“Prince Of Wolf” ep 16 ~ Jiang Ping:”Zizi, stop hiding from me. I like you!”


Zhe Ming went to see wolf dad and found him sick. He spend the night taking care of wolf dad and when wolf dad felt better returned home. Back at the house, Zhe Ming returned home, where his grandfather was upset. Few days passed since Zhe Ming last went home or at the company. ep16_11

Episode 16

Zhe Ming feels like he should go see wolf dad. Together with Mimi, Zhe Ming went on Wolf Mountain and found wolf dad sick. They took the wolf to a cave where Mimi watched over wolf dad until Zhe Ming returned with medical herbs. Meantime Zizi, who is upset that her parents lied to her, found out that Jiang Ping is actually from a rich family. Feeling disappointed and lied, Zizi left upset.

Jiang Ping go out to look for Zizi. When he found Zizi, Jiang Ping confessed and calmed her.

Jiang Ping:”Zizi, stop hiding from me. I like you!”

In the morning, Zhe Ming wakes up and wolf dad isn’t there. Scared he looks for wolf dad and found him lying unconscious. Zhe Ming falls down crying that he lost wolf dad. But at that moment wolf dad woke up. He wasn’t dead! The medicine herbs Zhe Ming saved wolf dad.

Returned to town, Zhe Ming and Mimi met Jiang Ping and together went to see Zizi. But Zizi is still upset that no one cares about her.


Zhe Ming and Mimi went to Zhe Ming’s house. His mother and grandfather were waiting to him. For days Zhe Ming didn’t come home or went to work because he was busy taking care of Mimi at the hospital. Unfortunately Zhe Ming’s grandfather isn’t willing to accept Zhe Ming marry a sick woman with different background then theirs. No matter how much Zhe Ming tried to convince his grandfather to accept Mimi, the grandfather can’t welcome her. The grandfather is making Zhe Ming chose between Mimi and his family. But Zhe Ming can’t chose between his beloved once. Because of that the grandfather threatened with removing Zhe Ming as his successor. That was an easy choice for Zhe Ming to make. Zhe Ming can live without being his grandfather’s hair, but he can’t live without Mimi.

Zizi is still upset and avoiding Jiang Ping. He follows her to work, to the women’s sauna. He disguised himself in a cleaning lady and entered the women’s sauna to follow Zizi and got caught, which lead him to be beaten up by all the women in the sauna. Later Zizi took care of Jiang Ping’s wounds and he confessed again. Jiang Ping explained Zizi why he didn’t say he was from a rich family.


Zhe Ming kneels before his grandfather in front of his whole family and asks his grandfather once more to accept his marriage with Mimi. Even Shu Pei tried to help Zhe Ming convince the grandfather. But it was of no use. The grandfather is stubborn and wants Zhe Ming to marry a healthy woman that can help Zhe Ming in the future.

Qi Hong, who was present at Zhe Ming’s argument with his grandfather, saw that as an opportunity. He tried to convince Hao Wei to take Zhe Ming’s place and become the company successor. But Hao Wei sees things differently. What is happening to Zhe Ming now also happened to Qi Hong many years ago. When that happened Qi Hong chose to break up with the woman he loved just to not be left without his family’s inheritance.

Mimi met Zhe Ming’s grandfather. Since he can’t get to a conclusion with Zhe Ming, the grandfather decided to meet Mimi. He knows that Mimi isn’t a materialistic girl and he likes Mimi too, but the grandfather can’t let his beloved grandson suffer. If their relationship continues, Zhe Ming will have to watch Mimi get sicker and sicker by the day and that will make him suffer. But Mimi already promised Zhe Ming that no matter what will happen she won’t let go of Zhe Ming’s hand again.

Frankly I’m on the grandfather’s side with that. It’s not Mimi’s fault that she is sick and I can understand that she wants to be happy, but her happiness will mean Zhe Ming’s suffering. He will watch her get sicker and will be more hurt knowing that he won’t be able to help her in any way. Then, if Mimi will die, he will suffer even more. The grandfather knows that and tried to stop it. So…I see Mimi kind selfish now… Also she was all her life sick and she knew that her sickness could get worse so why did she let things between her and Zhe Ming get that far….

Shu Pei sees Mimi looking at a wedding dress and has an idea to make Mimi happy.


Shu Pei called Mimi and asked Mimi to be her model for a shooting. Mimi wore a wedding dress and Shu Pei took her to the wishing three. There Zhe Ming, dressed as a groom, Zizi and Jiang Ping were waiting.

Jogging in the park, Zhe Ming hears the man that caused the accident at his event, few days ago, asking Qi Hong for money. Hearing that Qi Hong was behind that incident, Zhe Ming realized that all that happened in his life was caused by Qi Hong. He realized that his uncle abandoned him of Wolf Mountains as a child, he realized that his uncle was also behind the incident in which Zhe Ming was accused of hurting people without no reason. Zhe Ming can’t forgive his uncle ever.

Zhe Ming can’t wait until he and Mimi are married. He picks up Mimi in the morning and went to register their marriage. But unfortunately before they could do so, a driver drove his car straight into Zhe Ming…

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2 Responses to “Prince Of Wolf” ep 16 ~ Jiang Ping:”Zizi, stop hiding from me. I like you!”

  1. Scarlett Onward says:

    I was really liking these recaps until you said that Mimi was selfish for being with Zhe Ming. There have been lots of ways that I have disliked Mimi throughout this show, but her agreeing to stick by Zhe Ming and not do the noble idiot thing of breaking up is definitely not one of them. It’s so irritating in shows when someone is sick and they use that as an excuse to break things off with someone. 99% of the time, the person is an adult and they are dating an adult. Adults are able to make decisions of what they can and cannot handle, and Mimi telling Zhe Ming he wouldn’t be able to handle her getting sick and dying would be ridiculous. Zhe Ming can make that decision for himself. I respect a sick person so much more, if they are willing to lay everything on the line, tell their partner what is going on and ask, without judgement, what that person wants to do. Everyone deserves love, even someone dying.

    • lemonmirae says:

      Thanks for reading my recaps and everyone is entitled to an opinion.
      I didn’t say that Mimi is selfish that she didn’t broke up with Zhe Ming because she was sick. I said that I understand the grandfather’s position. He doesn’t want his grandson to suffer. And while watching Mimi suffering, fighting her illness, being admitted to the hospital or even dying, it could hurt Zhe Ming more that it hurts Mimi. He loves her, but he can’t do anything to help her, to heal her, to make Mimi happy and healthy. Sometimes when a beloved one is sick, the once around suffer knowing that they can’t do anything to help.
      Also you are right, Zhe Ming is an adult and can make his own decisions. BUT Zhe Ming didn’t knew from the beginning that Mimi was sick…he found out ONLY after he fell in love with her and Mimi was in the final stage. She could’ve told him earlier and let him decide if he stays by her side or not.
      Still it was an honorable decision from Zhe Ming to remain by Mimi’s side no matter what. 🙂
      Should I understand that you like this drama?

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