“Goblin” ep 3 ~Kim Shin:”We aren’t friends!”


Eun Tak was kidnapped so at a moment of life and death, she wished with all her straight for someone to help her. Kim Shin heard her call and came running to save her.Wang Yeo came to! After saving Eun Tak, Kim Shin made a deal with Wang Yeo. As the deal was accepted, Kim Shin has to leave. But Eun Tak can’t let him go so she revealed that she can see Kim Shin’s sword.ep3_1

Episode 3

Eun Tak was taken by the gangsters her aunt owns money too. She tried to call Kim Shin while one of the gangsters was lighting his cigarette, but she couldn’t. Because Eun Tak was scared, the birthmark she has called Kim Shin. It was a life and death moment so Eun Tak made a powerful wish that called for the Goblin.

One of the gangsters threatens and is about to hit Eun Tak when the car they are in suddenly stops. The lights on the street are either turned off or exploded. On the street the gangsters and Eun Tak saw two silhouettes coming towards the car. The two silhouettes are the Goblin and the Grim Reaper. They’ve came to save Eun Tak.

The gangsters are scared and try to leave, but their car is cut into half. The half in which Eun Tak was, is held by Wang Yeo until Eun Tak got off. Meantime the other half of the car fall and the two gangsters are hurt and trapped under it. Kim Shin gets closer to them and tells them what will happen now with them. They will be trapped there for two days and then they will be found by the police. They will be arrested and they will pay for their sins at the police station.

Kim Shin:” You should be grateful I’m not the one making you pay!”

After Kim Shin, Wang Yeo got near the car. He erased the two gangster’s memory, making them believe that they fought and didn’t see anything that night.


Terrified Eun Tak leaves with the Goblin and the Grim Reaper. She keeps asking them if she died or if they will kill her soon. She can’t understand how the Goblin could bring with him the Grim Reaper when he came to save someone’s life.

Eun Tak:”Did I die? Is this the road to the afterlife?”

While Eun Tak was bubbling around about what happened that night, Wang Yeo kept annoying Kim Shin. Because they were talking telepathically, Eun Tak didn’t hear them. At the moment Kim Shin got angry and screamed at Wang Yeo, Eun Tak thought he was angry with her.

Wang Yeo:”I’m curious! When will we hear her thank us for saving her life?”

Arrived in town, Kim Shin took Eun Tak to eat dinner. He didn’t thought the gangsters fed her before they’ve kidnapped her. Eun Tak is curious how Kim Shin heard her calling since she couldn’t blow the lighter and call him. But since she wished for it, Kim Shin was able to hear her cry for help.

Deok Hwa found out about Eun Tak’s life as Kim Shin asked him too. He tells Kim Shin about Eun Tak’s life. She lost her parents at an early age and since then she was taken in by her aunt. For years Eun Tak lived with her aunt and her two cousins that are abusing her. The reason they took Eun Tak in is the insurance money Eun Tak’s mother left for her. Until the day Eun Tak turns 18 years old, her aunt has the chance to get Eun Tak’s insurance money.

Kim Shin wanted to know about Eun Tak’s family to punish them. He made two gold bars and put them in Eun Tak’s house for her aunt to find them.  The aunt and the cousins found the gold bars and as Kim Shin predicted they starting to fight which one get the gold.

While watching TV, Kim Shin sees some idols and starts thinking about the king he used to serv. Together with Wang Yeo, Kim Shin watches the idols and wants to know from the Grim Reaper if any of those young singers is the king’s reincarnation.


Eun Tak is at the library, searching for the book in which she put the maple leaf she wanted to give Kim Shin. There she met Deok Hwa.

Deok Hwa:”I know a goblin!”

Returned at the house, Deok Hwa finds his grandfather there. As Deok Hwa asked him to, Wang Yeo pretended to be visiting his best friend, Kim Shin in front of the grandfather. But Kim Shin didn’t go along and told the grandfather everything.

Wang Yeo:”I’m his friend!”

Kim Shin:”We aren’t friends!”


Days passed and Sunny realized that Eun Tak’s been sleeping at the chicken shop. She gave Eun Tak her pay for a week and asked Eun Tak to grill her so squid. While grilling it, Eun Tak got lost in thoughts and the squid got fire. When she blew the fire out, Eun Tak called by mistake Kim Shin. He was expecting for her call, but in front of her Kim Shin pretends to be annoyed by having to appear in front of her. Letting Kim Shi believe that she can actually see the sword in his chest, Kim Shin takes Eun Taka out for lunch. After they had lunch, he takes her to get something to drink. While they were ordering their drinks, Wang Yeo appeared. He said he is on Eun Tak’s side and tried to control her by telling her, telepathically, that she can see Kim Shin’s sword and she has to pull it out. But he couldn’t control Eun Tak.

After Wang Yeo left, Eun Tak got Kim Shin angry by telling him that Wang Yeo is handsome.  They’ve made up soon after, but when Kim Shin was home he hurt Wang Yeo’s feelings. Hurt, Wang Yeo goes to his room. Strangely, Kim Shin feels sorry for hurting Wang Yeo and goes to apologize.


Afraid that Wang Yeo will go after Eun Tak, Kim Shin followed him to the supermarket. While they were shopping, Kim Shin make Wang Yeo promise him that Wang Yeo won’t harm Eun Tak after he will be gone. It was Kim Shin’s deal with Wang Yeo. But Wang Yeo seems kind upset that his friend is leaving.

Wang Yeo walks on a bridge and a woman stops him. She asks him to buy something. Wang Yeo is attracted to a ring. He wants that ring, but Sunny puts her hand on the ring first. Seeing Wang Yeo crying for the ring, Sunny is willing to give him the ring in exchange of Wang Yeo’s phone number.

Birth grandmother :”You’ll both pay a heavy price for the ring anyway.”

Kim Shin is getting ready to leave, but he feels sad because Eun Tak doesn’t summon him anymore. He goes for a walk and it starting to rain. Because Kim Shin is upset, it’s raining outside. He finds Eun Tak and says his goodbye. That day Eun Tak gave the maple leaf she laminated to Kim Shin as a present.

Wang Yeo and Kim Shin are sitting depressed on the sofa. They are sad because they will split up the next day. Suddenly they hear the door bell and both get scared. They go out to see who was at the door and they’ve seen Eun Tak. She has come to ask Kim Shin to stay. To convince Kim Shin to stay by her side, Eun Tak revealed that she can see his sword.

Personal thought: A thought hit me while watching this episode! The Grip Reaper’s name is Wang Yeo and in Korean Wang means King…so does that mean Wang Yeo is the reincarnation of the young king that Kim Shin used to serve? Was that the great sin Wang Yeo did that made him the Grim Reaper? Also Sunny’s name is Kim Sun and both Wang Yeo and Sunny are attracted to each other and the ring…does that mean Sunny is the Queen’s reincarnation?

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