“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 14 ~Nan Gil:”You should have learned something by now after your both sons have turned their back on you.”


Wan Shik run away from Bae Byung Woo and he need Nan Gil’s help. They’ve met and made a plan for Wan Shik to get away from their adoptive father. Then Wan Shik went to prison.But when Nan Gil went to help Wan Shik, he left in the middle of the night without telling Na Ri. She was worried that something might happen to Nan Gil again so after Nan Gil returned she got upset. Since Nan Gil is preparing to leave the Hong dumplings restaurant, Na Ri arranged for a team building.


Episode 14

Duk Bong is at home thinking about Yeo Joo. On their last meeting Yeo Joo told Duk Bong to write down all the things he likes about Na Ri. She even gave Duk Bong an example of how to write it by telling him what she likes about him. Yeo Joo like that Duk Bong looks good in a suit. She likes that Duk Bong works hard even if he is from a reach family. She likes the fact that he grew up way better than his friends. She likes Duk Bong way of speaking.

Bae Byung Woo came to Nan Gil. He threatened Nan Gil with hurting Na Ri if Nan Gil won’t return him the ledger. Later Wan Shik, who is on the run, called Nan Gil. At the moment Nan Gil is the only person that Wan Shik can trust and that can help him. When they’ve met, Nan Gil advised Wan Shik to turn himself to the police, go to prison for a few years and when Wan Shik will get out, Nan Gil will help him. But Wan Shik refuses to spend his life making dumplings.

Nan Gil:”Turn yourself in! I’ll help you when you get out.”

Nan Gil took Wan Shik back at the motel he is staying. But there Wan Shik met Bae Byung Woo’s men. Luckily Wan Shik, with Nan Gil’s help, managed to escape. Arrived at a safe place, Wan Shik called Bae Byung Woo. He told Bae Byung Woo that he took the ledger from Nan Gil and they should meet.


Bae Byung Woo came at the meeting and was shock to see Nan Gil with Wan Shin. After almost being caught by Bae Byung Woo’s men, Wan Shik decided to follow Nan Gil’s advice. He called Bae Byung Woo at the meeting with the pretext that he will return the ledger Nan Gil took, but in reality Wan Shik called the police also. Bae Byung Woo was arrested and Wan Shik turned himself in.

Nan Gil:”You should have learned something by now after your both sons have turned their back on you.”

Returned at the house, Nan Gil found Na Ri in his room. She was upset with him for leaving again in the middle of the night without telling her. The next morning, Nan Gil helped by the three staff members from the restaurant tried to find ways for Nan Gil to get Na Ri’s forgiveness.

Following the advices they’ve got online, Nan Gil goes to Na Ri’s room. But Na Ri is still upset and treats him coldly and sends him away.


Duk Bong has something to tell Na Ri so he took Na Ri to the place he hates the most. At that place his long term girlfriend dumped him after a fight between their families. But when Na Ri told him that she and Nan Gil decided to date, Duk Bong acted the same way Yeo Joo did with him. Duk Bong told Na Ri why he likes her and asked her to write down why she likes Nan Gil.

Meantime Nan Gil received a phone call and went to see Na Ri’s father. Hong Sung Kyu called Nan Gil to tell Nan Gil that he intends to stay by his daughter’s side, but he can’t live in the same house with Nan Gil. Hong Sung Kyu and his life partner intend to send Nan Gil away and become the owners of Hong dumpling’s restaurant and the land the now belongs to Nan Gil.

Duk Bong went to see his father and found out some things about Hong Sung Kyu. He is a total con artist. Hong Sung Kyu intended to sell the land Na Ri’s mother had to chairman Kwon using false documents, but he was caught. Because Shin Jung Im didn’t want to give him the land documents, Hong Sung Kyu practically kidnapped Na Ri.

From the hospital Duk Bong went to Nan Gil. He asked Nan Gil to let him handle the Na Ri’s land problem. Also Duk Bong told Nan Gil and Nan Gil and Na Ri are way too different to be able to have a normal relationship.


Yeo Joo doesn’t understand why she is acting the way she does so she meets Na Ri. She talks to Na Ri, but Na Ri isn’t happy to see Yeo Joo’s face. She tells Yeo Joo to admit that Yeo Joo likes Duk Bong and to leave her alone. After her meeting with Yeo Joo, Na Ri went to see her father. Hong Sung Kyu tried to do with Na Ri what he did with Nan Gil. He told Na Ri that he would move in with her to help her protect the house, but he can’t live with Nan Gil. Unfortunately for Hong Sung Kyu, Na Ri isn’t on his side. Na Ri blames her father for abandoning her mother and herself with his debts and run away to survive on his own.

After talking to her father, Na Ri went home and organized a team building with everyone that works at the dumpling restaurant. She asked Duk Shim to convince Duk Bong to come along and to let them have the team building at Greenland resort.

At the team building, Duk Bong showed up wearing the clothes Yeo Joo brought him, the clothes that were Nan Gil’s style. At the team building, Duk Bong told Nan Gil that Hong Sung Kyu kidnapped Na Ri when she was little to get the land’s documents from his wife.

Returned home, Duk Bong, Nan Gil and Na Ri found Hong Sung Kyu and his life partner waiting for them in front of the dumpling restaurant with their luggage.

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