“Behind Your Smile”ep 3 ~Yi Ting:”Why didn’t you call me? I was waiting for your call!”


Xin Yu was taken to the police station because of Qian Ni. All night Yi Ting waited for Xin Yu to call him and ask for help. But the phone call never came! So he went to help Xin Yu without her asking him. Yi Ting bailed Xin Yu out of jail and offered her a new job. Unfortunately Qian Ni found out and Xin Yu didn’t want to create more troubles for Yi Ting and Xiao Yue so she decided to leave.ep3_11

Episode 3

Xin Yu was taken to the police station. During the interrogation, Xin Yu asked the prosecutor to give her a lawyer because she doesn’t know anything about her mother business or transactions. The prosecutor refused and he is harassing Xin Yu.

Xin Yu is taken to a sell. Another woman is brought in. She was arrested as a scapegoat for something her boyfriend did. When Xin Yu was hitting bottom rock, Qian Ni appeared to aliment the fire. Qian Ni is the one that reported Xin Yu. Because of her Xin Yu is in that cell and now Qian Ni wants Xin Yu to kneel before her and beg for Qian Ni to help her. Qian Ni humiliates Xin Yu and then expects Xin Yu to beg for help. But Xin Yu realized what Qian Ni was doing and refused to beg.

Qian Ni:”As long as you beg me, I will bail you out.”

Xin Yu:”I won’t beg you.”

Since Xin Yu didn’t do as she wanted, Qian Ni continued to insult Xin Yu. The woman that was in the same cell as Xin Yu couldn’t take Qian Ni’s behavior anymore and jumped to help Xin Yu. Meantime Yi Ting was looking at his phone, waiting for Xin Yu to call him and ask for help. But Xin Yu’s call for help never came.

Yi Ting:”Lei Xin Yu, you really don’t plan on begging me?”

That night in the cell, Xin Yu’s cellmate put her jacket on Xin Yu to keep Xin Yu warm. In the morning Xin Yu sees the jacket on her shoulders and her cellmate being called.


Early in the morning, Yi Ting came at the police station with a lawyer and got Xin Yu out. Before leaving, Xin Yu asked Yi Ting to help her cellmate that was only arrested for taking the blame on behalf of her boyfriend.

Leaving the police station, Yi Ting gets upset and scolds Xin Yu for not calling him for help. During their discussion, when he heard Xin Yu calling him her hope, her sun, Yi Ting was about to tell Xin Yu his hidden motives for helping her.

Yi Ting:”Why didn’t you call me? I was waiting for your call!”

Xin Yu:”Every time I lose hope you show up. I think you are like my sun.”

Xin Yu needs a job and Yi Ting was kind enough to give it to her. He took Xin Yu to a farm near the town, in the same place where he abandoned her the day they’ve met. Yi Ting leaves Xin Yu wait for him while he goes to search for someone. But Xin Yu can’t stay put. She walks around the farm and sees the animal pen open. When she tried to close it an alarm started to ring and Qian Ren, whom everyone call Xiao Mao, and the veterinary came running thinking that it’s a thief. Xiao Mao run to Xin Yu and grabbed her hand. At that moment Xin Yu tripped and hurt her ankle. Since it was difficult for Xin Yu to walk, Xiao Mao carried her inside. But inside they realized that Xin Yu is Lin Man’s daughter.


Everyone hates Lin Man at the farm and finding out that Xin Yu is Lin Man’s daughter, they hate her too. Xiao Mao dragged Yi Ting out. He doesn’t want Yi Ting to bring Lin Man’s daughter to the farm, but Xiao Mao has no other way out. Yi Ting threatened Xiao Mao with not investing in the farm if Xiao Mao won’t let Xin Yu come there. Something happened to the farm because of Lin Man and Yi Ting wants Xin Yu to go to the farm and suffer.

Xiao Mao:”I don’t want anything you used.”

Leaving the farm, Yi Ting brought Xin Yu home. He helped her walk, since she hurt her ankle. He brought her a chair, put her leg there and took care of her hurt ankle. Then he told her to take care of her for a while and then return to work. Qian Ni was there and got furious. She found out that Yi Ting bailed Xin Yu out of jail and came to Xin Yu’s house. She made fun of the house and she was there when Yi Ting and Xin Yu arrived. Seeing Yi Ting so nice to Xin Yu, Qian Ni got jealous and started a fight. But Yi Ting ignored her.

Qian Ni:”The nicer you are to her, the meaner I’ll be.”

Furious that Yi Ting ignored her in front of Xin Yu, Qian Ni took it out on Xin Yu. She threatened Xin Yu and Xiao Yue with telling everyone that suffered because of Lin Man that Xin Yu lives there. All those angry people will come there and hurt both Xin Yu and Xiao Yue.

Realizing how many problems she can create for Xiao Yue, Xin Yu decided to return Xiao Yue’s kindness. In the morning, Xin Yu prepared Xiao Yue’s breakfast and encouraged Xiao Yue, who was having an audition that day.

Xin Yu:”It’s time for me to do something for you.”

Later Xin Yu accompanied Xiao Yue to her audition. While Xiao Yue was in the middle of the audition, the other people waiting for their turn recognized Xin Yu. They approached her, they took pictures of Xin Yu and started harassing her. Xiao Yue couldn’t stay put and defended her friend, at the cost of ruining her audition.

Feeling quilt that Xiao Yue had to give up her dream to defend her, Xin Yu decided to leave. In a moment that Xiao Yue wasn’t paying attention, Xin Yu disappeared. She went to see Yi Ting. But while Xin Yu and Yi Ting where talking Xiao Yue arrived. To not let Xin Yu know that Xiao Yue is there, Yi Ting told Xiao Yue to wait for him on the rooftop.

Xiao Yue and Yi Ting know each other well. She was actually helping Yi Ting create trouble for Xin Yu. The day Xin Yu was followed by the dog and ended up in Yi Ting’s arms was everything planed by Yi Ting. He had asked Xiao Yue to spry something that will attract the dog on the clothes that Xiao Yue borrowed Xin Yue. But now Xiao Yue wants to quit. She can’t spy on Xin Yu anymore. Xin Yu’s naïve way of not guarding herself has made Xiao Yue feel guilty for hurting Xin Yu.

Hearing that Xiao Yue won’t help him anymore, he threatens her. But he shocked to find out that Xin Yu decided to leave.

Yi Ting:”Lei Xin Yu said she’s going to leave?”

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