“Sweet Stranger and Me” ep 16 ~Duk Bong:”I’m also irritated by how cool I am!”


“Sweet stranger and me” finally ended! It was really boring, but I still finished it. Yey for me!!! And I did that because of Lee Soo Hyuk, Jo Bo Ah and Kim Young Kwang. On this episode Wan Shik got released from prison, Nan Gil proposed to Na Ri and the business prospers. On the other hand Duk Bong introduced his girlfriend, Yeo Joo, to his parents.ep16_1

Episode 16

Chairman Kwon keeps torturing Hong dumplings restaurant. He reports at least once a day the restaurant. After finding out that, Duk Bong decided to stop his father. He sent the files regarding the company’s illegal waste disposal to the broadcasting station.  After the press conference Duk Bong went with two bottles of champagne to Na Ri and Nan Gil.

Duk Bong:” Let’s settle the relationships between us three. Let’s be neighborhood friends too.”

While drinking with Nan Gil and Na Ri, Duk Bong offered to settle their relationship. Since things seem to be settled, Na Ri and Nan Gil can’t remain at stepfather and stepdaughter and date at the same time.

Duk Shim doesn’t know what to do to make her brother feel better so she called Yeo Joo. When they’ve met, Yeo Joo asked Duk Bong to never call her again and to ask Duk Shim to do the same. Yeo Joo doesn’t want to be the bridge between the two siblings and she tells Duk Bong the reason she doesn’t want him to call her. Yeo Joo confessed to Duk Bong.

Duk Bong:”I’m also irritated by how cool I am!”

Yeo Joo:”I like you! If you call me again I will just consider it as dating.”

When the day of the trial came, Duk Bong and Nan Gil went to the courthouse and annulled Nan Gil’s marriage with Na Ri’s mother. The land with the trees that Na Ri’s mother planted was donated and made into a memorial park.

After the trial, Nan Gil spent some time with Na Ri.

Nan Gil:”I love you, Hong Na Ri!”


A year passed and Na Ri returned to work. Nan Gil picks her up every time she comes back from a flight.

After Duk Bong released the waste information to the media, his family’s company isn’t going well. To save his company chairman Kwon decided to marry Duk Bong with his ex girlfriend. But Duk Bong refused and even told his father that he is dating someone. Duk Bong called Yeo Joo for help.

Yeo Joo came and pretended to be Duk Bong’s girlfriend in front of his parents. Then Yeo Joo reminded Duk Bong that a year ago she told him that if he will ever call her again, she will consider as they are dating.

Yeo Joo bought new clothes, a bag and presents for Duk Bong’s parents. Then she went to meet them. Both Duk Bong’s parents were shocked to see how much Yeo Joo looks like Duk Bong’s ex girlfriend. Another surprised person was Duk Shim. She asked Duk Bong and Yeo Joo if they are really dating, when the three of them were alone, and Yeo Joo and Duk Bong’s answers were different. Yeo Joo said that they were really dating since she told Duk Bong that if he will call her ever again, she will consider that they are dating. Duk Bong said that they aren’t dating, but he accepted to continue meeting Yeo Joo to get to know each other and date if they will fall in love.

Nan Gil is teaching more people to make dumplings and Hong dumplings became really famous. Wan Shik was released from prison and came looking for Nan Gil.

When Na Ri returned from her flight, Nan Gil tried several times to propose to her, but he always missed his chance. The night Na Ri returned, Nan Gil wrote in her coffee cup “Will you marry me?”, but Na Ri fell asleep before finishing her coffee. Then he tried other methods, but it didn’t work.

One day Na Ri and Nan Gil went to their old school. There Nan Gil confessed, took out a ring from his pocked and proposed to Na Ri.

Nan Gil:”Hong Na Ri, will you marry me?”

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