“Goblin” ep 13~Kim Shin:”I will come as the rain! I will come as the first snow. I love you!”


Kim Shin found out that the grim reaper, living with him, is Wang Yeo. He can’t live with Wang Yeo anymore so Kim Shin takes Eun Tak and moves out. Meantime Wang Yeo was punished for using his grim reaper power’s for personal reasons and his memory was restored. Days later Kim Shin and Wang Yeo had to fight Park Joong Hun, who now has  the power to posses Eun Tak. Park Joong Hun possessed Eun Tak and tried to remove Kim Shin’s sword. The moment Kim Shin sword was removed, the sword changed it’s color from blue to red…Kim Shin died!ep13_1

Episode 13

Finding out that the grim reaper is Wang Yeo, Kim Shin went after him. He found the grim reaper at the temple. He got closer and put his hand into the grim reaper’s neck. Over 900 years, Kim Shin couldn’t forget how his soldiers, who couldn’t be killed by their enemies, his young sister and his innocent relatives and servants were murdered by a royal decree. Kim Shin remembered everything day by day, but Wang Yeo doesn’t remember anything.

Kim Shin:”I had you close to me, but I didn’t recognize you. You were Wang Yeo!”

Grim reaper:” Am I Wang Yeo?”

Upset Kim Shin returned home, picked up Eun Tak and both left the house. For a while Kim Shin will stay with Deok Hwa and Eun Tak with Sunny.

The evil ghost, Park Joong Hun, came to Sunny. He looks at her and wants to kill her in this life too, but Wang Yeo appeared. Park Joong Hun’s evil ghost is the one that made the driver hit Eun Tak’s mother before Eun Tak was born, he is the one that made the thief create the bus accident that Kim Shin stopped, he was the one that was telling the husband that killed his wife to push Eun Tak over the edge of the rooftop few days ago. But every time Kim Shin was there to save Eun Tak.

Park Joong Hun:”You were Kim Sun after all. You will die in my hands in this life as well.”

Wang Yeo:”Missing soul, you and I have met before. You are a demon!”

Wang Yeo tried to get the evil ghost’s name and kill him for good, but he couldn’t. The evil ghost is way too powerful.

Meantime Kim Shin stays in the house, drinking and thinking about all the moments he and Wang Yeo spend together. He thinks about the moment he tried hard to make the grim reaper laugh when the grim reaper was depressed. He remembers how they’ve drunk together, how they’ve cooked together, how the grim reaper worked hard to not let him die.


Wang Yeo went to see Eun Tak. He asked her to return the ring to Sunny and find an excuse because Sunny might not remember him since he removed her sad memories. But Eun Tak believes that Sunny still remembers Wang Yeo…even in her saddest moments the queen felt happy to see the king. Also Wang Yeo asked Eun Tak to draw him the sword in Kim Shin’s chest. While looking at that drawing, Wang Yeo was called at the tea house. The grim reapers internal audit team came.

The internal audit team came to Wang Yeo because they’ve confirmed that, while working as a grim reaper, he used his powers for personal reasons. He erased a human’s memory, he disclosed the List of Names, he didn’t take appropriate measures when his identity was revealed, he showed the previous life to a human, etc.  Since Wang Yeo agreed with his accusations, he did everything he was accused of, the audit team had to take disciplinary measurements.

The grim reapers are souls that had great sins in their lives and after being tormented for more than 200 years, they decide to remove their own memories. The punishment that Wang Yeo received was to confront his sins. Wang Yeo’s memory was restored!

Wang Yeo remembered his time with Park Joong Hun and the way Park Joong Hun tortured him. When Wang Yeo started to fight back and Park Joong Hun started to lose his influence over the king, he ordered to a servant to bring the king some decoction and reduce the king’s meals. In reality those decoctions were poison…and Wang Yeo knew it. Still, Wang Yeo drank the decoction.

He murdered his wife because she was considered the sister of a traitor, but the years he lived without her, Wang Yeo couldn’t forget her. He spent his days remembering his queen.

Wang Yeo:”To whom should I give this royal garment to? On whose finger should I put this beautiful ring on?”

While walking on the streets with his death queen’s garment and ring, Wang Yeo met the birth grandmother.

 Birth grandmother:” That beautiful ring, give it to me! It will come to good use someday in the future.”

Back to the palace, Wang Yeo couldn’t wait anymore. He told the servant that he know what’s in the decoction and asked her to bring him more…so he could die that night. The greatest sin that made Wang Yeo a grim reaper was the fact that he committed suicide.

Grim reaper:”I was Wang Yeo! I killed all those people! I killed myself!”


After getting back his memory, Wang Yeo went to Kim Shin. But Kim Shin is upset with him. He is upset that Wang Yeo couldn’t protect, the queen, the servants, the people and committed suicide. Kim Shin would’ve wanted Wang Yeo to life and die by his sword. At least then Kim Shin would’ve been a traitor as he was accused of being. Kim Shin knows that the queen realized that when Park Joong Hun said that Kim Shin should die, the next name would’ve been Kim Sun. So she decided to die as the traitor sister in order to protect the king. She didn’t want to become Wang Yeo’s weakness so she decided to end her life.

