“Goblin” ep 10 ~Kim Shin:” You’re 300 years old! You’re still growing!”


The grim reaper saw Sunny’s previous life and realized that Sunny was the woman in Kim Shin’s drawing. He asks Kim Shin about his life and how he died. Unfortunately soon Sunny broke up with the grim reaper. Because the grim reaper is depressed, Kim Shin and Eun Tak tried to help his reconcile with Sunny. ep10_1

Episode 10

Sunny touched the grim reaper’s hand. Because of that the grim reaper was able to see Sunny’s previous life. Sunny, in her previous life, was the queen of Goryeo, Kim Sun, the woman in Kim Shin’s painting, general Kim Shin’s sister.

Sunny:”Are you alright? You already pale face just went whiter. Are you a grim reaper?”

Since the moment he heard Sunny’s name, Kim Shin can’t stop staring at her. Both Eun Tak and Sunny realized that and ask him about it. He answer Sunny’s question when she asked him why he keeps looking at her. Then Kim Shin wanted to know if Sunny didn’t see him before and why since the first second they’ve seen each other Sunny called him “brother”.

Kim Shin:”You have the same name as someone I know.”

Grim reaper:”Is Sunny the reincarnation of Kim Shin’s sister? Are the two women’s history related to my erased memories?”

Later at the house, Eun Tak makes a jealousy crisis. Kim Shin has asked her the same questions about Sunny as Wang Yeo. Their discussion ended up to Eun Tak’s wishes from their first meeting, a part time job, for her aunt to be punished and a boyfriend. Upset and jealous, Eun Tak mentioned that Kim Shin didn’t grand her last wish and she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Hearing that, Kim Shin got angry.

Kim Shin:” Should I break that Tae Hee guy’s legs and show you whether I’m your boyfriend or not? Should I break something for you to realize that your boyfriend is a short tempered goblin?”

Back to his room, Kim Shin looks at his sister’s painting.


The grim reaper met Sunny and took back the ring he gave her, the ring that belonged to Kim Shin’s sister. Since he saw Sunny’s previous life, the grim reaper seems distracted.

At the house Kim Shin starts talking about his sister and his life. He wants to know if his sister was reincarnated, if she is healthy, if she is happy, if she is loved. Then they continue talking about Kim Shin’s life. He was a general in Goryeo era and served the king.

Kim Shin:”I died by the sword of the man I served.”

Kim Shin starts talking about the time he was alive. The king died and the his woman was sent off from the palace, then she died of an illness. The king young child remained at the palace. No one was on that child side, except his tutor and teacher, Park Joong Won. But after the child met Park Joong Won strange things began happening to him. Soon the child’s older brother, who was the king, also died of a illness. The child found later that all his family members that died of a hereditary illness were actually poisoned. When the king passed, after all the princes have also died, he gave one last order to general Kim Shin. The only prince remained alive was the child, Yeo. The king asked Kim Shin to marry Yeo to his sister and protect him. Kim Shin received the order to guide Yeo on the right path and protect him from those who wanted to kill him.

The king:”Watch after him without letting him know he is being watched over.”

Park Joong Won killed everyone entitled to the crown and made young Yeo king. That was the only way Park Joong Won could rule the country.

Park Joong Won:”I will place this world at the feet of my king, and that king at my feet.”

When the young king came of age, the late king’s last words shattered Park Joong Won’s plane. The late king trusted Kim Shin, he thought of him a friend and a loyal subject. So the time came for the young king Yeo to marry general Kim Shin’s sister, Kim Sun.

The young king liked his young wife, but that was dangerous to Park Joon Won so he did everything he could to not lose the king’s trust. Park Joong Won raised the king in a manner that the king will trust him and do anything Park Joong Won wanted.  When he believed that his position was in danger, Park Joong Won made the king kill everyone that weren’t on his side. The king even ordered general Kim Shin to die in war, but Kim Shin returned victorious.

King:”Notify me of your death and shall I notify you of my sorrow. It’s my royal decree!”

The young queen knew what kind of person was Park Joong Won and what kind of bad influence was on her husband and tried to protect the king. When she couldn’t, she asked the king to let Kim Shin protect him and send away Park Joong Won. But everything resulted in the queen and Kim Shin’s dying.


Kim Shin:”You and I are a package now.”

There is a ghost that used to follow Eun Tak around and they’ve become close. Because she finished high school and won’t be able to see her ghost friend, Eun Tak promised to go see the ghosts grave. Arrived at the grave, Eun Tak realized that her ghost friend was her mother’s friend. The ghost stick by Eun Tak’s side and protected the insurance money Eun Tak’s mother left behind.

Since Eun Tak is still a minor, she can get the insurance money without her legal guardian. Eun Tak’s legal guardian is he aunt and the aunt won’t give Eun Tak the money. So Kim Shin asked his lawyer to handle everything and Eun Tak could have the money her mother left her.

The grim reaper is going on a date with Sunny. When he leaves the house, Kim Shin advised him to wear comfortable shoes because there will be a long walk home. Actually Kim Shin had seen that day’s date in Sunny’s future the first time he saw Sunny. During that date Sunny will break up with the grim reaper.

The grim reaper arrived happy at his date. When he met Sunny, he wanted to hold her hand, but Sunny refused. Sunny wants to know whose hand she is holding. She wants to know the grim reaper’s real name, she wants to know how he knew her name before holding his name. Unfortunately the grim reaper can’t answer her questions. He can’t tell Sunny that he is a grim reaper so Sunny dumped him.

Kim Shin is on a date with Eun Tak. Since its new years, Eun Tak is considered an adult so she can drink alcohol. While they were drinking the thief that Kim Shin stopped from causing the bus accident came. The thief brought his gang to beat up Kim Shin. But Kim Shin was a general, a warrior that fought wars so a small thief gang is nothing for him.

Kim Shin:”Our battlefield is outside.”


It’s a new year so Eun Tak woke up early to prepare breakfast for the goblin and the grim reaper. She needed some green onion and needed the two men to go buy it. She couldn’t tell them directly to go buy it so she talked about the time they’ve came together to save her. She said that they both looked like models at that time. A small compliment like that made the goblin and grim reaper offer to go buy green onion on their own.

During breakfast, the grim reaper tells Kim Shin and Eun Tak that he and Sunny broke up.

Kim Shin:”These are growing pains. You’re 300 years old. You’re still growing!”

Since Wang Yeo is depressed, Eun Tak and Kim Shin made a plan to bring the grim reaper and Sunny together. For the first time the grim reaper dressed in white and Sunny was dressed in yellow which made Kim Shin calling them a fried egg. The date was ruined and the grim reaper and Sunny didn’t reconcile

Grim reaper:”My concept for today was an angel.”

Kim Shin is sitting sad and drinking. One of his loved ones will die soon, chairman Yu. While drinking together, the grim reaper told Kim Shin that he saw Sunny’s previous live and Sunny is the reincarnation of his sister.

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