“Swimming Battle” ep 17~Hai Fei:”Goodbye, 533!”


There is a lot of pressure put on Hai Fei from all parts. Fiona’s father threatens Hai Fei with demolishing the school if he doesn’t marry Fiona. On the other site Yu Die puts pressure on Hai Fei always talking about the school she tries to defend. In order to protect what Yu Die wants to make her happy, Hai Fei broke up with Yu Die and brought back to his life Fiona.ep17_11

Episode 17

Yu Die found out that Fiona’s father’s company has bought the school. She calls Hai Fei, but he didn’t answer. Hai Fei was in a meeting with Fiona’s father, who was threatening Hai Fei with destroying the school if Hai Fei won’t marry Fiona.

Worried about the school, Yu Die goes to Hai Fei. Yu Die is kind selfish, now that I think about it. She only think about the school, the swimming team, but she never thought that Hai Fei must have some hard times. It was necessary for Fiona to tell her that Haida enterprise had problems for Yu Die to realize that Hai Fei had something troubling him. And now, once again, Yu Die thinks about her worries, her problems, without noticing that Hai Fei has problems.

They went to eat, but here too Yu Die can’t stop talking about the school being sold. As if it wasn’t enough for Hai Fei to be threatened by Fiona’s father, now he receives more pressure from Yu Die.

After dinner Hai Fei wants to have a date with Yu Die. He wants to go see a movie, look at the scenery, take a walk around with her. But Yu Die doesn’t realize what his doing. Hai Fei has decided something, he knows what he has to do. Yu Die, agitate because of the school, doesn’t realize that Hai Fei is worried and blames him for being so clam when the school is about to be destroyed.

From the restaurant Hai Fei took Yu Die to a shop and bought several pillows for her so sleep comfortable. After shopping Hai Fei insists that Yu Die spends some time with him, but she refuses. She has to go home and think about putting the students to write letter to Fiona’s father. Yu Die thinks that those letters could warm up Fiona’s father’s heart and not destroy their school. Because Hai Fei insisted, Yu Die accepted to stay a while more with him. They went to a spa and each got a massage. Yu Die fell asleep during the massage and Hai Fei watched her sleep.

Hai Fei:”Goodbye, 533!”

Letting Yu Die sleep there, Hai Fei left. On his way out he called Fiona’s father and accepted to marry Fiona in order to protect the school.


Hai Fei went to look for Fiona and asked her to return to work for his company.  Fiona returned to work and Hai Fei prepared a small party for her at the company. While everyone was eating, Yu Die showed up.

Hai Fei took Yu Die out and coldly told her that between them there aren’t other talking subjects than the school and the swimming team. Then Hai Fei broke up with Yu Die. He suffers way too much, but he’s satisfied that he could save the school and leave that happiness to Yu Die.

Hai Fei:”Fiona is the one who can help me in my future. The woman I need is Fiona, not He Yu Die. We’ll go back to our own positions.”

The other selfish person near Hai Fei is Fiona. She is extremely happy that Hai Fei accepted her back to his side and that Hai Fei broke up with Yu Die. Now Fiona can dream of having Hai Fei’s love again. Later that day, Fiona found out that he father bought the school to threaten Hai Fei. At first her self esteem was hurt, but in the end she agreed with her father. Who cares how she got Hai Fei as long as she has him. As if Hai Fei was an object that can be possessed. And even if Hai Fei marries Fiona, won’t Fiona and her father regret their decision. After the marriage won’t just Hai Fei be the one to suffer. Fiona will want more, will expect more, will want a normal relationship with Hai Fei, but he won’t be able to make her happy.


Ah Lou can’t let things like they are. He has to find a way to reconcile Ah Fei and Yu Die. He went to see Pan Duo La, Xiao Mi, Shan Shan and the members of the swimming team. He told them that Ah Fei has some difficulties that force him keep his distance from Yu Die. Ah Lou made a plan to bring back together Ah Fei and Yu Die and for that he needs everyone’s help.

The swimming team prepared Shan Shan’s mother’s restaurant. They put Hai Fei’s achievements and pictures everywhere. Pan Duo La went to bring Yu Die there. Meantime Ah Lou told Hai Fei that Yu Die’s medical condition worsened and coach He wants to talk to him.

The moment Pan Duo La and Yu Die arrived, Pan Duo La pretended that she forgot to buy something. She let Yu Die enter alone. The teenagers weren’t there either. They had left through the back door when they saw Yu Die coming. Ah Luo also let Hai Fei enter alone in the restaurant.

Being alone, locked inside the restaurant, Yu Die and Ah Fei talked. They broke up and send each other away amicably.

Yu Die:”Ah Fei and I decided to break up amicably. Gao Hai Fei, goodbye!”

Later that day, Ah Fei met Fiona’s father and found out that Fiona’s father had someone following him. Since Ah Fei met Yu Die, Fiona’s father gave Hai Fei two options. First option Fiona’s father demolishes the school as soon as possible. Second option Hai Fei announces immediately his marriage with Fiona. The next day the news about Hai Fei and Fiona getting married appeared in the newspapers.

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