“Goblin” ep 5 ~Kim Shin:”I have to disappear! I have to end my life!”


Kim Shin realized that because of Eun Tak he is starting to wish to live. Because of that, Kim Shin decided that it’s time to end his life before he will want to stay by Eun Tak’s side even more. For that Kim Shin brought Eun Tak to his house. Having to live with a Grim Reaper and a Goblin, Eun Tak made some rules that the two have to follow. First Kim Shin and Wang Yeo bought themselves phones and had Deok Hwa teach them how to use those phones. While Kim Shin was depressed because he has to end his life,when he wants to live by Eun Tak’s side, Wang Yeo was depressed because of Sunny. Seeing the poor Grim Reaper so depressed, Deok Hwa and Kim Shin helped Wang Yeo call Sunny.


Episode 5

Kim Shin picked up Eun Tak from school and took her to have lunch in Canada. He looks at Eun Tak jumping and running all cheerful and realized that he is attracted to her. When Eun Tak got closer, Kim Shin seemed angry. He takes Eun Tak home and doesn’t talk to her. He continues to looks angry and Eun Tak offered to walk to the hotel she stays. Kim Shin stopped the car and let her out. Arrived home, Kim Shin continues to think about Eun Tak until he felt a powerful pain in his chest…when his sword is.

“A girl as small as a violet…A girl who moves like a flower petal… is pulling me towards her with more force than her mass…Just then, I rolled towards her without stopping until I fell on her…My heart kept bouncing between the sky and the ground. It was my first love!”

Another in love man is the Grim Reaper. He meets Sunny on the bridge they’ve seen each other for the first time. They go to a coffee shop to get some coffee and talk. But the Grim Reaper just sits there staring at Sunny. When they finally started a conversation, Sunny asked the Grim Reaper his name. That question made the Grim Reaper depressed. He is amnesic and doesn’t remember his own name.

The two divine beings are together. One is boiling the eggs and the other is cooling the beer using their powers. They talk about their problems. Wang Yeo keeps thinking about Sunny, the woman who asked his name and asked how his been since they last saw each other…when he ia actually dead. Meantime Kim Shin thinks about Eun Tak. She reminded him of the moment he died and decided to die before he become more happy than he is and starts wising to be alive again.


Kim Shin goes to the hotel Eun Tak is staying at and asks her to move to his house.

Kim Shin:”I’ll stay by your side from now on. Let’s go home! I love you!”

Since it’s raining outside and Kim Shin looks really sad, Eun Tak believes that he hates her. Still she isn’t in a position to reject offer and accepts to move into Kim Shin’s house. Of course Eun Tak doesn’t know that the reason Kim Shin is so depressed is because the moment Eun Tak will take out his sword he will die.

As soon as they’ve arrived at the house, Kim Shin and Eun Tak are greeted by Wang Yeo. Unfortunately a problem showed up really soon. Either Kim Shin or Wang Yeo had to use the password to get inside the house so none of them knows it. Luckily Deok Hwa was inside the house and could tell Eun Tak the password.

Later Kim Shin and Wang Yeo argued how to decorate Eun Tak’s room. To stop them from arguing, Eun Tak decided to decorate one wall as Kim Shin said and another as Wang Yeo wanted. Like that she agreed with what both of them wanted. But until her room will be ready, Eun Tak will use Kim Shin’s room. In the meantime Kim Shin will sleep with Wang Yeo.


The morning came and Eun Tak ate what Kim Shin and Wang Yeo cooked. While taking the dishes to the kitchen, Eun Tak realized why the goblin and the grim reaper can’t hire any helpers.  They usually fight with the knives …using their powers. Then she told them the rules of all of them cohabitating. First rule is for Kim Shin. Since it’s uncomfortable when it’s raining, Eun Tak asked him to stay happy. The second rule is for Wang Yeo. Eun Tak asked him to talk to her if he is upset with her in anyway and she hopes that Wang Yeo won’t think or plan to take her soul. The last rule is for both of them. Eun Tak asked them to call her if they need her and she let them her phone number.

Deok Hwa bought Kim Shin and Wang Yeo their phones. While Deok Hwa explained them how to use the phones, Kim Shin pretended to know how to use it. But he was caught when Deok Hwa asked them to go to app store. Both Kim Shin and Wang Yeo got their coats on and asked Deok Hwa if the store is far away.

After Deok Hwa left, Kim Shin and Wang Yeo practiced using their phones while video calling each other.  Kim Shin was about to make his arm longer by how he was holding the phone while Wang Yeo put the phone to his ear and expected to see Kim Shin’s face in front of him.

When he finally learned to use his phone, Kim Shin called Eun Tak and they went shopping.


Wang Yeo knocked at Eun Tak’s room and asked her to give him a name that women’s like. Eun Tak thinks about it and tells Wang Yeo that there are three names women’s like: Hyun Bin, Won Bin and Kim Woo Bin.

Wang Yeo:”I don’t have a name!”

While working Eun Tak needs a sister to talk to so she asked Sunny for an advice. Eun Tak talked about the man she wants to marry. Someone who loves to read and knows a lot about art and music, but he doesn’t like Eun Tak. Also Eun Tak said that she doesn’t like the man she plans to marry. Confused, Sunny asked why Eun Tak and that man want to marry if they don’t like each other. Realizing that Sunny is right, Eun Tak goes home. On her way home, Eun Tak keeps thinking about Kim Shin’s depressed face when he asked her to move to his house.

Arrived home, Eun Tak completely ignores Kim Shin. She sits beside Wang Yeo. She helps him fold the laundry, she talks to him and compliments Wang Yeo. Jealous that he is ignored, Kim Shin starts a fight with Eun Tak and when Eun Tak fought back, he confessed.

Kim Shin:”Your boyfriend’s right here! Right here in front of you…Me! ”

Embarrassed, both Kim Shin and Eun Tak run to their rooms.

Kim Shin:”I’m actually her husband, not her boyfriend.”


Wang Yeo sits depressed looking at Sunny’s name. He can’t call her since he doesn’t have a name. Deok Hwa and Kim Shin saw him and decided to help the poor depressed Grim Reaper. While Wang Yeo was busy with Deok Hwa, Kim Shin called Sunny. Then he passed the phone to Wang Yeo and encouraged him to talk. And Wang Yeo did that. He talked to Sunny and they’ve arranged a date.

Left alone home, Kim Shin and Eun Tak go out to eat. They go to Canada…this time too. But the moment he entered the restaurant, Kim Shin saw the future. Adult Eun Tak was happy and her dream had come true…but he wasn’t in Eun Tak’s future.

Kim Shin:”I have to disappear! I have to end my life!”

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