“Swimming Battle” ep 15~ Yu Die:”I couldn’t save her! “

Yu Die recovered her lost memories and remembered the day her mother died to save her. She doesn’t react, all Yu Die does is cry, scream, blame and hit herself for her mother’s death. Ah Fei is there by her side, helping her surpass the painful memories. But between all those bad news a good news appeared too. Hai Fei has the evidence to prove Flying Fish swimming team’s innocence. Since their innocence was proven, the Flying Fish swimming team was able to compete.

Episode 15

Fiona forced Yu Die to remember the day her mother died. Remembering the painful day, Yu Die runs back to the camp, screaming and crying. She locked herself inside and started throwing with everything. Worried about Yu Die, Yi Lei called Hai Fei. He rushed to the camp and seeing Yu Die, he carries her out, to the lake where her mother died.

Yu Die:”I couldn’t save her! So much water!”

Yu Die doesn’t react! She keeps looking into one spot, not answering to any stimulant. Only when Hai Fei started talking about her mother’s death, Yu Die reacted. She went crazy! She cries and wants to throw herself into the water to save her mother. She starts hitting and blaming herself for not saving her mother.

Yu Die:”I killed my mother!”

The whole night Hai Fei stayed by Yu Die’s side helping her face her lost memories and pain. But the morning came and the police were able to restore the surveillance camera footage that Ah Lou took from the principal’s computer. Hai Fei can now prove the Flying Fish swimming team innocence. When he mentioned the Flying Fish swimming team, Yu Die finally reacted.

It’s the day of the Mayor’s Cup competition and Hai Fei brought the Flying Fish swimming team. He requested the mayor to allow his team to compete because he has evidence that the Flying Fish swimming team was framed. Then Hai Fei showed everyone the video with the principal poisoning the Marlins swimming team’s food.

The Flying Fish swimming team is allowed to compete so the battle between Yi Lei and Ah Lang continues. Ah Lang looks at Xiao Mi telling her that he already planned their first date. But then his coach appeared next to Xiao Mi telling him what will happen if he loses.

Hei Mo Li:”If you lose, I also have your first punishment planned.”

The competition started and the Flying Fish swimming team got second place defeating the Marlins swimming team, who got third place.

Yu Die avoids talking about her mother and pretends to be the happiest person on earth. Her father, Ah Fei and Ke Le are all worried about her, but they can’t do much about it. To make sure Yu Dei is alright, Ah Fei and Ke Le slept on the floor in Yu Die’s room.

The morning came and when Ah Fei woke up, Yu Die was gone. He wakes up Ke Le and they go search for Yu Die. She had left the house and jumped into the ocean because someone told her in her dreams to go swimming. Luckily two fishermen saw her and saved her form drowning.

Yi Lei and Xiao Mi went on their first date. They had the noodles Xiao Mi love, they went to the movies and had cakes. But every time they wanted to pay, they were told that someone already paid. Thinking that Ah Lang is spying on their first date, Xiao Mi and Yi Lei call Ah Lang’s name. They are surprised to discover that it wasn’t Ah Lang the one paying to everything and following them. The once following and paying were Shan Shan, You Yu, Er Tai and An Zhuo.

Meantime Ah Lang was practicing in the pool. But he got a cramp and wasn’t able to swim anymore. When the Flying Fish team arrived to clean the pool, Ah Lang was lying in the water. They jump to save him and Shan Shan did CPR on Ah Lang. Waking up Ah Lang gets upset with Shan Shan for touching his lips.

Ah Lang:”That was my first kiss!”

Because Ah Lang was so angry with Shan Shan, You Yu couldn’t take it anymore and as a revenge he kissed Ah Lang.

Fiona called Ah Fei to let him know about the anniversary party. But she gets upset when Ah Fei thanks her for creating an opportunity for Ah Fei to introduce Yu Die to his grandmother.

Ah Fei and Yu Die are getting ready to prepare the swimming team for the next competition. Mo Li brings the Marlins team to help the Flying Fish team as her apology for how she treated them without having evidence that the Flying Fish team poisoned her team. She even bought Ah Fei all the information she had about the swimming team that won first place in the Mayor’s cup.

Back to class the Flying Fish swimming team find presents on their desks. They are invited to Haida Enterprise party. Meantime an army of ladies came to Yu Die’s house. They were send by Ah Fei to get her ready for the party.


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