the story of the fire so Na Ri would understand why Nan Gil can’t get the marriage annulled and lose the land.

Following Yeo Joo’s instructions, Duk Bong went to Na Ri. He does what Yeo Joo told him to, but it didn’t work with Na Ri. But the one that seems to like Duk Bong more than she herself thinks is Yeo Joo.

Duk Bong goes to Seoul. He drives there both Na Ri and Yeo Joo. On their way, Duk Bong tries to make conversation with Na Ri and Yeo Joo even tells him what to say, but Na Ri isn’t interested.

Meantime Nan Gil accepted Hong dumplings to appear in a TV show in order to find Na Ri’s father. He doesn’t believe that Na Ri’s father died. But that day Wan Shik found out that Nan Gil’s lawyer is Kwon Duk Bong, from a powerful and rich family.

Dada Finance and Jung Nam need Na Ri to testify against Nan Gil to will the trial so they call her. Her uncle tries to manipulate Na Ri to be on his side at the trial.

Duk Bong found out about the trial and he insists on helping Nan Gil. As long as Nan Gil wins and remains Na Ri’s stepfather then Duk Bong might have a chance to win Na Ri’s love.

Duk Bong:”Let’s win the trial first! “

Duk Bong goes to see Na Ri and asks her to testify in Nan Gil’s favor. The side Na Ri will chose, will win the trial. If she won’t take either side, than Nan Gil will win too and the land will be protected.

Hoping to find Na Ri’s father alive, Nan Gil went to look for the woman who got Na Ri’s father death certificate. But she said Na Ri’s father died about five years ago. She was acting strange, but Nan Gil believed her.

On the day of Na Ri’s last flight, she booked Nan Gil and ticket and they went on a trip. They walked on the beach and acted like a real couple. The night came and Nan Gil told Na Ri everything she needed to know about him before the trial, including that he was in jail. Then he confessed and asked Na Ri to be on his side at the trial because they can’t love Jung Im’s land.

Nan Gil:”Hong Na Ri, I love you!”

As they said to help each other, Duk Bong helped Yeo Joo go on a blind date with one of his rich friends. But during their date, all they did was talk about Duk Bong and how much Yeo Joo looks like Duk Bong’s ex girlfriend.

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