“Behind Your Smile”ep 2 ~Yi Ting:”Feelings…are not important at all.”


Xin Yu is followed by a dog and coincidentally Yi Ting shows up. He always appears when she needs it and helps her. Later, Xin Yu went to pay the rent and discovered that Xiao Yue’s landlord is Yi Ting. Because Yi Ting has to learn waltz, Xin Yu offered to help. Unfortunately during the dance lesson, Qian Ni showed up. The next day Xin Yu was taken to the police station by the prosecutor in charge of Lin Man’s case.ep2_1

Episode 2

The morning came and Xin Yu’s clothes aren’t dry. Xiao Yue gave Xin Yu some of her clothes and even her phone so that Xin Yu can send a mail to her mother. But before Xin Yu could sing out of her e-mail account, Xiao Yue dragged her out to buy milk. While going to the store, Xiao Yue saw someone and dragged Xin Yu to hide. When the two girls were hiding, a dog got close to Xin Yu. Scared of the dog, Xin Yu ran away, chased by the dog. She stopped from running when she bumped into a man. The man in which arms Xin Yu stopped was Yi Ting.

Yi Ting:” If you flutter your eyes at me like that again, I’ll take is as a flirt. “

Xin Yu:”I really want to thank you for coincidentally appearing whenever I’m in trouble and helping me.”

Later Xin Yu went to work. She wants to help because everyone is busy, but the manager threw her out of the kitchen. Xin Yu goes to the restaurant and reads the menu, trying to memorize it. Qian Ni came and called the manager. They are trying to give Xin Yu a hard time again. The manager told Xin Yu to take care of an order and told her the order fast so Xin Yu could not memorize. But Xin Yu didn’t ask him to repeat. She went to the kitchen and placed the order. The manager is surprised that Xin Yu memorized everything he told her.


Qian Ni looks at Xin Yu working hard when Yi Ting comes in. He completely ignores Qian Ni and gives a present to Xin Yu. Furious, Qian Ni drags Xin Yu out. She removes her engagement ring and throws it into the trash. Then Qian Ni puts Xin Yu to search for it. Needing money to help Xiao Yue to pay the rent, Xin Yu got on her knees and searched for the ring in the trash.

Qian Ni:”You are the one who stole my ring. You are now responsible for finding my ring.”

Yi Ting planed for Qian Ni to torture Xin Yu, but even he is upset by what Xin Yu has to do. Still he continues with his plan. Yi Ting puts the manager to look into the trash for Qian Ni’s ring. Then he gives Xin Yu the present he got her, a skirt…and he did everything in front of Qian Ni.

Back at the house, Xin Yu finds out that Xiao Yue’s dream is to become an actress. There is an audition soon, but Xiao Yue doesn’t have anything to wear. To help Xiao Yue, Xin Yu got an idea. The two girls sneaked into Xin Yu’s old house to get some of Xin Yu’s clothes. Xiao Yue can wear some of that at her audition. They took a lot of Xin Yu’s clothes with them.

The next day, Xin Yu goes out with some of the clothes she took from her former house. Out of nowhere a car stopped next to her. Yi Ting and his driver offered to give Xin Yu a lift. She accepted!  On the way, Yi Ting talked about his life. He had lost everything once and didn’t have anyone to help him. But someone thought him how to survive on his own. Yi Ting offers to help Xin Yu if she ever needs it.

Yi Ting:”If your confidence is shaken, you can come look for me.”

Xin Yu accepted Yi Ting’s offer and asked to exchange their phone numbers. But Xin Yun doesn’t have a phone anymore so Yi Ting offered to buy her one. Innocent Xin Yu trusts Yi Ting and considers her friend so she accepts his help.


With the money from selling her clothes, Xin Yu went to pay the rent.  She arrived at a hotel nearby and went inside. Surprised, Xin Yu found the landlord, Zhao Yi Ting, talking with his toy robot.

Yi Ting:”Feelings…are not important at all.”

When she took out the money from her bag, Xin Yu spilled wine on her dress, on the table and on the money. Yi Ting borrowed her some clothes to wear and after she changed Xin Yu washed the money.

Before leaving, Xin Yu wanted to help Yi Ting with something. He has to learn waltz and she knows how to dance. Xin Yu teaches Yi Ting how to dance waltz. During the dance lesson, Yi Ting is attracted to Xin Yu. But Qian Ni comes at the wrong moment. Seeing Xin Yu at Yi Ting’s house, wearing Yi Ting’s clothes, Qian Ni got furious.

Yi Ting:”In your eyes, do I look like I’m helping her?”

Xin Yu is adapted to her work. But since things are too good to be true something happened. The prosecutor in charge of Lin Man’s case appeared and arrested Xin Yu. When they were dragging Xin Yu out, Yi Ting arrived.

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