“Goblin” ep 9 ~Kim Shin:”I must die for her to live. If I live, she will die.”


When she found out that she was born to end Kim Shin’s endless life, Eun Tak left the house. Worried about Eun Tak, Kim Shin did everything he could to find her, including asking the grim reaper to put Eun Tak’s name on the missing souls lists. That way one of them can find Eun Tak and save her. Said and done! The grim reaper received a card with Eun Tak’s name on it and told Kim Shin how to save her. After he saved Eun Tak, the goblin confessed and convinced Eun Tak to return home. She got her job back at Sunny’s restaurant where the goblin, Eun Tak, the grim reaper and Sunny had a double date. That day , Kim Shin was shocked to find out that Sunny’s name is Kim Sun. Also that day Sunny touched the grim reaper’s hand and he saw her previous life, as the queen of Goryeo.ep9_1

Episode 9

Eun Tak asked Wang Yeo where Kim Shin will go after she removes the sword. And for the first time since they’ve met, Wang Yeo answered her question. He told Eun Tak that after she will remove the sword, Kim Shin will become ashes and vanish from this world forever. Hearing that her destiny is to end Kim Shin’s life, Eun Tak packed her belongings and left the goblin’s house.

Grim reaper:”Bringing extinction to the eternal life of a goblin , that’s the destiny of the goblin’s bride.”

Eun Tak:”I don’t have a house in this life!”

Kim Shin came home and can’t find Eun Tak. Because her doll and belongings are gone, Kim Shin begins looking for Eun Tak. He went everywhere he could thing that Eun Tak will be. He even asked the ghosts if they’ve saw Eun Tak. But no one knows where she is. When he finally stopped for a moment from his search, the grim reaper told the goblin that Eun Tak knows what will happen after she removes the sword.

Grim reaper:”I’m siding with the missing soul again! I don’t want you to die!”

To find Eun Tak, Kim Shin went to the chicken shop Eun Tak works. But she wasn’t there either. He met Sunny and they’ve argued. Sunny is upset that Eun Tak cried and left because Kim Shin. Since he couldn’t find Eun Tak and knowing that something might happen to her, Kim Shin asked Wang Yeo for help. If Wang Yeo, the grim reaper, reports Eun Tak as a missing soul, they at least will know when Eun Tak will die. If that happens then either Wang Yeo or Kim Shin could go and save her.


With Deok Hwa’s help, Kim Shin found Eun Tak. She is at the ski resort. He went to her and asked her to return home. But Eun Tak doesn’t have a home. All the places she called him where places where people kept her close, some for insurance money and some because she could end his immortal life.

Kim Shin keeps following Eun Tak, trying to convince her to come home. But she is still upset. She has questions and wants answers. Kim Shin opens up and answers her questions. He doesn’t want to die. He wants an excuse, he wants Eun Tak to need him. That way he can continue living…together with Eun Tak.

Eun Tak:”Do you want me to live with you or to die with you?”

While Eun Tak was alone, a strange accident happened at the ski resort. One of the shelves with ski equipments fell on Eun Tak. When the accident happened, Wang Yeo received a card with Eun Tak’s name on it. He feels that something is strange. He never received a card with someone name’s on it so fast. He went to Kim Shin and asked what’s going on. He feels that Eun Tak’s accident strange, as if someone wants her dead.

Kim Shin:”I must die for her to live. If I live, she will die.”

On the card is also written the cause and hour of death. Kim Shin still has an hour to save Eun Tak. While Kim Shin was looking desperate for Eun Tak, she was lying unconscious on the ground. Unconscious she called for Kim Shin and he heard her.

Eun Tak:”I need you! I love you!”


Discharged from the hospital Eun Tak calls Kim Shin. She tells him that she can’t see his sword anymore so she won’t be able to remove it.

Since he took a small part of Sunny’s memory, Wang Yeo avoids her. He doesn’t contact her and he only comes to see her wearing his heat that makes him invisible. Because of that Sunny went to see a shaman that told her the man she is seeing is a grim reaper. Back at her store, Sunny keeps thinking about Wang Yeo and texts him. He was in front of her, wearing his heat so she could see him.

The moment Kim Shin and Eun Tak returned home, Wang Yeo took Kim Shin with him. He has a lot of work to do and wants Kim Shin to help him write.

Wang Yeo:”You have to come with me.”

Because Eun Tak entered the university, she received a digital camera from Deok Hwa’s grandfather.  Both Eun Tak and Deok Hwa fight over the digital camera for a little while, then they take pictures.


Wang Yeo and Sunny are on a date when Kim Shin walked Eun Tak to work. Kim Shin couldn’t stop himself from going in. He sits at the table Wang Yeo and Sunny were. Both Eun Tak and Wang Yeo try had to make Kim Shin leave. But he doesn’t.

Kim Shin and Sunny have a childish way and provoking themselves and they look alike. They annoy each other the same way. But later when the grim reaper called Sunny by her real name, Kim Sun, the goblin was shocked. Sunny was also shocked! She doesn’t remember when she told the grim reaper her real name. She takes him out to talk. Wang Yeo tries to avoid answering Sunny’s questions, but when he turned around Sunny grabbed his hand. The moment Sunny touched his hand, the grim reaper saw Sunny’s previous life. In her previous life Sunny was the queen of Goryeo and Kim Shin’s sister.

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