“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 15 ~Yeo Joo:”You look cool even when you act lonely.”


Hong Sung Kyu moved in with his daughter. He has the impression that now that his ex wife is dead, everything that belongs to Na Ri is his and he can do whatever he wants. To get the restaurant and the land, first Hong Sung Kyu has to get back his name and get rid of Nan Gil. ep15_1

Episode 15

Duk Bong drove Na Ri and Nan Gil home after the team building. In front of Hong dumplings restaurant, Na Ri’s father and his life partner were waiting for Na Ri. Hong Sung Kyu moved in with Na Ri. He thinks that the restaurant and land that belongs to Na Ri are his. Also since Hong dumplings restaurant appeared in a TV cooking show, Hong Sung Kyu believes that the restaurant should make a lot of money… who are his too.

In the morning, Hong Sung Kyu walks around the restaurant like the owner. He checks everything and scolds Nan Gil. He wants to know where are all the money. But when Na Ri saw her father screaming at Nan Gil, she intervened. In front of Na Ri, her father acts completely different.

Nan Gil:”I wonder what out lawyer is up to these days.”

Meantime Duk Bong was busy arguing with his father. When chairman Kwon found out that Hong Sung Kyu returned to Hong dumplings, he came to see Duk Bong. Chairman Kwon threatened Duk Bong with suing Hong Sung Kyu for fabricating official documents if Duk Bong won’t follow his father’s plans. The documents chairman Kwon was referring to is the death certificate Hong Sung Kyu received when he pretended to be death in order to hide from Dada Finance.

Since Duk Bong isn’t helping him, chairman Kwon met Hong Sung Kyu. He told Hong Sung Kyu to turn himself in, go to prison, recover his name and then transfer the land and all properties from Nan Gil’s name to his name.


Na Ri and Nan Gil went to see Duk Bong. At the meeting Duk Bong asked Nan Gil to put everything on Na Ri’s name because he gave up the idea of building a resort on Na Ri’s land. Also Duk Bong gave on being Na Ri’s lawyer. Na Ri and Nan Gil did as Duk Bong advised them. Suddenly Hong Sung Kyu called Na Ri saying he is at the police station to turn himself in. Understanding what happened, Duk Bong went to the police station. From Hong Sung Kyu, Duk Bong found out that chairman Kwon practically tortured Na Ri’s family to get the land. But because Shin Jung Im didn’t give in, chairman Kwon gave money to Hong Sung Kyu and told him to kidnap Na Ri.

Duk Bong invited Na Ri to be his partner to a year end party. After hearing that Yeo Joo ruined a party because Duk Bong’s friends were badmouthing him, Na Ri went to see Yeo Joo. She asked Yeo Joo to tell her what to wear at the party. Na Ri knows that Yeo Joo likes Duk Bong and did that to teach Yeo Joo a lesson. She wants Yeo Joo to stop hurting other people by stealing their boyfriends. Before leaving Na Ri advised Yeo Joo to conquer Duk Bong in her own manner since she really likes him.

Nan Gil is preparing to leave. But no one wants him gone so they get angry with Nan Gil for leaving them.

Na Ri goes with Duk Bong to the party, but on the way she changed her mind. She apologized, but decided to not go with him. She went to her friend’s coffee shop. Nan Gil went to Seoul to see Na Ri’s father and to ask him to never tell Na Ri that their trip together was when her father kidnapped her. Then he went to pick up Na Ri. Nan Gil decided what he wants to do with his life from now on. Nan Gil wants to remain at Hong dumplings restaurant, but Na Ri’s side.

After being dumped by Na Ri, Duk Bong met Yeo Joo. He was depressed and Yeo Joo was the first person who came to his mind. He invited her to dinner.

Yeo Joo:”You look cool even when you act lonely.”

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