“Behind Your Smile”ep 9 ~Yi Ting:” Will our relationship be any different?”


To console Yi Ting, when she saw him depressed and lonely, Xin Yu took him out to breakfast. She tried hard to make him eat. She even tried to feed him. She understands Yi Ting more than his own family does and that’s scares Yi Ting. Later when Xin Yu was about to be kidnapped Yi Ting showed up to protect her. He got her away from her kidnappers and hit his phone to spend more time with Xin Yu. But afraid to let Xin Yu know his true feelings Yi Ting hurt her.ep9_11

Episode 9

Xin Yu wakes up, worried that Yi Ting might have misunderstood when she confessed to Xiao Mao, and sees Yi Ting on the street. He was looking, lonely, at Xin Yu and Xiao Yue’s apartment. Xiao Yue encouraged Xin Yu and Xin Yu went to console Yi Ting. She pretended that she goes to buy breakfast and invited Yi Ting with her. Yi Ting realized that Xiao Yue sent Xin Yu to him and refused the offer, saying that he isn’t in the mood to walk. Xin Yu borrowed a bicycle and took Yi Ting with her.

Yi Ting:” I don’t feel the speed of a powerful horse.”

While being on the bicycle with Xin Yu, Yi Ting remembers the first time he met Xin Yu. It was soon after his father died and he was spending a lot of time at Qian Ni’s father’s construction site. Yi Ting was about to get involved in a small accident when Xin Yu suddenly appeared and pulled him. Then she gave him her napkin to remove all the dirt from his face. Young Yi Ting liked that girl, but when he realized that she was Lin Man’s daughter…he disappeared, throwing away the napkin.

Arrived at the restaurant, Xin Yu ordered food for both of them, but Yi Ting refuses to eat. Both of them are stubborn so Xin Yu does everything she can think of to make Yi Ting eat. She provoked him to play a game and if she will win Yi Ting has to eat. But Yi Ting won! Then she writes down thinks that she will do if Yi Ting will eat. Seeing Xin Yu working so hard for him and how depressed she looked because he didn’t eat, Yi Ting accepted to eat one mouthful for one voucher. Happy Xin Yu wanted to feed Yi Ting.

They can’t stay silent while they eat so Xin Yu starts a conversation. Xin Yu is the one that understands how Yi Ting feels. She realizes that he is depressed because the people at the farm misunderstand him and hate him. Yi Ting is not the type to express himself so people tend to misunderstand him. But Xin Yu understands how he feels without Yi Ting saying anything.

 Xin Yu:”Boos, is it that you don’t like others to see your weak side?”

Since Xin Yu understands his feelings so well, Yi Ting doesn’t know how to react so he ask Xin Yu to  write another voucher…”don’t look at me for 10 minutes”. She closes her eyes and sits there.

Xin Yu:”When the time comes, I’ll continue to look at you.”

Xin Yu stays there with her eyes close and Yi Ting can’t stop looking at her. It’s time to leave and Yi Ting had to pay because Xin Yu didn’t took her wallet when she run to console Yi Ting. Leaving the restaurant, it was Yi Ting’s time to ride the bike while Xin Yu was the passenger. Sitting behind Yi Ting, Xin Yu explained him the reason she confessed to Xiao Mao. It was because the woman Xiao Mao went on a blind date was bullying him. Yi Ting started smiling. He was happy that Xin Yu didn’t confess to Xiao Mao because she liked Xiao Mao. He is so happy that he relaxed and speeds up so Xin Yu could hold him tight…a back hug.


Xin Yu has some money and wants to be a filial daughter to Xiao Mao’s mother. She took Xiao Mao’s mother and Xiao Yue to a salon and made their day. At the salon everyone thought that they were mother and her two daughters. When Xiao Yue and Xin Yu started bickering like sisters over who is older, Xiao Mao’s mother remembers that Xiao Mao and Yi Ting used to to that too. Seeing Xiao Mao’s mother getting upset, Xin Yu changed the subject and started getting pictures of the two of them. Xiao Yue took a picture with Xin Yu and Xiao Mao’s mother being happy and sent it to Yi Ting.

