“Goblin” ep 8 ~Birth grandmother:” If you don’t return to ashes, Eun Tak will die!“


Eun Tak was able to touch and pull out Kim Shin’s sword. But Kim Shin couldn’t let Eun Tak pull out the sword so he almost killed her.With passing days, strange accidents happen and luckily for Eun Tak she wasn’t hurt. Kim Shin was always there to save her. But he can’t do that for long. The birth grandmother appeared before Kim Shin and asked him to turn to ashes before Eun Tak will die. ep8_1

Episode 8

Eun Tak is able to touch and pull Kim Shin’s sword. She is moving the sword, but the surprised Kim Shin pushed her away. Eun Tak was pushed so hard that she practically flew away. Kim Shin caught her, but caused a lot of cars to be damaged. Someone filmed the entire incident and posted it only.

Deok Hwa has to cover up for what Kim Shin created. He calls his grandfather and his grandfather’s secretary who start deleting the video from every sites they can find. Then Doek Hwa took the grim reaper and went to meet the people whose cars were damaged. The once that got their cars damaged are paid money, but the once that also witnessed what happened got their memory deleted by Wang Yeo. But Wang Yeo wasn’t feeling well either. He can’t get out of his mind the woman in Kim Shin’s drawing and doesn’t understand why his heart ache when he thinks about that woman.

The goblin took some medicine and fall on the floor. Eun Tak hears noise and goes to see what happened. The goblin was sleeping on the living room floor. She puts a blanket on him, she lighted some candles to keep him warm and took care of him. When Kim Shin woke up, they talk about his pain.

Kim Shin:”My first love hurt me badly.”


Eun Tak copied something that Kim Shin wrote and tried to read it, but she couldn’t. Curious to know what Kim Shin wrote, Eun Tak asked Deok Hwa to translate the Chinese characters for her. Deok Hwa look at the characters and said that it’s a sad love letter. But Eun Tak didn’t have the patience to listen to everything.

Later Deok Hwa told Kim Shin that Wang Yeo cried when he saw the woman in Kim Shin’s painting. Wanting to know what happened, Kim Shin and Deok Hwa went to Wang Yeo. The goblin said that the woman in the picture was his sister and wanted to know why the grim reaper cried.  The grim reaper finds the woman familiar and his heart was extremely painful when he saw the painting, but he doesn’t remember where or when he met her.

Wang Yeo:”I think she looks familiar.”

Eun Tak is at work when Wang Yeo comes in pretending he wants to buy chicken. Suddenly Eun Tak sees Tae Hee coming so she put Wang Yeo his head on to not be seen. For days Wang Yeo went to the chicken shop to buy chicken even if he is a vegetarian. He buys chicken and gives it to Kim Shin. The grim reaper only goes to the chicken shop to see Sunny. One day Eun Tak asked Wang Yeo to not tell Kim Shin that Tae Hee visits her at her part time job. But Kim Shin heard her and created a ruckus out of jealousy. As a revenge Kim Shin made Tae Hee’s piano reaper in his house after many years.


Eun Tak is on her way to the interview at an university. Kim Shin sees her getting on the bus and wishes her good luck. Before the bus left, Kim Shin sees the thief he saw a few days ago, the same thief that stolen Wang Yeo’s wallet, and sees the future that thief will going to have. In a few minutes the thief will get involved in a car accident and the accident will create a huge accident. In that accident will be involved the bus Eun Tak is in too. Everyone in the bus will die. The grim reapers are already there, waiting for the accident to happen.

Realizing how many people will have to die because of the thief, Kim Shin got involved. He stopped the thief on the way to where the accident was supposed to happen. The moment the gobbling punished the thief by breaking his hand, the bus passed by.

Kim Shin:”You will be punished even after your death. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…that’s my way of doing things.”

The grim reapers are on standby. When the bus stopped, Eun Tak saw Wang Yeo and waived at him. At that moment Wang Yeo realized that Eun Tak wasn’t on the list of the people that were supposed to die that day. Eun Tak was an extra. After the bus left, Wang Yeo sees Kim Shin across the street and realized that the goblin meddled in life and death matters.

The goblin doesn’t understand why he couldn’t see Eun Tak between the victims the moment he saw the accident before it happened. He asked Wang Yeo and the grim reaper answered that Eun Tak wasn’t supposed to be in that accident. Eun Tak became the variable that saved everyone in that bus that were supposed to die that day. That accident wasn’t in Eun Tak’s destiny!

That day, Kim Shin told Wang Yeo that Eun Tak touched the sword and even moved it. Because of that Kim Shin almost killed Eun Tak.


Sunny isn’t answering her phone so the grim reaper went to see her. Happy that he called and even went to see her, Sunny told him her real name, Kim Sun. While they were talking the grim reaper started having chest pain and removed Sunny’s memory of their meeting that night. The grim reaper’s pain appeared the moment Kim Shin wrote a name. On the same day, every year, Kim Shin launches lanterns to the sky.

Eun Tak is looking for Kim Shin, but she wasn’t able to find him. Because of that Eun Tak asked the grim reaper what will happen if she removes the goblin’s sword. From the grim reaper, Eun Tak found out that the moment she will remove the sword, the goblin will die. Meantime the goblin was talking with the birth grandmother. She asked him to remove the sword and return to ashes or Eun Tak will die. Eun Tak was born to remove the goblin’s sword and end his immortality and if she will fail to do so she’ll become useless. Then there will be no reason for her existence and will continue to face death.

Birth grandmother:”Remove the sword and return to ashes.  If you don’t return to ashes, Eun Tak will die!“

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