“Behind Your Smile”ep 1 ~ Yi Ting:”You still think you haven’t degraded yourself enough yet?”


Zhao Yi Tang lost his father because of Lin Man and decided to take revenge of her. When Lin Man disappeared, her daughter Lei Xin Yu returned home to surprise her mother. Arrived home, Xin Yu found out that her mother left because of numerous charges against her. Left without nothing, Xin Yu has to found a way to survive while everyone wants her to pay for her mother’s mistakes. Since he met Xin Yu, Yi Tang creates all kinds of troubles for Xin Yu and always appears there to help her. However Yi Tang end up falling in love with the naïve, gentle and kind Yi Tang.


Marcus Chang     as     Zhao Yi Tang

Eugenie Liu        as     Lei Xin Yu

Sean Lee             as     Zhong Qian Ren

Hongshi              as     Tang Qian Ni

Esther Yang       as      Jian Xiao Yue


Episode 1

Lei Xin Yu returns home on a rainy day. She comes out of the taxi and sees some strangers at her door. She gets closer and helps an old woman get some money. Suddenly the men there surrounded her angry. They beat Xin Yu because she is Lin Man’s daughter. After beating Xin Yu, those strangers checked her luggage for money. At that moment the old lady advised Xin Yu to run away before the men return to beat her to death. She runs! A man who was watching the whole scene from his car, appeared in her way. That man is Yi Ting!

Xin Yu gets in Yi Ting’s car and hides there from the men that were chasing her. Yi Ting helped her get away. But when they’ve arrived in the middle of nowhere, up on a mountain, Yi Ting let Xin Yu get out of his car and let her there. She doesn’t know where she is, she doesn’t have any money or her phone. Suddenly a car stops and a man comes out of that car. That man sees Xin Yu dirty, hurt, scared and walking barefooted. He gives Xin Yu his shirt, his shoes and all the money he has in his wallet.

Qian Ren:” When you have problems, you have to learn how to ask for help.”


Xin Yu can’t rely on anyone. She is all alone! A stranger approached her introducing himself as Xin Yu’s classmate in high school. He took Xin Yu to his company, he gave her a dress, forced her to put her stamp on a document and then planed to make Xin Yu a prostitute. But Xin Yu refused. She hit him and run away.

On her way out, Xin Yu got behind a man and asked him to help her. That man was Yi Ting! He looks at her disgusted and pushes her away. Yi Ting turns around and leaves without looking back.

Xin Yu was taken back to the office. Her former classmate was abusing her when Yi Ting came in. He couldn’t let her there and came to save her. Yi Ting fought that man and dragged Xin Yu away. But he is so furious that he insulted Xin Yu.

Yi Ting:”You still think you haven’t degraded yourself enough yet?”

Hurt Xin Yu runs away from Yi Ting. While walking she sees a woman being bullied for doing her job. Xin Yu can’t take it and intervened. She takes of one of her high heels and starts hitting the bully. But he fought back.


The stranger woman that Xin Yu defended took Xin Yu to a restaurant and fed her. Impressed by what Xin Yu said that happened to her in just two days, the young woman took Xin Yu to her house. They can live together.

The next morning, after breakfast Xiao Yue accompanied Xin Yu to a restaurant nearby for an interview. Since they will live together, they need to share the costs and for that Xin Yu needs a job. She is well educated, but still agrees to work as a waiter.

The owner of the restaurant is Qian Ni, another former schoolmate of Xin Yu. Now Qian Ni is also Yi Ting’s fiancé. Pretending to be nice and wanting to help Xin Yu,Qian Ni uses every opportunity to insult and torture Xin Yu. Even at the interview Qian Ni used her mean side to hurt Xin Yu, but Yi Ting was also there. He helped Xin Yu and that made Qian Ni angrier.

The manager at the restaurant is on Qian Ni’s side so he also tortures Xin Yu. During the interview Xin Yu had to serve Qian Ni and Yi Ting. The dishes were ready for Xin Yu to bring at the table. But no one told her how, they let her burn herself with the hot plates. While serving Qian Ni and Yi Ting, Xin Yu spilled the glass. She hurried to clean everything up and apologize. But Yi Ting told her to not apologize and to return what belong to him, his engagement ring.

The day Yi Ting helped Xin Yu run away from the people that were beating her, he put his engagement ring in Xin Yu’s pocket. Later at his engagement party Yi Ting told Qian Ni that he lost the engagement ring. Now when they’ve met again, Yi Ting asked for his engagement ring in front of Qian Ni. Seeing that and hearing that Xin Yu was in her fiancés car, Qian Ni got angrier with Xin Yu. Of course Yi Ting couldn’t let things like that and continued to be nice with Xin Yu. He is using Qian Ni’s insecurity and inferiority to make Qian Ni torture Xin Yu.

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