“Behind Your Smile”ep 7 ~Yi Ting:”Did she just say that someone kissed her?”


The workaholic Yi Ting isn’t at the office so Xin Yu gets worried that something might have happened to him. She goes to his house and noticing that Yi Ting has a high fever she offers to make dinner for him while he rests. While she was getting the food ready, Yi Ting fell asleep in an uncomfortable manner. Xin Yu tried to fix Yi Ting’s position, but Yi Ting woke up and kissed her.ep7_1

Episode 7

Xiao Mao and Xin Yu opened the gates farm to visitors. Mothers and children come by. The children get to drink healthy milk, visit the farm and the mothers write down a questionnaire. While looking at the questionnaire Xiao Mao and Xin Yu talk about Yi Ting. Xin Yu told Xiao Mao that Yi Ting doesn’t hate the farm or everyone at the farm. She wants to know the relationship between Yi Ting and the people at the farm, but no one tells her directly. Listening that Yi Ting doesn’t hate the farm, Xiao Mao reminiscent a day from many years ago. He and Yi Ting were running around the farm, believing that the farm can become successful if they key points will be giving healthy milk to children. But those times are long gone now.

Xiao Mao:”We were closer than friends.”

Later Xin Yu goes to look for Yi Ting. She needs his help to do the analysis of the survey form. Since Yi Ting isn’t at work, Xin Yu gets worried. She is afraid that he might be sick and rushes to his house. Meantime Yi Ting isn’t fully recovered after saving Xin Yu. He is still in pain, resting at home.


Xin Yu handed the survey forms to Yi Ting, but instead of making the analysis she keeps talking about Xiao Mao. She hopes that Xiao Mao will be more comfortable around her.  Jealous, Yi Ting gets upset and questions Xin Yu why she cares so much how Xiao Mao treats her.

Yi Ting:”You like him?”

Angry, Yi Ting gets up and goes to the kitchen. He is hungry and wants to eat. His dinner is as usual a cup of instant noodles. Since Yi Ting has a high fever, Xin Yu offered to prepare the instant noodles for him. But while waiting for Xin Yu to prepare the instant noodles, Yi Ting fell asleep. He was sleeping in an uncomfortable way so afraid that Yi Ting’s neck will hurt, Xin Yu helped getting him comfortable. She even puts her jacked under his head for him to sleep more comfortably. Being so close to him, Xin Yu realizes that Yi Ting is quite good looking.

Xin Yu is looking at Yi Ting up close when he opened his eyes. He grabbed Xin Yu’s neck, told her that he hates it when he keeps talking about Xiao Mao and kissed her. Surprised by Yi Ting’s kiss, Xin Yu ran home.

Yi Ting:”Why must you appear in my life? Why must you mess up my pace? I hate it when you keep calling Xiao Mao.”

Arrived home, Xin Yu sees that the drama Xiao Yue was watching, the couple in the drama where kissing, so she turned off the TV and ran to her room. In the morning, Yi Ting woke up and didn’t understand why he was sleeping on the floor. He doesn’t remember that he kissed Xin Yu either.


Xin Yu keeps avoiding Yi Ting. If anyone asks her about him, she runs away. If Yi Ting calls her, Xin Yu doesn’t answer. When they’ve met, Xin Yu keeps acting strange and blushing. But she gets upset when she discovered that Yi Ting doesn’t remember their kiss.

Xin Yu sends Zhong Wen a mail in which she tells him everything that happens to her. What Xin Yu doesn’t know is that the mails she sends to Zhong Wen actually are read by Yi Ting. He reads that Xin Yu is depressed and wants to eat gummy bears so he buys gummy bears for her. While Yi Ting was reading the mail Xin Yu sent Zhong Wen, Xin Yu climbed a tree for the first time in her life. Since she doesn’t know how to get down, Xiao Mao offered to catch her. Xiao Mao found out that Xin Yu blinks her eyes involuntary because she suffers from tourette syndrome so he is really cautious around her, making sure that Xin Yu is always comfortable.

Later Xiao Mao and Xin Yu are having fun taking pictures and making rice rolls with Xiao Mao’s mother. When Xiao Mao’s mother made Xiao Mao his favorite instant noodles rice roll, Xiao Mao forced himself to eat it. His mother keeps insisting that it’s Xiao Mao’s favorite rice roll, but it doesn’t seem like it. Maybe the instant noodles rice rolls is Yi Ting’s favorite rice roll.


Qian Ni comes home drunk. She finds Yi Ting there drinking and talking to her father. Yi Ting has come to tell president Tang that he won’t marry Qian Ni anymore, but their conversation lead to Lin Man. Since she met Yi Ting, Qian Ni wanted to have him, not because she loves him, but because her father cares for Yi Ting more than he cares for her. She struggles to have what her father admires so she could have his attention. But spending so much years pursuing Yi Ting, Qian Ni must have developed some feelings for him.

Qian Ni:”You are in that much of a rush to get rid of me?”

Yi Ting:”Qian ni, your love brings too much pressure. We never had a reason to be together. You never needed me, you need someone who loves you and who will stay by your side.”

Xin Yu has to bring Yi Ting the report for the day. She goes to his office after work hours to be sure that they won’t meet. When she was in his office, Xin Yu hears noise and hides. It was Yi Ting! He saw a shadow, but pretended that he didn’t notice anything. After half an hour passed, Yi Ting turned off the lights and hit. Believing that Yi Ting left, Xin Yu comes out, puts the report on his desk and leaves.

Yi Ting:”Lei Xin Yu? Could she be avoiding me?”

On her way home, Xin Yu fell asleep in the bus and missed her stop. At the bus terminal, the driver woke her up…that was the last bus. Since it’s late at night and it might be dangerous Xiao Yue, who knows that Xin Yu missed her stop, called Yi Ting. Like a knight riding a white horse, Yi Ting rushed to save the damsel in need.


Yi Ting took Xin Yu to his house with the excuse that they have to finish the survey analysis. Back at the “crime scene”, who she calls it, Xin Yu can’t stop thinking about their kiss.

Someone is at the door! Yi Ting opened and it was room service. He ordered some food and …gummy bears. The dinner was actually ordered for Xin Yu. With the food there, Xin Yu tried to leave, letting him have his dinner. But Yi Ting used the same sentence at he used before kissing her the other day…which made Xin Yu more nervous.

Yi Ting:”I’m hungry! I want to eat something.”

After the room service lady left, Yi Ting hears Xin Yu mumbling to herself. Xin Yu is embarrassed to even look at Yi Ting, meantime Yi Ting keeps thinking who kissed Xin Yu.

Yi Ting:”Did she just say that someone kissed her?”

Seeing the gummy bears, Xin Yu gets excited. She starts eating and talking about her childhood. But that didn’t last long. She is there to talk about work. The survey was done nicely and Xin Yu showed Yi Ting the proposals she thought, like turning the farm in a touristic attraction to increase profit. Everything was going well, but Xin Yu kept talking about Xiao Mao.

Looking at Xin Yu, Yi Ting remembered what happened the other night and threw Xin Yu out. Returned home, Xin Yu tells Xiao Yue that Yi Ting kissed her the other day. Earlier Xin Yu saw an antibiotics receipt at Yi Ting’s house and Yi Ting holding his injury so she believes that the kiss was a side effect from the antibiotics.

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