“Goblin” ep 4 ~Kim Shin:”We’re finally building friendship!”


Eun Tak showed up at Kim Shin’s house revealing him that she can see his sword. Since she was abandoned by her family and doesn’t have a place to stay, Eun Tak asked Kim Shin to take her in. And he did!ep4_1

Episode 4

Eun Tak came by Kim Shin’s house and in order to convince him to not leave, she revealed that she can see his sword. Kim Shin is shocked! The moment he’s been waiting for his entire life has arrived, but he is scared. Eun Tak is the one that can end Kim Shin’s eternity, he can die now, but Kim Shin wants to live.

Kim Shin:”It means you are the goblin’s bride.”

Kim Shin rushes to Wang Yeo’s room and tells him what just happened and his fears. But Wang Yeo doesn’t understand Kim Shin’s worries. So to calm Kim Shin, Wang Yeo offered Kim Shin an alternative. If Eun Tak is Kim Shin’s bride it means that she can turn Kim Shin into asses. Of course if Kim Shin wants to live longer, Wang Yeo offered to take Eun Tak’s soul. She was meant to die before being born anyway.

Wang Yeo:”Just say the word and I’ll take her.”

Kim Shin:”We’re finally building friendship!”

Both Kim Shin and Wang Yeo go outside. Eun Tak tells them about her hard life. Then she tells them that her aunt and cousins left and took the deposit money, which means she is homeless. Because she needs a place to live, Eun Tak asked Kim Shin to take her in…even if he has to adopt her.

Eun Tak:”Please save me!”

Going inside, Eun Tak became excited. Kim Shin’s house is huge. She talks about getting married to him and have children. Kim Shin on the other hand doesn’t know what to do so he got Eun Tak a suit room. The one to serve Eun Tak will be Deok Hwa.


It’s time for Eun Tak to go to school, but because Kim Shin is depressed, it’s raining outside. She is in front of the hotel she is staying when Deok Hwa came. Deok Hwa drove Eun Tak in his convertible car to school and attracted a lot of attention. It isn’t just Kim Shin the depressed one. Wang Yeo has the same symptoms. He can’t forget Sunny.

Because Kim Shin’s been avoiding her since she said that she can see the sword, Eun Tak summoned him. He can’t say the reason he is avoiding her and for what he has to get ready so he changed the subject while they were talking. He took Eun Tak out to buy something to eat. Unfortunately Kim Shin got drunk after two cans of beer so he answered all the questions Eun Tak asked him. He told Eun Tak that she is his first and last bride because she is the only one who can remove his sword. But Kim Shin didn’t tell Eun Tak that he will die after she removes the sword. The next morning, flowers were blooming in the middle of autumn.


Eun Tak was bullied at school by her classmates. Suddenly the classmate that was bullying Eun Tak was holding a cigarette at the moment the teacher came in. There were the ghosts playing a prank against the girl that was being mean to Eun Tak.

Eun Tak is leaving the school together with the ghosts. While they were talking to Eun Tak all happy and excited, the ghosts became frightened at the second they saw Kim Shin. He came to pick up Eun Tak and took her to have lunch…in Canada.

Eun Tak:”Is this out honeymoon?”

Eun Tak and Kim Shin had lunch, then they’ve walked around Quebec. While talking Kim Shin gave Eun Tak the impression that he doesn’t want her to be his bride. Of course he doesn’t, but Eun Tak doesn’t know the reason. She gets upset and tries to remove Kim Shin’s sword, but he managed to get away safely.

While looking and cheerful Eun Tak, Kim Shin realized that he is attracted to her. But unfortunately he knows that their relationship is impossible.

Kim Shin:”It was my first love!”

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