“Goblin” ep 12~Kim Shin:”Warrior Kim Shin greets you, Your Majesty!”


The grim reaper has suspicions that he might be either the king that killed Kim Shin or Park Joong Won. There is one way to find who he was and that is giving Sunny her memories of her previous life. Meantime the evil ghost of Park Joong Won showed up in front of Eun Tak and Kim Shin and told them that the grim reaper is actually king Yeo.ep12_1

Episode 12

Since he was caught by Sunny, the grim reaper is depressed. He missed her, but he can’t see her. He started to want to get the memory of his own life back. While telling Kim Shin about being caught, Kim Shin instead that since Sunny already knows the truth, than the grim reaper should just hold her hand and see if Kim Shin is in her memories.

Eun Tak is looking for the grim reaper and Kim Shin a notebook in her hands. He takes the notebook and opens it. That notebook was the one in which Eun Tak copied what he had written. She wanted to ask the grim reaper to read it for her… the same letter Deok Hwa had told her was a love letter Kim Shin wrote for his first love. But the words Deok Hwa said where written there, were actually words that Kim Shin thought to himself. He never wrote them anywhere.  The grim reaper reads the letters on the notebook and tells Eun Tak that Deok Hwa lied. Then the grim reaper realized that Deok Hwa knew that he can remove people’s memory without anyone telling Doek Hwa. While talking about that matter, Eun Tak remembers that Deok Hwa was the one that found the maple leaf she lost. Something is strange so the grim reaper and the goblin went to look for Deok Hwa.

Kim Shin:”Who are you? Let’s introduce each other.”

Deok Hwa was the one that brought the grim reaper in the goblin’s house to let them meet…the one with a sword in his chest and the one who put the sword there… Deok Hwa knows things that no one told him, things that they only think about without telling anyone. Deok Hwa was able to find Eun Tak, when no one could. Deok Hwa knows what Kim Shin said right before dying. Deok Hwa knows that the grim reaper decided to remove his own memory. Deok Hwa knows everything because Deok Hwa was possessed by the almighty…

“I never erased your memory. You chose to have your memory erased and yet you think it’s the almighty’s plan or mistake?”


Chairman Yoo has died! Deok Hwa cries his grandfather. All he does is lie in bed, without eating or drinking. The goblin, the grim reaper and Eun Tak are there for him, but they can’t do much.

Days passed and Deok Hwa started to recover and move on. Kim Shin and the grim reaper prepare lunch for Deok Hwa. While cooking Kim Shin saw the king’s face while looking at the grim reaper.

On the company documents that Deok Hwa was looking at, Kim Shin sees the reincarnation of the man who was his right hand during the Goryeo era. He helped that man pass the interview for the company and made sure that he got a new house, a car and the name of the son who will be born soon. That man is curious why he gets more that he deserves…and he received the answer to his question.

“You saved the country in your previous life.”


“Remember that you are sinners!”

The ghost of Park Joon Won came to see Eun Tak again. He tells her that Kim Shin is the one that killed him. Then he tells Eun Tak that king Yeo is the one that put the sword in Kim Shin’s chest, that from king Yeo everything started. Park Joong Won also told Eun Tak who the king is and where he lives now.

Park Joong Won:” King Yeo is living with Kim Shin right now. The nameless grim reaper…he is Wang Yeo! I want their demise.”

Park Joong Won didn’t lose his memory when he died and didn’t move on. He’s been waiting all this time to get his revenge on both general Kim Shin and king Yeo.

The grim reaper came looking to Eun Tak. He needs to talk to someone and Eun Tak is the only one he can talk to. He’s been thinking about his lost memory and began believing that he must be from the same time as Kim Shin and Sunny. Kim Shin, the general who cut off the heads of the enemies, is still alive being punished to live an immortal life. The queen is another sinner form than time, but she was reincarnated as Sunny. Another sinner is the one that led Kim Shin and his sister to their deaths, Park Joong Won. Also the last sinner form that time is the king. After thinking for a long time the grim reaper started believing that he is either Park Joong Won or king Yeo. But regardless of which one he is, Wang Yeo or Park Joong Won, he is Kim Shin’s enemy and he can’t be with Sunny.

Grim reaper:”I am Kim Shin’s enemy.”

Meantime another grim reaper, a woman who Park Joong Won’s ghost manipulated, went to see Sunny. Park Joong Won told her that if she touches Sunny’s hand, she will know what great sin she committed to become a grim reaper.


The grim reaper went to see Sunny and find out who he is.

Grim reaper:”I’m afraid I may be a certain someone. A grim reaper’s kiss brings back your previous life memories.”

The only way to know who he was and what sin he made to become a grim reaper is to bring Sunny’s memory back. A kiss from a grim reaper returns Sunny’s lost memories from her previous life, in which she was the queen and the grim reaper was the king, Wang Yeo.

Queen:”The woman who loves you is the traitor’s sister!”

Sunny knows who she was in her previous life and how hard her life was. The grim reaper also got the answer he was looking for. He is hurt and doesn’t want to hurt Sunny more. He removes Sunny’s sad memories, including her memories with him.

Grim reaper:”That was your previous life. Was I part of your previous life? Forget about me!”

Kim Shin found a new excuse to go see Sunny. But he won’t need excuses to go see her from now on. Sunny remembers him. Kim Shin is one of Sunny’s good memories from her previous life. She apologizes that she didn’t recognized him earlier. She hugs him and thanks him for all the presents her brought her since he found out who she is.

Happy that Sunny remembered him, Kim Shin picked Eun Tak up from school. On their way home Eun Tak told Kim Shin that she met an evil ghost named Park Joong Won.


Kim Shin went to look for the evil ghost and found him. He tried to kill for good the ghost of Park Joong Won, but the goblin’s sword can’t touch Park Joong Won. To continue with his evil plan, Park Joong Won told Kim Shin that the nameless grim reaper that lives with him is the king that gave Kim Shin the sword, Wang Yeo.

Kim Shin:”I will get rid of you right away.”

Park Joong Won:”You will never have your revenge.”

Shocked by the news he just found out, Kim Shin goes to look for the grim reaper. Since he couldn’t find him, Kim Shin went to Sunny and asked her if the grim reaper is Yeo.

Kim Shin:”Even in this life you are protecting that fool.”

Meantime Yeo was at the temple. Kim Shin found him and put his hand into Yeo’s neck.

Grim reaper:”Was I really Wang Yeo?”

Kim Shin:”Warrior Kim Shin greets you, Your Majesty!”

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2 Responses to “Goblin” ep 12~Kim Shin:”Warrior Kim Shin greets you, Your Majesty!”

  1. BaekYeolHana says:

    Daebak! I just watched this now. This episode was intense… I had to pause it and rant when I realized Deok Hwa was possessed by the deity 🙈

    • lemonmirae says:

      Me tooooo 🙈🙈 I always wondered how Deok Hwa knew everything, how he found Eun Tak, but I could never imagined that he was possessed by the deity 🙈🙈 This drama doesn’t disappoint (at least until now :D)

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