“Prince Of Wolf” ep 17 ~Mimi:”I will definitely be fine!”


Qi Hong asked someone to hurt Zhe Ming, but Hao Wei was hurt instead. Seeing his son fighting between life and death because of him, Qi Hong decided to change his life. He revealed everything he did and started a new life. Hearing what Qi Hong has done, Zhe Ming’s grandfather feels guilty. Since the grandfather doesn’t want to do the same mistake again, he accepted Zhe Ming and Mimi’s marriage.ep17_1

Episode 17

Zhe Ming picked up Mimi early in the morning and together went to register their marriage. After he parked the car, Zhe Ming called his uncle. He decided to forgive Qi Hong for everything Qi Hong did to him. From now on Zhe Ming wants to forget the past and start a new life, in which he wants Qi Hong too. Listening to Zhe Ming, Qi Hong realized that he was wrong and tried to call the man he ordered to hurt Zhe Ming. Unfortunately that man wasn’t answering the phone.

Shu Pei and Hao Wei are the witness at Zhe Ming and Mimi’s wedding. While going to marriage registration office, Hao Wei saw a man, in car, looking at Zhe Ming. He recognized that man. Hao Wei had seen that man talking to Qi Hong.

When Zhe Ming crossed the street, the car rushed towards him. At that moment Hao Wei ran to save Zhe Ming. He pushed Zhe Ming away and the car hurt Hao Wei.

Hao Wei:”You two have to be happy!”

Worried about Zhe Ming, Qi Hong arrived at the scene. He rushed to Shu Pei and asked her if Zhe Ming is alright. Then he sees Zhe Ming and Zhe Ming told Qi Hong that Hao Wei saved him. Qi Hong realized that his son, the same son he is trying hard to protect, is paying for his wrong decisions.


Hao Wei was rushed to the emergency room in critical condition. When Zhe Ming’s mother and grandfather arrived, Shu Pei tried to tell them the truth, that the accident was meant for Zhe Ming and behind it was Qi Hong, but Zhe Ming stopped her. Zhe Ming defended Qi Hong and didn’t let his grandfather know what Qi Hong is capable of. He doesn’t want his grandfather to suffer. But it’s because he hit the truth for so long, Qi Hong continued hurting people and in the end Hao Wei also got hurt.

Hao Wei’s surgery is over. He is in stable condition, but still in critical condition. If Hao Wei is survive, he might not be able to walk ever again.

For a few minutes Hao Wei woke up and asked his father to apologize for Zhe Ming, his grandfather and his aunt for everything Qi Hong did. Later, Qi Hong kneeled before Mandy and his father and apologized. He admitted that he abandoned Zhe Ming, as child, on Wolf Mountain, He admitted that he was behind the accident that brought Hao Wei to the hospital.

Finding out about what Qi Hong did, Zhe Ming’s grandfather blames himself. He considers that if he hadn’t separated Qi Hong and Hao Wei’s mother, then Qi Hong wouldn’t have abandoned Zhe Ming on the mountain and Qi Hong wouldn’t had made all the wrong decision that in the end lead to Hao Wei getting hurt. He doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice so the grandfather allowed Zhe Ming and Mimi to get married.

Zhe Ming’s grandfather:”Mimi, I’m handing our Zhe Ming over to you.”


When Hao Wei got out of the critical state, Qi Hong went to the police station to turn himself in. But Zhe Ming stopped him. Zhe Ming, his grandfather and Mandy don’t want Qi Hong to go to prison. They want him to be by Hao Wei’s side and do his part as a father to Hao Wei.

Zhe Ming accompanied by his grandfather, his mother and Shu Pei went to Mimi’s house for a marriage proposal. The two heads of the families, Zhe Ming’s grandfather and Mimi’s father, talked and agreed to let their children get married.

Days passed and Mimi and Zhe Ming’s wedding came. During the wedding, Shu Pei and Zizi tried to get the brides bouquet, but Jiang Ping was the one that caught it.


After the wedding Zhe Ming and Mimi went on their honeymoon. They’ve spend the honeymoon at the beach. On the first days as married couple, Zhe Ming and Mimi played on the beach and talked about what each of them expects from the other in their married life. But Mimi ruined their happy moment and started talking about the time she will die.

Zhe Ming:”I love you!”

On their wedding night, Mimi had some nosebleed. She hit it form Zhe Ming to not worry him and pretended that everything is alright. After the honeymoon, Mimi’s family accompanied her to the hospital. Mimi has to get hospitalized to be prepared for the bone marrow transplant.

Mimi:”I will definitely be fine!”

Meantime Shu Pei is taking care of Hao Wei in the hospital.

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  1. kelvin says:

    Did mimi died

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