“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 12 ~Nan Gil:”I drove your father to death!”


Duk Shim gave Na Ri her letter of apology as a confession to Nan Gil. The letter were actually pictures that Duk Shim took for an year of Nan Gil. Na Ri showed the pictures to Nan Gil and while looking at the pictures, Nan Gil sees the woman that told him that Na Ri’s father died.ep12_1

Episode 12

Wan Shik entered Nan Gil’s house while he wasn’t there. To make sure that Nan Gil wasn’t home, the Dada gangsters kidnapped Joon and Han Yi. While Nan Gil went after his helpers from the restaurant, Wan Shik entered the house.

Na Ri is alone with Wan Shik. She is scared of him and Wan Shik tells her to pay her debts and leave in peace. He tells Na Ri that she is in danger because she is close to Nan Gil. On his way to save Na Ri, Nan Gil called Wan Shik and because Wan Shik didn’t answer his phone, Nan Gil called Na Ri.

Wan Shik:”It’s nice seeing you again.”

Nan Gil comes home and goes inside. As soon as he sees Wan Shik, Nan Gil hits him. He asks Wan Shik to let go of his boys, but because Wan Shik didn’t do it, Nan Gil called Bae Byung Woo. After threatening his father, Bae Byung Woo let go of Joon and Han Yi.

Nan Gil:”I can’t send Wan Shik back either.”

Seeing Wan Shik leaving Na Ri’s house, Duk Bong gets angry. He goes inside and argues with Nan Gil. Duk Bong asks Nan Gil to let go of Na Ri if he can’t stop the gangsters from coming. But there isn’t anything else Nan Gil can do at the moment.

Duk Bokng:”She’s the only one I look at!”

Na Ri heard Duk Bong and Nan Gil talking. Latter when Nan Gil came to apologize for Wan Shik’s visit and assure her that something like that won’t happen again, Na Ri made sure to let Nan Gil know that he doesn’t have to worry about her.


Duk Bong ‘s friend talked badly about him so Yeo Joo got angry and hit them. She was taken to the police station and accused of vandalism. Duk Bong came to get her. Leaving the police station, Yeo Joon gets into Duk Bong’s car and tells him to take her to the department store. During the fight with Duk Bong’s friends, Yeo Joo lost her bag and ripped her closets. She wants new clothes and she wants to change Duk Bong style into the style Na Ri likes.

Na Ri received Duk Shim’s letter of apology. Instead of an apology, Duk Shim gave Na Ri some pictures she took of Nan Gil with her thought written below. Later Na Ri showed the picture’s to Nan Gil and he saw something strange there. In one of the pictures Nan Gil sees a woman looking at him. That woman is the same woman that told Nan Gil that Na Ri’s father died.

By looking at the pictures Duk Shim gave her, Na Ri realized a lot. She asks Nan Gil to give her an hour every day. They will spend that hour together, knowing each other. Maybe by knowing the way Nan Gil lived, Na Ri can find out why he developed his illness, his panic disorder.


Na Ri received her uncle’s call and is off to meet him. But Duk Bong doesn’t let her go alone. They go together and Na Ri’s uncle drags her to a corner in the coffee shop and tells her that Nan Gil is the one that killed her father. Because she can’t believe what she just heard, Na Ri goes to see Bae Byung Woo.

Bae Byung Woo called Wan Shik and together they’ve told Na Ri that Nan Gil killed her father. They’ve said that it wasn’t the first time Nan Gil had driven someone to death so that is the reason Bae Byung Woo canceled the adoption and gave up on Nan Gil.

Duk Bong followed Na Ri and asked Bae Byung Woo to show him the documents with Hong Sung Kyu and Shin Jung Nam’s debts. Of course Bae Byung Woo couldn’t do that so Duk Bong took Na Ri home.

Later that night, Na Ri told Nan Gil what her uncle and Bae Byung Woo said o her. Nan Gil revealed Na Ri that he was there seeing Na Ri’s father dying. Na Ri’s father fell and hit his head, right in front of Nan Gil. He couldn’t catch Na Ri’s father from falling so from the moment Nan Gil saw the blood developed his panic disorder. Also, that day, Nan Gil searched around all hospital’s near the pace where everything happened, but couldn’t find that hurt man.

Nan Gil:”I drove your father to death!”

They think Na Ri’s father is death, but in reality he is alive and hiding from his past.


Nan Gil found what he needed to destroy Dada Finance. He called Joon and instructed Joon what to do and what to send to the prosecutor’s office.

While Na Ri was crying and remembering her father, the woman her father lives with called her.  That woman told Na Ri that her father is alive and send Na Ri the address where Na Ri could see her father. In a hurry, Na Ri went to look for Nan Gil and tell him the good news. But Nan Gil wasn’t home. He had gone to fight Dada Finance gangsters. Meantime Na Ri went to find her father alone.

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