“Swimming Battle” ep 16~Fiona:”Hai Fei, I believe that you won’t let your dead parents feel disappointed.”


There is a party in Hai Fei’s honor, for his birthday. At that party he introduced Yu Die as his future wife. Fiona couldn’t accept that so she introduced everyone her present for Hai Fei. She put Hai Fei in the position to choose between his dead parents and Yu Die. Unfortunately for Fiona, her manipulation didn’t work. Hai Fei choose Yu Die and fired Fiona. But Fiona’s father couldn’t watch his daughter suffer and bought the school. Then he told Hai Fei to marry Fiona if Hai Fei wants to save the school.ep16_12

Episode 16

Yu Die is at Haida Enterprise party. She is really bored and wants to become invisible. Suddenly an old woman approached her. Pretending to need some help, the grandmother asked Yu Die to help her get to a chair. Yu Die was pleased to help the grandmother and even offered to massage the old woman’s legs. While they were enjoying the time spend together, Hai Fei comes by and introduces the old woman to Yu Die. The old woman was Hai Fei’s grandmother!  She likes Yu Die, she likes chatting with Yu Die and invited Yu Die to visit her often.

The Flying Fish swimming team also arrived at the party. That party is exclusive and reporters aren’t allowed in. But one reporter that knows the Flying Fish swimming team managed to fool the teenagers and sneaked in to the party.

At the party, in front of all his friends, Hai Fei officially introduced Yu Die as his girlfriend and invited everyone present at his wedding with Yu Die.

Hai Fei:”She is my girlfriend, He Yu Die!”


Fiona couldn’t stand to see Hai Fei and Yu Die so happy and ruined the party. Pretending to be happy for the couple, Fiona introduced her birthday party in front of everyone. The birthday present was Hai Fei long time dream. Since his parents died in a car accident when he was a child, hurrying to take him to a amusement park, Hai Fei always dreamed of building an ocean park opened 24/7. But the problem is that the park from Hai Fei’s dream is in the same location where the school that the Flying Fish swimming team and Hai Fei worked so hard to protect. Five board members already signed to sell of the school which makes Haida Group the buyer of the school.

Angry, Hai Fei asked Fiona to go out with him. He wants her to explain everything. But the manipulative Fiona plays with Hai Fei’s parent’s memory. She uses Hai Fei’s dead parents to make Hai Fei buy the school and build an ocean park in its place. She is forcing Hai Fei to choose between the promise he made to his dead parents grave and his love for Yu Die.

Fiona:”Hai Fei, I believe that you won’t let your dead parents feel disappointed.”

Because her manipulation didn’t work, Fiona hugged Hai Fei and confessed. Yu Die saw everything, including Hai Fei rejecting Fiona. But Fiona continues and tries to make Yu Die give up on Hai Fei.

Fiona:”I love him! I absolutely won’t let a ridiculous little mermaid like you who came out of nowhere make me give up on my love for him.”

Still Fiona didn’t get her wish. Hai Fei grabbed Yu Die’s hand in front of Fiona. He said that he loves Yu Die and he will protect the things Yu Die wants to protect, like the school. He is sure that his dead parents will understand and approve. Hai Fei knows that for his parents Hai Fei’s happiness is more important than anything. Then Hai Fei fired Fiona and told her that there won’t be a need for them to meet ever again.

Fiona tried hard, in her own way, to get what she wanted and lost everything. Yu Die on the other hand is upset. She feels guilty for not realizing that Fiona liked Hai Fei so much. She feels guilty for being happy with Hai Fei in front of Fiona and making Fiona sad.


Hai Fei decided to buy the school to protect it, but when he went to see one of the board directors he couldn’t. The board director is furious with Hai Fei and the document Hai Fei brought isn’t the same as the one the board director signed with Fiona. Now the board director doesn’t trust Hai Fei and is accusing Hai Fei of falsifying documents.

While Hai Fei and Ah Lou try hard to buy the school and protect it, the Flying Fish swimming team and the Marlins swimming team train together. Hai Fei has asked coach Hei to train the Flying Fish swimming team. So coach Hei is using her Spartan training with both teams. And Yu Die is backing her up.

Even when he is really busy, Hai Fei came by to have breakfast with Yu Die. After breakfast he took her to school. While Hai Fei and Yu Die were riding Yu Die’s bike, Ah Lou followed them with Hai Fei’s car.


Hai Fei and Ah Lou insisted on convincing board director Yao that they honestly want to protect the school after buying it. But Fiona’s father got involved after seeing that his daughter is suffering. He knows that director Yao has a daughter who needs a transplant. Fiona’s father offered to get director’s Yao’s daughter the transplant she needs if director Yao gives him the land on which the school is build.

Hai Fei:”Calm will arrive after the storm.”

Fiona’s father called Hai Fei to his house. He showed Hai Fei the documents that he bought the school and threatened Hai Fei with destroying the school. If Hai Fei wants to protect the school, he has to marry Fiona.

Fiona’s father:”I give you what you want, you give me what I want.”

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