“Goblin” ep 2 ~ Wang Yeo:”Don’t look for death! Death will find you!”

Kim Shin and Eun Tak are in Canada. She is excited! She runs everywhere and takes pictures to remember that happy moment. But it’s time to return home! When she arrived home, Eun Tak is being hit by her aunt and leaves the house. Meantime Kim Shin misses her and goes to see her. Time passed and Wang Yeo found Eun Tak, his missing soul. He wants to take her, but Kim Shin appeared. The following day, Eun Tak is kidnapped by some gangsters her aunt owns money. While she was threatened by her kidnappers, the goblin and the grim reaper appeared.

Episode 2

Eun Tak followed Kim Shin to Canada. She is excited to be there. She runs everywhere, takes picture and she forgot for a while about her sad life from back home. They walk around and Eun Tak keeps talking. She wants to catch a falling maple leaf, but she can’t. Of course Kim Shin caught one.

Eun Tak:”If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.”

Later Eun Tak sees Kim Shin doing what he has come to do in Canada…see the graves of his loved once that he watched die.

Wang Yeo is in a coffee shop when two people come in arguing. The man hit the woman with his car and they are both death. Wang Yeo takes them with him. He gives the woman the tea to forget her live and move on without any regrets. Meantime the man is punished to suffer for eternity for his wrong deeds. That man that died while hitting that woman is the same man that hit Eun Tak’s mother and run away the night Kim Shin saved her.

Back at his house, Kim Shin tries to see if everyone can follow him like Eun Tak did. Since the only one he can check that with is Wang Yeo, Kim Shin asked him to follow him. But Wang Yeo wasn’t able to follow Kim Shin the same way Eun Tak did. He finds it strange. Later Deok Hwa came by and asked Wang Yeo to pretend he just came to visit if Deok Hwa’s grandfather steps by.

Eun Tak took a book about Quebec from Canada as a souvenir. But her aunt saw the book and beat her up. The aunt took Eun Tak in after Eun Tak’s mother’s died for the insurance money. She keeps accusing Eun Tak that she used the insurance money to run away to Canada. Crying, Eun Tak leaves.

While wondering around the streets in the middle of the night, Eun Tak met Kim Shin. He wanted to see her and came to her without being summoned. Embarrassed to say why he came, Kim Shin made it look like Eun Tak thought of him and called him.

The next day Eun Tak got a job at a chicken shop. Happy she summoned Kim Shin to thank him. But he was in the middle of his dinner and he was embarrassed with the way he was dressed. He rushes home, changes…into something similar… gets a book and enters Wang Yeo’s room to ask Wang Yeo if he looks good.

Kim Shin:” I want to look intelligent and perfect whenever she calls me.”

Kim Shin spends the whole night asking Wang Yeo how he looks better. He comes in with CD’s, paintings and different other things that he thinks will make him look good in front of Eun Tak.

Wang Yeo:”Don’t look for death! Death will find you!”

Eun Tak is summoning Kim Shin. Happy that she finally got a job, Eun Tak prepared a present for Kim Shin. But instead of Kim Shin, Wang Yeo appeared. He’s being looking for “the lost soul” called Ji Eun Tak for 19 years old. Luckily Kim Shi appeared!

Seeing Kim Shin, Eun Tak goes to him and covered his eyes. He shouldn’t look into the Grim Reaper’s eyes. But Kim Shin and Wang Yeo already know each other.

Kim Shin:”I’m meddling with a human’s life and death. Be careful! I might want to meddle with your life and death too.”

Wang Yeo:”This girl was meant to die 19 years ago.”

Even if Eun Tak was meant to die a long time ago, Wang Yeo can’t take her since she wants to marry the goblin. So after Wang Yeo left, Eun Tak reclaimed Kim Shin for lying to her saying that he isn’t a goblin. He explains her why she can’t be his bride. If Eun Tak would’ve really be his bride, she should’ve been able to see the sword in Kim Shin’s chest.

Kim Shin:”I’m looking for someone who can see something on me.”

That night Eun Tak got angry with Kim Shin and argued with him.

Time passed and Kim Shin is upset because he hurt Eun Tak. Deok Hwa and Wang Yeo try to encourage him to look for Eun Tak and apologize for hurting her.

Eun Tak can’t fall asleep. She goes out and looks for the ghost who called her “the goblin’s bride”. The ghost took Eun Tak to the other ghosts. An old ghost saw Kim Shin saving Eun Tak’s mother. It was winter and Eun Tak’s mother was almost dead, but she suddenly game back to life, thanks to the goblin. At the moment the goblin saved Eun Tak and her mother, cherry blossom flowers started to fall down. Soon after that the grim reaper appeared, but Eun Tak’s mother wasn’t there anymore.

Because Eun Tak ran away from home, her aunt went to the chicken shop. She fights with the owner, but the owner pretended to call some gangsters to beat up Eun Tak’s aunt.  Arrived home, Eun Tak’s aunt met the gangsters she own some money. To save herself, the aunt send the gangsters after Eun Tak. They went to the high school and kidnapped Eun Tak.

One of the gangsters was driving while the other was beating and threatening Eun Tak. Suddenly the car stops, the lights on the street are either turning off or exploding. Two men appeared on the street coming straight towards the car Eun Tak was with her kidnapers. The two men are Kim Shin and Wang Yeo!

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