Wang Yeo asked Kim Shin to kill him, but Kim Shin refused.

Wang Yeo:”I gave you that sword! I killed you! I was Wang Yeo! I want you to kill me.”

Eun Tak and Sunny were at the chicken shop talking. Suddenly Eun Tak stops. She stares outside. She gets up, jumps in front of Sunny and asks Sunny to bring her a lighter. Then Eun Tak looks at Park Joong Hun and tells him to leave and don’t try to hurt Sunny. But Park Joong Hun wanted to hurt Sunny. Eun Tak covered Sunny and her scar stopped Park Joong Hun.

Eun Tak and Sunny went home. Sunny got inside, but Eun Tak remained out. She called Kim Shin. The moment he appeared, Eun Tak run to his arms. She told him that Park Joong Hun appeared and wanted to hurt Sunny. Kim Shin calmed Eun Tak and told her that someone else will protect Sunny.

Kim Shin:”We were given a question. The grim reaper and I have to find the answer. “


Now that he knows who the evil spirit is, Wang Yeo completed the missing soul form. But the internal audit team suspended him so Wang Yeo gave the papers to another grim reaper. He told the other grim reaper that the evil soul died 900 years ago and since then he managed to survive on human’s dark emotions. The other grim reaper gave Wang Yeo a name card he received. He took over Wang Yeo’s work and received Ji Eun Tak’s name card. Eun Tak will die in a week.

After he received Eun Tak’s name card, Wang Yeo hurried to tell Kim Shin. But Kim Shin also had a something to tell Wang Yeo…to protect Sunny.

Kim Shin:”Park Joong Hun is bothering my sister. Protect her, like she has protected you!”

Before separating Wang Yeo wants to know something…what Kim Shin wanted to tell him that Kim Shin walked towards him even knowing that he will die. And finally, after 900 years old, Kim Shin is able to tell him. That day Kim Shin wanted to relay Wang Yeo a message the late king, Wang Yeo’s half brother, said before dying. The late king wanted Wang Yeo to know that he loved Wang Yeo and he protected Wang Yeo by ignoring it. The late king knew what kind of man Park Joong Hun was. Also Kim Shin wanted to tell Wang Yeo that not just former king loved him, but also Kim Shin and Kim Sun loved Yeo. They all protected Yeo and died. The day he was murdered, Kim Shin expected Wang Yeo to give him the order to kill Park Joong Hun.

Kim Shin:”We all loved you!”

For the following days Wang Yeo followed Sunny. One day she stops and talks to him. She revealed that she never forgot him because all the sad and hard moments she spend with Wang Yeo gave her happiness.

Sunny:”Let’s really break up this time.”


Kim Shin and Eun Tak went on a trip. They are staying at a traditional house. They cook for themselves, they took pictures, they read together, they spend every second together having fun. Unfortunately Eun Tak didn’t realize that those happy moments were Kim Shin’s last present for her.

Days later Kim Shin went after Park Joong Hun. He had asked Eun Tak to wait for him on a rooftop and then left after Park Joong Hun. But Park Joong Hun went after Eun Tak. He had waited all this years for Eun Tak’s mark to disappear so he could use her to remove Kim Shin’s sword. Now Eun Tak’s mark is gone. Every time she was in danger, Eun Tak’s mark disappeared little by little.  With her mark gone, Eun Tak can’t see Park Joong Hun anymore. He got closer to her and put his hand into Eun Tak’s neck. He is about to kill her when Eun Tak gathered her last straight and summoned Kim Shin.

When Kim Shin appeared Eun Tak tried to use his sword to kill herself. She realized that Park Joong Hun intends to posses her and remove Kim Shin’s sword. But before she could stab herself, Kim Shin got his sword away from her and Park Joong Hun possessed Eun Tak.

Park Joong Hun:”You kept looking behind and now you will die by my hand.”

Park Joong Hun possessed Eun Tak and touched Kim Shin sword. At that moment Wang Yeo appeared and called the name of the evil spirit. Wang Yeo called Park Joong Hun’s name tree times and Park Joong Hun had to respond the command of the grim reaper.

Wang Yeo:”Park Joong Hun, answer to my call, deceased soul.”

The moment Park Joong Hun’s spirit left Eun Tak’s body, Kim Shin touched Eun Tak’s hand and removed his sword. When the sword was removed the color of the sword changed from blue to red. After removing his own sword, Kim Shin killed Park Joong Hun once again.

Park Joong Hun:”I won’t perish in vain. I took your life once again.”

After killing Park Joong Hun, Kim Shin who has lived for more than 900 years old has also turned to ashes.

Kim Shin:”I can finally notify you of my brave death. I will come as the rain! I will come as the first snow. I love you!”

Eun Tak:”I love you!”


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