“Behind Your Smile”ep 5 ~Xiao Yue:”Now Lei Xin Yu is completely under your control.”


Xin Yu went at the farm and hurt herself. Letter, when she was reporting to Yi Ting what happened to the farm, Yi Ting saw that Xin Yu is hurt and helped her put some band aid. Then they went for a walk. During that walk Xin Yu found out what kind a man Yi Ting is. On their way back, Xin Yu tried hard to make Yi Ting laugh and she was victorious. Unfortunately the next day Xin Yu had an accident that could’ve killed Xin Yu, but Yi Ting protected her with his own body.ep5_1

Episode 5

Xin Yu decided to return to work at Yi Ting’s company. She will find out what happened with her mother and if her mother really hurt all those people. If she mother was really a bad person Xin Yu wants to repay everyone her mother hurt. When she told her plans to her friend, Xiao Yue tried hard to convince Xin Yu t stay away from Yi Ting. But Xin Yu already trusts Yi Ting way too much. Later Xiao Yue made a fake mail account for Xin Yu so Yi Ting now receives all Xin Yu’s e-mails.

Xiao Yue:”Now Lei Xin Yu is completely under your control.”

The next morning, Xin Yu went to the farm. She sees a teenager boy carrying heavy forage. While she was helping the boy, Xiao Mao and Yu Nan came running calling that boy a thief. Wanting to help, Xin Yu runs after the thief too. She tries to help Xiao Mao and Yu Nan catch the thief, but he got away.

Later Xin Yu went to report Yi Ting what happened to the farm. While waiting for Yi Ting, Xin Yu realized that she got herself dirty while trying to catch the thief. She goes to the washroom to clean herself. When she was cleaning herself, Xin Yu sees blood on the shirt and sees that she scratched her neck.

Looking for a band aid in her bag, Xin Yu dropped her phone. Getting her phone from the floor, Xin Yu sees a big cockroach and screams. Hearing her scream, Yi Ting rushes to the women washroom. He sees the blood stain and helps Xin Yu put the band aid. They are both embarrassed, but he still helps her.

Yi Ting takes Xin Yu out on a walk. A man sees Yi Ting and drags Yi Ting to his store to collect rent. When Yi Ting was a poor college student, every day at closing time he would come to that store to buy bread. The owner was afraid that the poor student was malnourished and gave him several types of break for free. Years later, Yi Ting became rich and when he found out the landlord from the building where the patisserie is wanted to increase rent to force the patisserie owner leave, Yi Ting brought the building. Now he is the landlord of the building where the patisserie is and only accepts bread as rent. Hearing that story, Xin Yu is impressed by what a good person Yi Ting is.


Xin Yu and Yi Ting continue with their walk. Xin Yu can’t take her eye off Yi Ting. She keeps thinks how lonely Yi Ting is. He never smiles and doesn’t have any emotions. Xin Yu has an idea of making Yi Ting laugh. She borrowed a street artist place to draw Yi Ting. He sat on the chair and Xin Yu drew him in a funny manner to make him laugh, but it didn’t work.

Leaving the street artist place there is a farting sound. Xin Yu said it was her and embarrassed herself. Yi Ting and everyone gathered around started to laugh. But the sound was actually coming from the street artist’s phone. At that moment Yi Ting realized that Xin Yu took the blame thinking that he was the one farting.

Xin Yu sees a flower shop and buys some flowers. She thinks that flowers have the power to make people happy so she gave the flowers to Yi Ting.  Arrived home, Yi Ting puts the flowers in a small glass and thinks about Xin Yu. But he soon gets jealous. That day Xin Yu talked about a friend she went traveling with and Yi Ting wonders if that friend isn’t the same one that sent her emails often, Su Zhong Wen. In her emails, Xin Yu tells Zhong Wen everything that happens to her, she shares with him all her feelings.

Yi Ting:”What exactly is his relationship with Lei Xin Yu?”


Xin Yu went back to work at the farm. She washes everything that is dirty. She feeds the calf. She watches Xiao Mao milking the caws. She helps Xiao Mao feed the caws. Seeing her working sincerely, Xiao Mao’s heart got softer.

Yi Ting has to go to an important event with Qian Ni. Before he stops by his father’s grave and remembers a time his father talked about the girl Yi Ting will have to find to be happy. Then Yi Ting finds himself smiling while thinking about Xin Yu. But Yi Ting is way too lost in his revenge to realize the feelings he has for Xin Yu.

Yi Ting:”The feeling of not being able to return home is even more painful.”

Xin Yu helps Xiao Mao move some bags from the truck. While she was in the truck, the little boy thief got in the car and drove away. He doesn’t know how to drive so ended up having an accident, together with Xin Yu.

Before the accident happened, Xin Yu managed to talk to Xiao Yue and told her what was going on. When the conversation disconnected, Xiao Yue called Yi Ting. He was still at his father’s grave, but when he heard that something happened to Xin Yu, he run to her rescue. Yi Ting was the first one to arrive at the accident. He saw the truck overturned and Xin Yu lying down. He rushes to her to see if Xin Yu is alright. But the bags are about to fell on Xin Yu and hurt her even worse than she is. Yi Ting couldn’t let that happen and protected Xin Yu with his own body.

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