“Goblin” ep 11~Grim reaper:”I am a grim reaper! Should we break up?”


Kim Shin found out that Sunny is the reincarnation of his sister and went to see her. He hugs her, tells her how much he missed her, he brings her everything she used to love on her previous life. Sunny can’t get out of her head the fact that Kim Shin was her brother in her previous life and went to talk to him, find out more, get some proves… But Sunny found out something more shocking than the fact that Kim Shin was her brother in her previous life. She found out that the man she likes is actually a Grim Reaper. And sees things are too good to be true, another problems appeared…the ghost of eunuch Park Joong Won!ep11_1

Episode 11

The grim reaper tells the goblin what he saw when Sunny touched his hand. He saw Sunny on her previous life. She was staying in the middle of a palace, dressed in white, looking noble when suddenly an arrow came towards her. She collapsed while bleeding.  Another thing that the grim reaper saw was the queen in a palanquin talking to someone.

Grim reaper:”Is she really your sister?”

Knowing that Sunny is the reincarnation of his sister, Kim Shin went to see her. The moment he saw Sunny, Kim Shin rushed and hugged her. The grim reaper was there too. He couldn’t let Kim Shin come alone. But Sunny doesn’t understand what is going on.

Kim Shin:”I am your brother! I missed you, Sun!”

Grim reaper:”This person was your brother in your previous life.”

Sunny believes that the grim reaper missed her after their breaking up and made that story up with Kim Shin to see her. Since they continue with their story, Sunny played along and asked them who was she in her previous life.

Kim Shin:”You were the queen of Goryeo. I was a warrior.”

When Eun Tak arrived at work, she saw Sunny throwing out the goblin and the grim reaper. The following days, Kim Shin went to Sunny, bringing her all the thinks she used to like in her previous life.


Wanting to know what happened and why Kim Shin acts that way towards Sunny, Eun Tak asked Deok Hwa. He told Eun Tak that grim reapers can see someone’s previous life if that someone touches a grim reaper’s hand. Because of that Kim Shin found out that Sunny was his sister in her previous life.

Meantime Kim Shin and the grim reaper talk about Sunny. But their discussion didn’t last long because when Kim Shin said something about Sunny’s personality in this life, the grim reaper defended Sunny.

Kim Shin:”How dare a mere grim reaper try to make a move on my sister? You can see her over my dead body. “

Sunny can’t seem for forget the words the goblin and the grim reaper told her about her previous life. She wants to know more so she asked Eun Tak to take her to Kim Shin. She asked for proves if she really was Kim Shin’s sister in her past life. He showed her the queen’s painting. Then she wanted to know more about the queen, how she lived, if she was happy. The queen sacrificed herself for love.

She loved the king, she was always looking at him, defending him, waiting for him. When the king was practicing archery, the queen was looking from behind at him. If the king was ready…the same page for over a hour, the queen knew that something was troubling him. If the king was coming to see her, the queen was running exited to meet him in the middle. But the king avoided her as much as he could. He didn’t go to see her, he was getting angry and ordering her to not take any medicine. The queen thought that the king didn’t like her and that’s why he was so mean to her, but actually the king was protecting her. The king’s eunuch, Park Joong Won, was always threatening the king with killing the queen if the king doesn’t listen to him. Of course no one, beside the king and his eunuch, knew about this matter.

Since Kim Shin was the one that could stop Park Joong Won, he forced the king to send general Kim Shin to his death. But general Kim Shin always returned victorious. Because of that the queen died.

King:”Your brother has returned in triumph again. Between the two of us, who do you wish to be alive? Will you live as my woman or will you die as the traitor’s sister?”


The grim reaper is curious of one thing…who drew the queen’s painting that the goblin holds. He asked Kim Shin and the answer was…the king. Before he died, the king drew the queen he killed…

Eun Tak comes at the chicken store and sees Sunny being sick. Since she left the goblin’s house, Sunny’s chest hurt. She has a high fever so Eun Tak took her home.

Sunny:”My chest keeps hurting. It feels like someone is walking over my heart.”

It’s the last day of high school for Eun Tak. She and her classmates receive their last words form their teacher. Then the parents come in, with flowers, to congratulate their daughters for finishing high school. The only one who is alone is Eun Tak. Suddenly a young, beautiful woman dressed in red comes in. It’s the birth grandmother! She goes straight to Eun Tak, gives Eun Tak a hug, a bouquet of flowers and congratulated her. Then she turned around to the teacher and scolded her for not being a better, kinder teacher.

Birth grandmother:”When I was blessing you mother with you, I was happy.”


Kim Shin came at Eun Tak’s graduation day too. He takes pictures of her. The grim reaper and Sunny also came. With the excuse that they were coming to congratulate Eun Tak, the actually come to see each other.  They went to talk and Sunny keeps insisting to ask hi who he is. And he answers her…half way. He doesn’t remember who he is and he can’t tell Sunny that he is a grim reaper.

Grim reaper:”I don’t know who I am!”

Later, the grim reaper goes to the goblin’s room. Eun Tak’s dead card arrived. She will die soon!

Kim Shin took the name card and went to talk to Eun Tak. He decided to tell her the whole truth. He told her that if she won’t pull out his sword so he will turn to ashes then Eun Tak will die.

Kim Shin:”You will die if you don’t pull out my sword. If you don’t pull out the sword, death will keep coming to you.”

Eun Tak is shocked by the news she just found out. She doesn’t know what to do. First she wanted to die so that Kim Shin could continue living. Then she wanted to pull out the sword than Kim Shin won’t have to continue living and suffering alone. Then she wanted both her and Kim Shin to die so neither of them would suffer.

Eun Tak:”I’ll die! You’ll keep on living so I’ll come and see you when I’m reincarnated.”

Eun Tak calmed down and decided to live her life as usual. She can’t spend all days of her entire life at home. While continuing to live her life, Eun Tak keeps summoning Kim Shin for various reasons…like a broken light on the streets, a handsome man, beautiful clothes or just because she missed him.

Eun Tak:”Even if I were to die tomorrow, I must live today.”


Wearing his heat to be invisible, the grim reaper went to see Sunny. He sits right besides her, but Sunny was holding a peach branch bloomed. She kept thinking about the grim reaper’s height and waived the branch. She hit his head which fell and right before her…he appeared. Since  everything ended up like that, he told her the truth instead of removing her memory.

Grim reaper:”I am a grim reaper! Should we break up?”

One of the ghosts that keeps following Eun Tak was killed by her husband. Eun Tak decided to help her send her husband a message. Eun Tak met the husband and went to talk to him on a building rooftop, even if she knew that on the name card the grim reaper received it was written the Eun Tak will die after falling from a high place. While giving that man the message from his late wife, Eun Tak found out that the husband pushed his wife from the rooftop and killed her.

The husband turned scary and tried to push Eun Tak over the edge. Luckily Eun Tak had a lighter and summoned Kim Shin. He appeared in time to save Eun Tak and punish the murderer. He forced the ghost’s husband to turn himself in to the police and receive punishment for what he did.

The next day Eun Tak met a new ghost. He is someone that confronted a grim reaper and got away from him. The new ghost is the ghost of the eunuch Park Joong Won.

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  1. BaekYeolHana says:

    Goblin is the most interesting drama I have watched in a while 😍 Already waiting for ep 12. Nice recap

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