“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 13 ~Nan Gil:”I want to date, love, get married and have kids.”


Nan Gil went to Dada Finance and fought the gangsters to get the secret ledger that Bae Byung Woo has. Back at the house, Nan Gil finds out that Na Ri’s father is alive. Since Hong Sung Kyu is alive, Nan Gil doesn’t need to pretend to be Na Ri’s stepfather and they can date.ep13_1

Episode 13

Bae Byung Woo told Wan Shik to go to prison for a couple of years instead of him, his father. All his life Wan Shik wanted his father’s attention, but Bae Byung Woo only cared for Nan Gil. Wan Shik can’t accept that offer and told Nan Gil about the secret ledger that can ruin Dada Finance. Nan Gil got ready and went to Dada Finance from where he got the secret ledger.  During the fight Nan Gil was hurt and taken to the hospital. Meantime Bae Byung Woo knows that Wan Shik is the one that helped Nan Gil and send his men after him. Now Was Shik is on the run. Both Bae Byung Woo’s men and the police are looking for him.

After missing the whole day, Nan Gil returned home. He hides in his room so Na Ri won’t see his injuries. But when Na Ri tell him that she met her father, Nan Gil forgets about his wounds and show himself to Na Ri.

Na Ri:”My father’s alive!”

The next morning, Nan Gil took a copy of the transactions between Greenland and Dada Finance and went to see Duk Bong. Using those documents Nan Gil threatened Duk Bong to stop his father and Bae Byung Woo. Furious, Duk Bong calls his father. He  told his father that he will send Duk Shim back to their family and then Duk Bong will cut off all connections with his family.

Duk Bong:”Let’s not be a family anymore!”


For the first time Duk Bong called Yeo Joo. He needs her help and asked her to come to his place. Duk Bong needed Yeo Joo to convince Duk Shim to return home. After she heard that her brother wants to send her to Seoul to their family, Duk Shim refused to go home. Luckily Yeo Joo convinced her to come home.

Meantime Nan Gil took Na Ri out on a date. Nan Gil took Na Ri to the place he used to go and think about her in the past. Then they both went to see Na Ri’s father. After meeting Na Ri’s father, Nan Gil and Na Ri went on a date. Na Ri is scared! She thinks that Nan Gil is acting strong and cheerful and is giving her good memories in order to leave her. But Nan Gil is acting that way because now that they know that Na Ri’s father is alive, Nan Gil doesn’t have to act as Na Ri’s stepfather anymore. Now Nan Gil can be the man Na Ri spends her life with.

Nan Gil:”I want to date, love, get married and have kids.”

Na Ri and Nan Gil went to eat, they took pictures of each other like any other couple. Then they’ve went home and continued with their date, happily, until late in the night. But when things seemed to go well, Bae Byung Woo came by.

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