“Behind Your Smile”ep 6 ~Xiao Yue:”What kind of conflict his heart is having?”


Yi Ting used his own body to save Xin Yu, but he doesn’t want anyone to know. He is so hurt that even laughing provokes him huge pain. Still Yi Ting offered to help Xin Yu. He brought her some books and spend the night helping her study. Unfortunately Xin Yu believes that Xiao Mao is the one that saved her.ep6_1

Episode 6

Yi Ting was the first to arrive at the accident scene. He made sure that the boy who drove the car was alright. Then he saw Xin Yu. She was lying unconscious on the ground. When he went to check if Xin Yu is alright, the bags in the truck fell on Xin Yu. It was dangerous so Yi Ting protected Xin Yu with his own body. He was hurt, but when he left before Xiao Mao arrived there.

Xiao Mao and Xiao Yue took the boy and Xin Yu to the hospital. While waiting for Xin Yu to wake up, Xiao Yue saw Yi Ting. He was looking to see if Xin Yu is alright, but he didn’t get close. He was looking for far. Xiao Yue went to talk to him, but she couldn’t find him. Suddenly a door opened and Xiao Yue saw Yi Ting inside, getting treated for his injuries.

Going to pay the bill, Xiao Mao sees Yi Ting. He calls him. Yi Ting pretended to not be hurt, to not be in pain while talking to Xiao Mao. For years Xiao Mao waited Yi Ting to return home, but Yi Ting disappointed him always. Yi Ting wants to go back to his family again, but first he wants to make Lin Man pay. When he was young and living with his family, Yi Ting saw his father getting kidnapped by loan sharks. He followed the car in which his father was taken. Suddenly the car stopped and Yi Ting’s father came out. He tried to run away, but he was run over by a car. Yi Ting’s father died in Yi Ting’s arms.

Xiao Mao:”Even if she is Lin Man’s daughter, Lei Xin Yu is innocent.”


Knowing that Yi Ting is hurt, Xiao Yue went to see him. She realized that she’s been mistaken. Yi Ting doesn’t plan to hurt the farm or Xin Yu. His target was always Lin Man. Realizing that Xin Yu wasn’t in Yi Ting’s plan from the start and that Yi Ting needs Xin Yu to trust him, Xiao Yue is curious why Yi Ting doesn’t tell Xin Yu that he is the one that save her. Since Yi Ting denies strongly the idea of Xin Yu knowing that he saved her, Xiao Yue understood that Yi Ting started to like Xin Yu. But Yi Ting isn’t ready to accept his feelings yet.

Xiao Yue:”You are from the farm. It’s not your life that doesn’t need her interference, it’s your heart that doesn’t need it. ”

Xin Yu was discharged from hospital. Since she believes that Xiao Mao is the one that saved her, she wants to help Xiao Mao too. Xin Yu wants to make a good proposal to saw Yi Ting so that Yi Ting would invest money in the farm. For that Xin Yu need some books. She calls Yi Ting and asks permission to go to his office and borrow some of his books. But Yi Ting offered to bring her the books. He is hurt, in pain, but preferred to go to his office, gets the books Xin Yu needs and bring them to her so Xin Yu won’t miss the chance to rest after the accident.

Even laughing is hard for Yi Ting and gives him pain. Still he carried the books Xin Yu needed until Xiao Yue’s rooftop apartment. He was all sweating when he arrived upstairs, but he was more worried about Xin Yu’s condition. But Xin Yu kept talking about her savior, Xiao Mao.

When Yi Ting wanted to leave, Xin Yu asked him about something she didn’t understand from the book. Instead of just answering her question and leave, Yi Ting sat there and explained Xin Yu what she didn’t know the whole night.

Xiao Yue:”He said he wants to keep his distance and yet he wants to be close. What kind of conflict his heart is having?”

In the middle of the night Xin Yu and Yi Ting took a break from studying. At that moment Xin Yu found the time to ask Yi Ting about his relationship with the people at the farm. She doesn’t understand if Yi Ting’s relationship with the people at the farm is good or bad. Yi Ting answered Xin Yu’s question without telling her the connection between him and the people at the farm.

Xiao Yue comes out of her room and sees Xin Yu sleeping. Yi Ting was looking at her and then was getting close to kiss Xin Yu. Xiao Yue stopped him and they’ve started to argue. But Xin Yu woke up and found out that Xiao Yue was only helping her because Xiao Yue was Yi Ting’s spy. Luckily for Xiao Yue everything was only a dream. Xin Yu never found out that Yi Ting put Xiao Yue spy on her.


Yi Ting is at home getting ready for work. He looks at the flowers Xin Yu gave him several days ago and thinks about Xin Yu. When he was in so much pain he couldn’t seem fine, Yi Ting pretended to have fallen asleep. Xin Yu talked to him, thinking that he is asleep. She was consoling him because Xin Yu believes something bad must have happened to Yi Ti that he became so sad and lonely.

When she went at the farm, Xiao Mao introduced Xin Yu as the new team member. To be accepted by everyone there, Xin Yu proposed them to open the farm to the public, as a touristic farm, in order to increase profit and be able to convince Yi Ting to borrow them the money they need. Also Xin Yu offered to help Xiao Mao write a proposal plan that would convince Yi Ting give them the money.

Meantime Yi Ting was working. His assistant had just brought him the most recently information about Lin Man. At that moment Qian Ni came in furious. The day of Xin Yu’s accident, Yi Ting was supposed to accompany Qian Ni to an important event. Yi Ting missed the event and Qian Ni was expecting him to come and beg for forgiveness. But Yi Ting never came. So she showed up at his office, creating a ruckus. Qian Ni was so furious that she ripped and important document Yi Ting had on his desk.

Yi Ting:”You already succeeded in ruining everything. I want to call off the engagement with you.”

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