“Goblin” ep 7 ~Wang Yeo:”Can’t we send her away and be happy together like we used to be?”


Kim Shin put everything in order and decided to end his immortal life. Unfortunately he couldn’t! Eun Tak can see the sword, but she pull it out. Since Eun Tak couldn’t remove his sword, Kim Shin returned home and asked back everything he left others. He starts being mean to Eun Tak and things got worse when Eun Tak’s first love appeared. But at some point Eun Tak was able to touch Kim Shin’s sword and was about to pull it out.ep7_1

Episode 7

Kim Shin made up his mind. It’s time for him to end his endless life! He sorted everything out and gave everything he had to the once close to him, Eun Tak, Deok Hwa and Wang Yeo. Then Kim Shin and Eun Tak went to the field where everything started. Eun Tak tried to remove Kim Shin’s sword, but she couldn’t touch it. She can clearly see the sword, but she can’t touch it to remove it. Shocked and scared that she might be kicked out from Kim Shin’s house, Eun Tak thought that the way to remove Kim Shin’s sword was a kiss. She kisses him, but that didn’t work either. Then she has another idea! She believes that if she can’t touch the sword and a kiss didn’t work, then the way to remove Kim Shin’s sword must be true love.

Eun Tak:”It was my first kiss!”

Returned home, Kim Shin finds Deok Hwa crying laud. The grim reaper had told Deok Hwa that Kim Shin ended his immortal life. Surprised Deok Hwa started to cry and said that he doesn’t need the credit card, he needs his uncle back.

Kim Shin hugged Deok Hwa, comforted him and asked for the credit card back. Of course Kim Shin asked for the house deed he gave Wang Yeo and for all the presents he left Eun Tak. They all tried hard to keep their presents, but it didn’t work.

Deok Hwa:”I love you, uncle!”

Eun Tak:”I love you!”

Wang Yeo:”I love you!”

Because Eun Tak couldn’t remove his sword, Kim Shin started being mean with her…to keep her close. While she was eating, Kim Shin was pretending to have a difficult time feeding another mouth. Then he was talking about the dirty dishes and the laundry near Eun Tak to make her wash everything. Of course, Kim Shin was next to Eun Tak when she was washing the dishes and the laundry.

Later, Wang Yeo wanted to know what happened and why both Eun Tak and Kim Shin returned alive. When Eun Tak was telling Wang Yeo that she couldn’t touch the sword, Kim Shin appeared and thinking that Eun Tak told Wang Yeo what happened, he talked in front of Wang Yeo about his kiss with Eun Tak.

Wang Yeo:”Should I tell her what will happen when she pulls out the sword? The goblin might die of anger. Then the house will be mine.”


Jealous that Eun Tak  and Kim Shin kissed while he can’t even call Sunny because he doesn’t have a business card, Wang Yeo went to Kim Shin. He asked Kim Shin to send Eun Tak away since she is of no use now that they know Eun Tak can’t touch the sword.  But Kim Shin doesn’t want Eun Tak gone. He finds all kinds of excuses to not send Eun Tak away, including the promise he made Eun Tak to not kick her out.

Wang Yeo:”Can’t we send her away and be happy together like we used to be?”

Kim Shin:”A man’s word is worth his weight in gold.”

On the day of Eun Tak’s exam, Kim Shin walked her to the bus station and gave her a lunchbox. While being immersed looking at each other 30 minutes passed and Eun Tak freaked out. She was late for her exam. Luckily her goblin boyfriend was there. He grabbed Eun Tak’s hand and run away. With Kim Shin’s help, Eun Tak arrived in time for her exam.

Kim Shin:”Did you forget that your boyfriend is a goblin?”

Coming out of her college entrance exam, Eun Tak looks with envy at all her classmates being hugged and congratulated by their mother. She looks at the sky, touches her scarf and remembers her mother. Eun Tak is alone in this world, but the memories she has with her mother are enough to make her smile.


Arrived home, Eun Tak’s eye filled with tears. Deok Hwa, Wang Yeo and Kim Shi were waiting for her with a cake to celebrate. She didn’t expect that so Eun Tak realized that she isn’t alone. She has a family! Since she is so happy, Eun Tak made a wish. She wants to watch a movie with the goblin.

They went to the theatre and before the movie started Kim Shin asked Eun Tak to not scream and embarrass him. She should just tell him if she gets scared. They were watching a horror movie. The movie started and the scary scenes appeared. At that moment the goblin got scared. She screamed in fear, saying that he wants to leave. He threw the popcorn on the other people in the theatre and embarrassed Eun Tak. Because of Kim Shin screams, Eun Tak couldn’t watch a single scene of the movie.

Kim Shin:”I want to leave!”

After movie, Kim Shin and Eun Tak went to eat. The only one that had something to eat was Kim Shi. While talking Eun Tak realized that Kim Shin gave everyone goodbye presents the day she was supposed to remove his sword. She still doesn’t know where Kim Shin was going when the sword would’ve been removed. Kim Shin covers a little the truth, but he is honest and tells Eun Tak that the goblin’s wife is the only one that can remove his sword. After the goblin’s wife removes the sword, the goblin will have to leave…and that is not his choice to make…he will be forced to leave.

