“Behind Your Smile”ep 8 ~Yi Ting:”I’ m very happy…envious…jealous!”


Yi Ting remembered that he kissed Xin Yu and avoids her. If he can’t avoid her, he just doesn’t look at her or treats her really coldly. But when he heard that Xiao Mao intends to confess his feelings for Xin Yu, Yi Ting couldn’t concentrate at his work. He rushed to the farm, but when he arrived Yi Ting heard Xin Yu confessing to Xiao Mao.ep8_1

Episode 8

Xiao Mao likes Xin Yu and he gets encouraged to confess before someone else. He can’t keep his eyes off Xin Yu and his heart beats faster when he is near her. Later, Xin Yu talks to Xiao Mao about her plans to increase the farm’s profit. She found out about some government funds that Xiao Mao can get.

Xin Yu received a package from America. She looks inside and finds her pillow. Happy, she takes some pictures of herself and sends them with a message to Zhong Wen. But the one that received the photos is Yi Ting. In an earlier message Xin Yu was talking about her pillow in America that reminds her of her mother so Yi Ting made sure Xin Yu would get her pillow.


Xiao Mao drew a card to give Xin Yu when he will confess his feelings. Xin Yu found the card, liked it and proposed to use it for the invitations at the farms Christmas party. The first person Xin Yu gave the card was Yi Ting. He realized that the drawing was made by Xiao Mao the moment he saw it. During his conversation with Xin Yu, Yi Ting didn’t look at her and was cold giving simple answers as “yes” or “no”. He didn’t even want to receive the flower pot Xin Yu gave him as Christmas present, but he had to because Xin Yu told him to keep it or throw it…he can do whatever he want with it. Then she left upset.

Xin Yu:”Why bother ask an ice cube why it’s so cold?”

Yi Ting kept the flower pot from Xin Yu and understood the meaning behind Xiao Mao’s drawing too. He realized that Xiao Mao plans to confess to Xin Yu.

Yi Ting:”I’m not lonely at all! I’ m very happy…envious…jealous!”

Xiao Yue went to see Yi Ting. She is curious why he acts the way he does around Xin Yu if Xin Yu is the daughter of his enemy. He is always there is protect and help Xin Yu. When they are together Yi Ting is relaxed, warm, takes care of her and finds himself smiling a lot. Yi Ting also realized that he changed, he knows what he feels towards Xin Yu so he decided to keep his distance from her.

Xiao Yue insists that Yi Ting has feelings for Xin Yu and that is why he kissed her the other day. But Yi Ting keeps denying it. When their conversation leads to Yi Ting’s father and Lin Man, Yi Ting decided to tell Xiao Yue his story.

Yi Ting:”I’m the real owner of healthy farm.”

Healthy farm was Yi Ting’s parents business. Their dream was to produce fresh milk, to lead a simple family life. Lin Man met Yi Ting’s father and proposed him a business. Healthy farm was supposed to provide fresh milk to the coffees Lin Man was partner at. But Yi Ting’s father, after thinking, declined the offer. He’s farm was too small to be able to provide the necessary milk. Then Lin Man told him that she already spoke to someone in Australia that can provide her with milk powder that she can mix with the fresh milk form healthy farm. That idea was against Yi Ting’s father’s principles so he declined. At that moment Lin Man got on her knees and begged him. Since Yi Ting’s father was a soft hearted man, he ended up accepting. Lin Man told Yi Ting’s father that the concentration of milk powder will be revealed to the consumers, but it wasn’t. When consumers faced poisoning, the farm was blamed for it. No matter how hard Yi Ting’s father tried to explain the situation, including to the Health Ministry, no one listened.

In the end Yi Ting’s father sold the farm to compensate the victims, the consumers that were in the hospital after drinking poisoned milk. The farm was sold at a law price and Lin Man’s buildings are now on the land where Healthy Farm was once. Xiao Mao is Yi Ting’s brother.