Later a man brought Xin Yu a message and her mother’s earrings. Because Xin Yu took a long time returning, Xiao Yue called her. Hearing that Xin Yu went to meet her mother and worried that Xin Yu might have been fooled by some of her mother’s enemies, Xiao Yue called Yi Ting.

“Xin Yu, mom wants to see you. I’m waiting for you.”


Xin Yu arrived at the meeting place, but instead of her mother two men approached her.  They are armed!  Luckily Yi Ting arrived in time to save Xin Yu. He fought the two men, grabbed Xin Yu’s hand and ran away with her from there. They found a place to hide and Yi Ting held her straight to his chest until the two met left. When they two men left, Yi Ting and Xin Yu come out and run away. They found an abandoned place and hid there.

Xin Yu is worried that her mother might be in danger. Yi Ting holds her hand and consoles her. He tells Xin Yu that if those men tried to kidnap her it means that her mother wasn’t caught yet and they were trying to kidnap Xin Yu to make Lin Man appear.

The night came and weather is getting cold. Xin Yu wants to leave, but Yi Ting doesn’t. To spent more time with Xin Yu, just the two of them, Yi Ting uses the excuse that the two men that tried to kidnap Xin Yu might be close by. Xin Yu thought of calling the police, but she lost her phone. On the other hand Yi Ting has his phone with him, but he turned it off and lied Xin Yu that he left his phone in the car.

Yi Ting:”You idiot, why hide your phone? Will our relationship be any different?”

To try and feel warm, Xin Yu asks Yi Ting to stretch their hands and imagine that there is a fire there. They imagine it… Then the story change. They are in an action movie and Yi Ting is hurt. Xin Yu helps him get into a safe hideout. She puts on a table does CPR on him. But when the imagination was going wild, Yi Ting talked about Xin Yu making her jacket a pillow for him.

Yi Ting:”Why do you always like to fold your jacket into a pillow?”

Hearing him talking about she making her jacket into a pillow, Xin Yu realized that Yi Ting remembers the night he kissed her. Embarrassed Yi Ting pretends that he doesn’t. He regrets saying that, but he isn’t actually good at expressing his feelings. Hurt, Lei Xin Yu starts crying, thinking that Yi Ting doesn’t like her at all.

Yi Ting:”Lei Xin Yu, what are you talking about? Why would I remember those silly things? I apologize! I promise that I won’t let the same mistake happen again.”

Xin Yu:” Do you want him to tell you clearly that, actually, he doesn’t like you at all?”


Xiao Yue is worried about Xin Yu and Yi Ting. They don’t answer their phone so Xiao Yue went to search for them. On the way she met Xiao Mao and took him along. They found Xin Yu and Yi Ting in the abandoned place. When he saw Yi Ting, Xiao Mao remembered Shu Fan saying that Yi Ting was the first one to arrive at the accident. Then Xiao Mao remembers that he thought it was strange than the bags didn’t fell on her. Xiao Mao realized that Yi Ting saved Xin Yu and Yi Ting was hurt.

After taking the girls home, Xiao Mao went to see Yi Ting. He asked Yi Ting what Yi Ting feels for Xin Yu.

Xiao Mao:”Think carefully about what Lei Xin Yu means to you. Every time Lei Xin Yu has a problem, you’re always the first to be there for her. You protect Lei Xin Yu just like dad quietly protected mom. Maybe Lei Xin Yu is the one who can change you.”

Knowing that Yi Ting likes Xin Yu, Xiao Mao decided to give up on her. He tells Xin Yu that he likes girls like her and asked Xin Yu to introduce him some of her friends that look like her.

Xiao Mao:”I like girls like you!”

Later that day Xin Yu and Xiao Mao went o present their business proposal to Yi Ting. After they finished their presentation, they had also a video with messages from the people at the farm…including Yi Ting and Xiao Mao’s mother.

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