“Swimming Battle” ep 18~Hai Fei:”You can bear the responsibility of the mistakes you made.”


Fiona is excited! The wedding will be soon and Fiona and her father put more pressure on Hai Fei. But something happened and the help Hai Fei needed came from where he didn’t expect.

Personal thought: Don’t know why, but lately I seem to enjoy more Taiwanese drama than Korean dramas. When I’ve started watching Korean dramas they were a lot better and I could’ve wait for a new episode to come, but lately they just make drama’s engors to feel the time. So maybe that’s way I seem to enjoy more Taiwanese drama. That been said… Swimming battle seemed to have something missing…I don’t know what…The plot is good…but what do asian’s have with first loves? Rarely first love stays forever…

I enjoyed the fact that everything was around the journey of few teenagers to success. They weren’t even friends in the beginning, but they learned to help each other, support each other and lead each other to success. They’ve learned that by working hard one can acquire everything, no matter how hard it is. Those kind of relationships that the teenagers in Flying Fish swimming team managed to build is the type of friendship that will last forever.


Episode 18

The news about Hai Fei and Fiona getting married appeared. Hai Fei suffers, he feels like dying, but there isn’t anything her can do if he wants to save the school. Meantime Fiona is happy. She doesn’t care about other’s feelings as long as she is happy. She is excited thinking about the happy marriage she and Hai Fei will have, even if Hai Fei told her several times that he won’t be able to make her happy because their marriage is a forced marriage. Still Fiona is happy as long as Hai Fei will be her husband.  She even believes that Hai Fei’s grandmother went to Italy to prepare a wedding dress for her as a present. In reality Hai Fei’s grandmother left to not see her grandson become unhappy.

Hai Fei’s grandmother:”I can’t give you my blessings.”

To put more pressure on Hai Fei and make sure that Hai Fei won’t back off, Fiona and her father brought Hai Fei to the school when the swimming team and Yu Die were there. As a farewell present, Hai Fei gave one more training to the Flying Fish swimming team. While they swim, Hai Fei told them one more time what they should do to improve their techniques and swim faster.

Fiona isn’t satisfied with breaking up Hai Fei and Yu Die and forcing Hai Fei to marry her. She even dared to invite Yu Die to the wedding and make Yu Die her bridesmaid. But Yu Die won’t be able to make it. The wedding is set in the same day as the national swimming contest in which Flying Fish swimming team will participate. Hai Fei heard Fiona talking with Yu Die and intervened. He asked Fiona to stop giving Yu Die a hard time since he did as Fiona and her father wanted. Those words sounded strange to Yu Die and she wants to know what Hai Fei meant.

The only one that knows what happened to Hai Fei si Ah Lou. With the teenagers help, Yu Die caught Ah Lou. They’ve tied him up and tickled him, made him drink disgusting drinks just to make him talk.

Ah Lou:”Hai Fei and Fiona’s marriage is an exchange.”


Since Hai Fei is willing to sacrifice himself for them and for the school, Yi Lei, Er Tai, You Yu and An Zhuo can do that too. They went to Yi Lei’s father and begged him to help them and help Hai Fei. Yi Lei’s father accepted, but he has a condition. If the Flying Fish swimming team will get in top 3 at the national swimming contest, then Yi Lei’s father will get Hai Fei free from Fiona and her father.

The day of the wedding and the national swimming contest came. Yi Lei, Er Tai, You Yu and An Zhuo are ready to swim as well as they can to save Hai Fei. He isn’t there with them, but they all remember Hai Fei’s teaching.

Er Tai:”We will definitely make you proud of us.”

Yi Lei:”Coach, please wait a little longer. This time it will be our turn to safeguard you.”

At the wedding Hai Fei wishes he won’t be in his skin. He looks like his soul left his body, but he can’t do anything. He has to get married. In the middle of the wedding, Ah Lou and Yi Lei’s father received the good news. Flying Fish swimming team got second place at the national swimming contest.

The moment he saw that the Flying Fish swimming team scored second place, Yi Lei’s father got up. It was his turn to proceed with the deal he and his son made. Before that day, Yi Lei’s father convinced the other directors to keep the school as a school that specializes in swimming if the Flying Fish swimming team will get in the top 3. Now that they’ve reached their goal, Yi Lei’s father announced the decision he and the other director, with a total of 70% shares, made. The school will remain as a school for the next 50 years and Hai Fei will run it. With the director decision there isn’t any need for Hai Fei to sacrifice himself and marry Fiona.

Hai Fei:”The wedding’s canceled!”

Hai Fei canceled the wedding and is on his way out to meet the swimming team. Fiona grabs his hand and begs him to stay and marry him. But he can’t. Suddenly the police came. Fiona has made some wrong decision and the police came to arrest her.

Hai Fei:”You can bear the responsibility of the mistakes you made.”


For a while Hai Fei returned to coach the swimming team whenever he had time. He and Yu Die dated for a while. But all good time come to an end at some point. Hai Fei wrote Yu Die to a women swimming contest. Until the contest the main coach Gao Hai Fei, the Flying Fish swimming team will train Yu Die.

After training and dieting hard for days, Yu Die got rid of the Flying Fish swimming team who are all busy and went to take a rest. She met Pan Duo La who brought her all the foods and drinks Yu Die was craving, but couldn’t eat until the competition. While she was happy that she fooled the Flying Fish swimming team and car relax, Ah Lou and the Marlins swimming team arrived to train her.

Ah Lang:”Witch Hei said if Flying Fish swimming team has no time to train you, Marlins swimming team has to takeover.”

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