While Xiao Yue was talking to Yi Ting, Xin Yu called her. Xin Yu found out that Xiao Mao plans to confess to her and she isn’t prepared to hear his confession. Xiao Yue told Xin Yu to hide from Xiao Mao until she gets there. Yi Ting heard that Xiao Mao wants to confess to Xin Yu…He’s jealousy doesn’t let him concentrate to his work. Worried that if Xiao Mao confesses to Xin Yu, he will lose her, Yi Ting left.

Few days ago Xiao Mao went on a blind date. Now the woman he met came with presents, at the farm. She believed that Xiao Mao is the rich owner of a big farm and came to make sure she won’t lose the chance to marry him. But when Xiao Mao told her that he isn’t rich, that everything she sees are from loans, the lady changed her attitude. Xin Yu heard everything. She heard that woman scolding and insulting Xiao Mao for not being rich. She couldn’t stand Xiao Mao to be insulted so Xin Yu intervened. She said that she likes Xiao Mao and asked him to consider her instead of going to blind dates. Unfortunately Yi Ting arrived at the moment Xin Yu was saying that she likes Xiao Mao.

Xin Yu:”What’s wrong with our cows? What’s wrong with our farm? I’m the one who likes him! ”

Upset, Yi Ting looks away. When Xin Yu saw Yi Ting, she let go of Xiao Mao’s hand.


Yi Ting’s jealousy makes his blood boil, but he can’t say anything. The atmosphere is dense. Shu Fan is on Xiao Mao’s side. He does what he can to make Xiao Mao and Xin Yu get close. But Xiao Yue is also there. And Xiao Yue is on Yi Ting’s team. Xiao Yue wants Yi Ting for Xin Yu.

Xiao Yue finds all kind of excuses to take Xin Yu away from there, like going home and doing laundry. But Shu Fan stops them and makes Xiao Mao serve Xin Yu some food. When Xiao Mao served Xin Yu the plate, Xiao Yue took the plate and gave it to Yi Ting…together with a message.

Xiao Yue:”If it’s yours, it’s yours. If you like it, take it.”

Yun An likes Xiao Mao, but still encourages him to find his happiness. She understood Xiao Yue message to Yi Ting and intervened in Xiao Mao’s favor. She blamed Yi Ting for not being there when the farm closed down, for not being there when Xiao Mao was getting loans to open the new farm, for not being there when they needed him so what right does Yi Ting have to take what he wants.

Yi Ting gets up and leaves. The view of Yi Ting’s back reminds Shu Fan of the man that arrived first at the accident.  Shu Fan and Xiao Mao follow Yi Ting out, but on their way out Xiao Mao’s mother was coming. When she saw Yi Ting, she got furious. She started screaming, telling him to leave that she hates him.

Xiao Mao’s mother:”Leave! I hate you!”

After Yi Ting left, Xiao Mao told Yun An the truth. She always thought that Xiao Mao was the one that gave her the money for the college tuition, but actually the money where from Yi Ting. Xiao Mao couldn’t let Yun An blame, hate and misunderstand Yi Ting so he told her the truth…she was able to go to college thanks to Yi Ting. Also the farm they have at the money, Xiao Mao bought it using Yi Ting’s money.

In the middle of the night Xiao Mao and Da Mao, which is Yi Ting’s nickname, met. Xiao Mao tried to convince Yi Ting give up on his revenge on Lin Man and return home so they could fight Lin Man like a family. There is no need for Yi Ting to blame himself for his father’s death and his mother’s illness. But Yi Ting refuses! It’s his battler and he has to continue it alone.

The next morning Yi Ting kept looking towards Xiao Yue and Xin Yu’s apartment, looking lonely. Xin Yu, who woke up early, kept thinking, worrying, that Yi Ting might have misunderstood that she likes Xiao Mao if Yi Ting heard her confessing to Xiao Mao the other day. When she saw Yi Ting looking sad and lonely she went to console him. She was to embarrassed to go console him at first, but Xiao Yue encouraged her.

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