“Behind Your Smile”ep 4 ~Yi Ting:”Love?…Lei Xin Yu is the key!”


Xin Yu said her goodbyes to everyone and prepared to leave. While Yi Ting was looking for her restless, Xiao Mao called to let him know that Xin Yu is at the farm. Yi Ting went there, followed Xin Yu, called her to convince her to return, watched her sleeping and left without letting her know he was there. When Xin Yu returned decided to find out if her mother really is the bad person everyone talks about, Yi Ting was there to console her.ep4_4

Episode 4

Xin Yu left, Yi Ting’s office while he was talking to Xiao Yue on the rooftop. She left a note telling him she will leave because she doesn’t want to create trouble to Yi Ting and Qian Ni. Leaving Yi Ting’s office, Xin Yu stopped by Qian Ni’s restaurant. She apologized for not realizing that Qian Ni is jealous of the way Yi Ting threats her. She said that Qian Ni doesn’t have to spend her time over someone as insignificant as Xin Yu. But Qian Ni wasn’t satisfied with Xin Yu’s apologize, including the promise that Xin Yu will leave Yi Ting’s company and the place she is staying with Xiao Yue. For Qian Ni was more important that Xin Yu kneeled before her, in front of the restaurant’s employees. And Xin Yu did so! Xin Yu swallowed her pride, kneeled and begged Qian Ni to leave Xiao Yue alone.

Leaving the restaurant Xin Yu went to the farm. She has to return what Xiao Mao gave her, his clothes and shoes. There Xin Yu met Xiao Mao’s mother. She was happy that she found, after many years, the farm’s original signboard. The no name farm was originally called “healthy farm”. Xin Yu offered to help Xiao Mao’s mother restore the signboard and make it look like new. But Xiao Mao wasn’t pleased.

Xiao Mao called Yi Ting and told him to come and get Xin Yu away from the farm. Yi Ting had been waiting the whole day to find Xin Yu. His assistant had been looking everywhere for Xin Yu, but couldn’t find her. When Xiao Mao called, Yi Ting hurried to the farm.

Personal thought: Something crossed my mind! What if Lin Man was innocent? What if Lin Man was blamed for something she didn’t do and she is running away until she will find evidence of her innocence? What if the real culprit is Qian Ni’s father? And is Qian Ni’s father is the real culprit …will Xin Yu put Qian Ni through the same torture? Don’t think so. If things were different and Qian Ni would’ve been in Xin Yu’s position I honestly believe that Xin Yu would’ve helped Qian Ni. But Qian Ni feels, knows deep inside, that Xin Yu is superior then her. Because of her inferiority feeling, Qian Ni hates Xin Yu.


Yi Ting arrived at the farm, but he met Xiao Mao’s mother. He tried to run away, but she stopped him. Xiao Mao’s mother got angry and sent him away. She blames Yi Ting for something and doesn’t welcome him to the farm.

Xiao Mao’s mother:”You aren’t welcome here!”

Later Yi Ting watches Xin Yu doing something happily. He is curious to know what’s making Xin Yu so happy, but he wasn’t pleased to see that Xin Yu was actually fixing the farm’s signboard.

Since she didn’t finish the signboard, Xin Yu was allowed to spend the night at a chalet that belongs to the farm. Yi Ting fallows her from behind going there. Then Yi Ting called Xin Yu. He talked to her in order to convince her to not leave. Yi Ting said that Qian Ni will hate Xin Yu no matter what Xin Yu will do or no matter where she will be.

Yi Ting asked Xin Yu if she likes him. If she doesn’t then she doesn’t need to leave just because Qian Ni feels insecure and wants Xin Yu gone. But when Xin Yu said that she doesn’t lake him, Yi Ting was disappointed.

Yi Ting:”Do you like me?”

After Xin Yu fell asleep, Yi Ting entered the chalet and watched Xin Yu sleep.


Back at his house, Yi Ting finds Qian Ni waiting for him. She was supposed to teach him to dance that night. She goes inside Yi Ting’s house and starts talking about Xin Yu. She asked Yi Ting if he didn’t try to stop Xin Yu from leaving. Contrary to what he had done until now, this time Yi Ting didn’t give Qian Ni any reason to torture Xin Yu anymore. Instead he pretended to have let Xin Yu go because he isn’t interested in her.

Later Qian Ni continued and told Yi Ting that Xin Yu kneeled before her for Xiao Yue. He was surprised! Yi Ting changed! He doesn’t understand what’s going on with him. There is a battle inside Yi Ting. All day, after Xiao Yue told him that Xin Yu left, Yi Ting was agitated. He only calmed down after he found Xin Yu. But thinking about his reaction, it wasn’t just that day that Yi Ting was agitated because of Xin Yu. Since the day they’ve first met, Yi Ting did everything he could to protect her, even if he fooled himself that he has the plan to destroy her. He was always restless when something could happen to Xin Yu and found any way possible to be there and protect her.

Yi Ting:”I easily become restless because of her. My life does not need emotions. Love?…Lei Xin Yu is the key!”

The next morning, Yi Ting went to Xiao Yue and forced her to go to the farm and bring Xin Yu back. Meantime Xin Yu is waiting for Xiao Mao. When they’ve met she returned the clothes and shoes he borrowed her. She thanked him for helping her when she needed the most. But when their discussion lead to the signboard and the name “healthy farm” Xiao Mao got angry.

When Xiao Mao went to get the car to take Xin Yu to the bus station, Xiao Mao’s mother came. She saw Xin Yu, but didn’t recognize her. Thinking that Xin Yu is a thief, Xiao Mao’s mother starts beating her. But Xiao Mao came and defended Xin Yu.


On the way to the bus station, Xiao Mao told Xin Yu that his mother has some memory problems because of a trauma. Xiao Mao’s mother had a trauma when she lost the farm…because of Xin Yu’s mother. Before reaching the bus station, Xin Yu sees Xiao Yue. She had arrived at the farm to get Xin Yu.

While waiting for the bus, Xiao Yue scolded Xin Yu for leaving when she doesn’t have a place to go. She advised Xin Yu to face the problems, not run away from them because problems will find her anywhere she will be. Something similar Yi Ting told Xin Yu at the phone the night before.

Back at the house, Xin Yu and Xiao Yue search only for “Healthy Farm” and found out that the farm was ruined after a poisonous milk incident. The Healthy Farm was recommended by Lin Man to a coffee shop. They signed a large contract, but then the incident happened and the farm was ruined. Since then Xiao Mao uses the name “No name farm”.

The next day Xin Yu went to the coffee shop to find out more. After what she found out, Xin Yu is tented to believe that her mother might not be a good person. On her way out, Xin Yu meet Yi Ting. He consoles her, but when Yi Ting held Xin Yu’s hand, she pulled her hand away.

Yi Ting:”Hurting yourself won’t change reality.”

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