Eun Tak:”You must be hungry from screaming and crying.”


Kim Shin, with a bouquet of flowers, went to pick up Eun Tak from the college she had a test at. But when he arrived, Kim Shin saw Eun Tak talking all happy with a college boy. She knew the boy. His name is Tae Hee. She was walking around the campus when a baseball was about to hit her. That moment someone caught the ball. When Eun Tak looked at the person who helped her not get hit, she saw Tae Hee.

Kim Shin got jealous and went home. He lies in bed talking about the fact that he was the only one that should’ve touched Eun Tak’s hair. But now Tae Hee did that too. Kim Shin blames himself that he, a long time ago, helped Tae Hee become a baseball player instead of becoming a pianist. Kim Shin believes that if he had let Tae Hee play the piano that Tae Hee and Eun Tak wouldn’t have met.

That night, at the house, Eun Tak remembers a day from her childhood. She was watching Tae Hee practice baseball. Next too little Tae Hee there was a man that didn’t knew how to play baseball. That man was about to hit little Eun Tak with a baseball bat.

Eun Tak goes to the kitchen. She wants to eat the cake she received from Deok Hwa, Kim Shin and Wang Yeo. But Kim Shin is jealous and doesn’t let her touch the cake. He starts a fight with her, but Eun Tak doesn’t responds as she used too. Eun Tak isn’t attracted to Kim Shin anymore since she met her first love, Tae Hee.


Kim Shin went to see Tae Hee and scolded Tae Hee for beign handsome. But Tae Hee recognized Kim Shin. When he was little and was practicing baseball, Tae Hee met a man who couldn’t pay baseball at all. He talked to that stranger and they’ve made a bet. They will pay baseball and the one that would hit ten balls will with. The loser would grand the winner a wish. Tae Hee won and his wish was for his mother to stop forcing him to play piano. Since they’ve made a bet, Kim Shin made Tae Hee’s piano disappear.

Eun Tak is out eating ice cream with Tae Hee which makes Kim Shin boiling with jealousy. Meantime Wang Yeo doesn’t know what to do. Sunny is calling him and he doesn’t want to answer because he doesn’t have a business card. He asks Kim Shin to answer the phone, but Kim Shin refuses. Upset, Kim Shin told Wang Yeo where Eun Tak is so Wang Yeo went there and ruined Eun Tak and Tae Hee’s date.

While Eun Tak and Tae Hee were talking and eating ice cream, Wang Yeo appeared. Because Tae Hee thought that Wang Yeo was Eun Tak’s father, Wang Yeo got upset. He asked Tae Hee’s name, but Eun Tak didn’t let Tae Hee say his name. to convince Eun Tak answer hi phone, Wang Yeo threatened Eun Tak with finding Tae Hee’s name and writing it down.


Wang Yeo went to see Sunny. With Eun Tak’s help, Wang Yeo came prepared this time. He prepared an age, a date of birth, a zodiac sign, everything Sunny might ask him about. When things were going well, Wang Yeo had to leave. He has a company meeting with the other grim reapers. On his way to the meeting, a man bumped into Wang Yeo.

Arrived at the restaurant where everyone else was drinking and eating, Wang Yeo had to pay for everything. Unfortunately at that moment Wang Yeo realized that the man he had just bumped in was a thief that had stolen his wallet. The other grim reapers fooled Wang Yeo and let him there to pay.

Wang Yeo was taken to the police station. Needing help, Wang Yeo called Kim Shin. To convince Kim Shin to help him, Wang Yeo offered to remove Tae Hee’s memory. Kim Shin helped Wang Yeo, but Wang Yeo got upset when he noticed that even the goblin has a business card.

Leaving the police station, Deok Hwa came running to Wang Yeo with tofu. Upset that he is the only one without a business card, Wang Yeo leaves, making sure that he doesn’t touch anyone on the way. Deok Hwa looks at him and finds out that Wang Yeo see the previous life of the person he touches.

Kim Shin:”That’s how rich I am! My power is staying alive.”

Eun Tak isn’t home so Kim Shin goes to look for her. Because Eun Tak turned off her phone, Kim Shin asked the ghosts to tell him and went after her. Meantime at the house, Deok Hwa and Wang Yeo are curious to know what Kim Shin gave Deok Hwa’s grandfather as a goodbye gift so they looked at the queen’s picture. The moment the grim reaper saw the queen he started to cry in pain.

Kim Shin found Eun Tak. She was singing at a wedding as another part time job. They leave the wedding and on their way home, Eun Tak talks about her pain of not having a mother or a father to accompany her at her wedding. She believes that was the reason she insisted to become the goblin’s wife, that way she could have a family, even a fake one.  Seeing Eun Tak crying, Kim Shin hugs her to console her. Then he feels pain from the sword.

Eun Tak sees the sword and was able to touch it this time. She touched the sword and she was pulling it out. Before Eun Tak could pull the sword out, Kim Shin pushed her away.

Eun Tak:”I can grab the sword!”

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