“Goblin” ep 6 ~Wang Yeo:”The worst comes right before you become perfect!”


The Grim Reaper went to a date with Sunny. Because Sunny wanted to see him with his friends, she asked him to bring a friend. The Grim Reaper brought Deok Hwa with him, but when Sunny showed interest in Deok Hwan, Wang Yeo used  his Grim Reaper’s powers to send Deok Hwa and Sunny’s friend away. Meantime Kim Shin prepared for his departure, but when Eun Tak tried to pull out the sword she couldn’t.ep6_1

Episode 6

Kim Shin comes out of his room and goes to Eun Tak. He asks her to remove the sword because he doesn’t want to think that he might have another choice. But Eun Tak refuses! She searched online to find out more about Kim Shin, but she couldn’t find anything…It was like someone  removed all information about Kim Shin.

When Eun Tak asked him if he was a traitor, Kim Shin said that the sword is a punishment. He knew that nothing would’ve changed if he had approached the kind, but still be wanted to get near the king. As a result innocent people died. But Eun Tak doesn’t believe that Kim Shin is a bad person. She doesn’t believe that God would’ve given Kim Shin the powers of a goblin if he would’ve been a bad person.

Kim Shin:”Pull out the sword! This sword is the punishment!”

Eun Tak:”Were you a traitor?”

Deok Hwa and the Grim Reaper are meeting Sunny and her friend. But Sunny seems to be interested in Deok Hwa after finding out that he is the hair of a big company. Jealous, Wang Yeo uses his powers to make Deok Hwa and Sunny’s friend leave. Left alone with Sunny, she asked Wang Yeo for Deok Hwa’s phone number because Deok Hwa is her chicken shop landlord.

Later both Kim Shin and Wang Yeo are depressed. Kim Shin is depressed because all the bad words he said to Eun Tak are returning to him and Eun Tak doesn’t want to remove his sword. Meantime Wang Yeo is depressed because of Sunny.


Eun Tak decided to remove Kim Shin’s sword and she tells Wang Yeo about it. But Wang Yeo tries hard to make her change her mind. Unfortunately Eun Tak believes that if the Grim Reaper tries so hard to make her not pull out Kim Shin’s sword it must mean something good for the Goblin.

While working, Wang Yeo sees Sunny. He put his head on to become invisible and not be seen by Sunny. She stops next to him and she is upset that Wang Yeo is cold towards her. She calls him and gets scared when she hears the phone ringing next to her, but she doesn’t see anyone there. Then she slipped on ice and was about to fell, but Wang Yeo stopped her. Not knowing what happens, Sunny gets scared and runs away.

Kim Shin sees Eun Tak coming towards him. He watches her, but when Eun Tak got closer and asked if Kim Shin sees her future, he said that he doesn’t. Cheerful and optimistic, Eun Tak accepted her faith. She will create her own future even if the Goblin can’t see it.

Eun Tak:”The decisions I make will form my future.”

On their way home, Eun Tak wants to know on what criteria the goblin chose to help someone. Because of the child that helped him, Deok Hwa ancestor, the goblin always chooses to help the child if a child and an adult ask for help at the same time. Also he helped Eun Tak’s mother because he didn’t ask help for her own life, but for her unborn child.

As soon as they’ve arrived home, Eun Tak tells Kim Shin that she decided to pull out his sword. Taken by surprise and not prepared for that, Kim Shin doesn’t know how to react. He pretends to get a phone call and leaves.


Kim Shin keeps avoiding Eun Tak. He doesn’t talk to her, he doesn’t look at her, he just ignores her. Eun Tak wants to know what happened and she asks Wang Yeo. But he can’t betray Kim Shin’s trust so he can’t answer Eun Tak’s question. Then Eun Tak wanted to know how the grim reaper found her when she turned 19 years old. Their first meeting was when Eun Tak was 9 years old and then they’ve met because Eun Tak’s mother died. He can’t answer that question either. Before she turns the perfect age, the almighty number, the worse happens. Number nine is the nearest number to the perfect number. So Eun Tak met a grim reaper when she was 9, when she was 19 and she will meet a grim reaper when she will be 29 years old too.

Wang Yeo:”The worst comes right before you become perfect!”

Days passed and Kim Shin prepares everything before his death. He instructs Deok Hwa’s grandfather what to do after he’s gone. Then Kim Shin gives Deok Hwa the credit card Deok Hwa always wanted. Lastly Kim Shin put the house deed in Wang Yeo’s room and asked Wang Yeo to remove Eun Taks’ memory of Kim Shin. He doesn’t want Eun Tak to blame herself for Kim Shin’s death.

During those days, Kim Shin has treated Eun Tak really well. He goes walking with her. He picks her up from school. On the night Eun Tak had to pull out the sword, Kim Shin gave her some presents. A present for when she will get in college, what to wear on her first date with her college boyfriend.

They went to the field where all stared and Eun Tak tried to pull out the sword. She can see the sword, but she can’t touch it to pull it out. Thinking that it must be like the fairy tales, Eun Tak kisses Kim Shin.

Kim Shin:”No matter what happens, it’s not your fault.”

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