“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 11 ~Wan Shik:”Hong Na Ri is in front of me right now.”

Na Ri was called to testify at Nan Gil’s trial and she surprised everyone. After the trial, Na Ri left and no one could get in touch with her. Nan Gil isn’t feeling that well either. To help Nan Gil feel better, Duk Shim called Na Ri. She came, helped Nan Gil recover. Then she left and returned with all her belongings. But one night Na Ri hears noise coming from Nan Gil’s room. It was Wan Shik!

Episode 11

The trial to declare void Nan Gil’s marriage with Na Ri’s mother started. Na Ri’s uncle and Wan Shik testified against Nan Gil. They were represented by Dada Finance lawyer. Then Na Ri’s turn came. Everything went well for those that were accusing Nan Gil until Na Ri was asked if she considered void her mother’s marriage with Nan Gil. At that moment Na Ri declared in Nan Gil’s favor. She said that Nan Gil is her stepfather, her only family. She said Nan Gil took care of her mother and after her mother died, Nan Gil took care of her. The trial finished in Nan Gil’s favor.

Na Ri:”He is my stepfather! He is my only family!”

Yeo Joo found her next victim…it’s Duk Bong. Since she looks so much like Duk Bong’s first love, Yeo Joo will take advantage of the situation. She starts by calling Duk Bong to tell him that she can’t get in touch with Na Ri and everyone is worried about Na Ri.

Worried, Duk Bong goes to see Nan Gil. From Nan Gil, Duk Bong gets Na Ri’s friend’s phone number and calls her. Nan Sook went to see if Na Ri is alright.

There was a huge storm so Nan Gil got sick while protecting the greenhouse. Now he is lying in bed, taking medicine and not eating. His employees are worried about him so they ask Duk Shim to call Na Ri. She came, took care of Nan Gil, fed him his medicine and some porridge and left. She was upset with Nan Gil and showed him that.

Na Ri decided to move back to her mother’s house. She packed and moved everything to the house Nan Gil is staying at. Duk Bong found out and came to visit her. But Na Ri was more interested in what Nan Gil was doing.

Nan Gil went to see his adoptive father and threatened him to not use fake documents to frame Nan Gil as murderer if he wants to be treated as a father.

Duk Bong is meeting his friends. He goes to the place he is supposed to meet his friends, but Yeo Joo was there. She came with one of Duk Bong’s friends. Duk Bong takes her out and they start to fight.

The Dada Finance gangsters kidnapped Joon and Han Yi. When he heard what happened to his staff, Nan Gil rushed out. He keeps calling his two staff members, but he can’t get in touch with them. Then Nan Gil calls Wan Shik, who was at his house. Wan Shik sneaked into Nan Gil’s room, but Na Ri appeared. He tried to hide from Na Ri, but at that moment Nan Gil called him. Because Na Ri heard the phone ringing, Wan Shik came out.

Wan Shik:”Hong Na Ri is in front of me right now.”

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