“Goblin” ep 14~Eun Tak:”Someone please save me!


Kim Shin turned to ashes and was erased from the memory off all people that met him. But he didn’t want to move on. He decided to remain between the worlds, between life and death. He decided to become rain, wind, first snowfall. Meantime time passed for Eun Tak. She grew and became a producer like she always dreamed of. Even if she doesn’t remember Kim Shin, Eun Tak cries and feels her heart breaking every time it rains. She also feels like she forgotten about someone important.ep14_1

Episode 14

Kim Shin removed his sword to kill the evil spirit Park Joong Hun. Then he turned to ashes and vanished forever. All the people that met the goblin Kim Shin forgot about him too. Realizing that she is forgetting about Kim Shin, Eun Tak writed down on her notebook the way Kim Shin looks, his name, the fact that he will come as rain and as snowfall, the fact that she was his bride and she told herself that she has to remember him.

Almighty :“You have been erased from the memories of all who knew you. That is for the sake of their peace and it is my grace.  Your punishment is over! You can forget everything and sleep.”

Kim Shin:”I wish to remain here. I’ll remain here and become rain. I will become the wind. I will become the first snowfall.”

Nine years passed and Eun Tak became the producer she always dreamed of becoming. She has forgotten about Kim Shin, but she cries on rainy days. Since she is 29 nine now, Eun Tak started to see the grim reaper too. He follows her, but they don’t remember each other anymore.  She remembers having met the grim reaper when she was 9 years old, but she isn’t sure that it’s him.

Eun Tak doesn’t understand what is with her. She feels great pain every time it’s raining or snowing. She feels that she has forgotten someone important, but doesn’t know whom. She light a candle on her birthday cake and asked for someone to help her remember. Kim Shin, who was stuck between life and death for all those years heard her.

Eun Tak:”Whom I have forgotten? Someone please save me!”

When Eun Tak blew the candle, Kim Shin appeared next to her. Kim Shin rushed to hug her and both started crying.  But Eun Tak doesn’t remember him. Eun Tak believes that Kim Shin is an actor and sends him coldly to the place where dramas are filmed.

Later Kim Shin went to see Deok Hwan, but Deok Hwa doesn’t remember him either. Since he said he was Deok Hwa’s uncle, Deok Hwa can’t stop thinking about the stranger that appeared before him. He remembers that he had an uncle that only he and his grandfather knew about.


Another person that Kim Shin goes to see but doesn’t remember him is Sunny. He just looks at her, without getting closer. The only one who can still remember Kim Shin is the grim reaper, Wang Yeo.

Wang Yeo:”I’m glad you’re back.”

Because he can’t forget the stranger who calling himself his uncle, Deok Hwa went to talk to Wang Yeo. There he met the stranger again. The house belongs to Wang Yeo now, but he let Kim Shin stay there too. They are back to the old days when the goblin and the grim reaper were living together, happily.

The following days Kim Shin goes to see Eun Tak, but he doesn’t talk to her. He just looks at her and his heart ache because she doesn’t remember him. Later, while she was at a coffee shop, Eun Tak blew a candle and Kim Shin appeared in front of her. Since he didn’t have time to get his coat when Eun Tak blew the candle, Kim Shin didn’t have money to pay for his drink. Eun Tak had to pay for it. So now Kim Shin has a reason to keep seeing Eun Tak…his debt that needs to be repaid.


Several days Kim Shin borrowed money from Wang Yeo, but he can’t do that anymore. The only think he can do now is go to look for secretary Kim. Nine years ago when chairman Yu died, he left secretary Kim a letter in which he was telling secretary Kim that if a man, named Kim Shin, will come to get his belonging, secretary Kim has to give it to him. The man Kim Shin will come with the rain and leave with a blue flame that is the way secretary Kim will recognize Kim Shin.

Kim Shin:”I am water and fire, light and darkness. To you, I am Yu Shin Jae. To you, I am Kim Shin.”

Eun Tak has to find a company that sponsors her program or she will be fired. Luckily for her she met Kim Shin who offered to help. He gave the documents to secretary Kim, who is the president of Kim Shin’s company, and asked him to sign the documents and sponsorship Eun Tak’s program.

After the getting the sponsorship, Eun Tak and her coworkers are getting ready for their next program. The story is to help their listeners get in contact with their forgotten loves. Eun Tak has someone she is looking for too, someone named Kim Shin. She knows that name from the notebook she wrote in the night Kim Shin turned to ashes. But she can’t remember who he is.


A letter came for Eun Tak at a building Deok Hwa owns. He gave the letter to his uncles and offered to deliver it to Eun Tak. But Kim Shin asked Wang Yeo to deliver the letter. It can be Wang Yeo’s excuse to meet Sunny again after nine years.

For several days Wang Yeo visited Sunny’s shop to give her Eun Tak’s letter. Unfortunately Sunny wasn’t there in any day. Wang Yeo gave up after few days and gave the letter to Sunny’s part timer.

Eun Tak received the letter. It was a letter she sent from Canada on her last trip there with Kim Shin, nine years ago. It was a letter she had sent to her dead mother. Reading the letter Eun Tak starts wondering if the man she mentioned in the letter isn’t the same Kim Shin she wrote herself that she must remember. At that moment Kim Shin called and introduced himself as Yu Shin Jae. He asked her on a date and Eun Tak accepted happily.

Kim Shin:”I decided to date you.”

For the first time in her life, Eun Tak got a passport, a plane ticket and went overseas. She went to Canada to the hotel from where the letter was send. In Canada she met Kim Shin.

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