“Goblin” ep 15~“A match made in Heaven”


Eun Tak and Kim Shin are walking around Quebec. Being on the same place she was before made Eun Tak recover her memories. She remembered her love for Kim Shin and returned together, as a couple, to Korea. There Kim Shin proposed to Eun Tak. Meantime Sunny found a way to meet Wang Yeo and say goodbye to him forever.ep15_1

Episode 15

“A match made in Heaven”

Eun Tak is walking on the streets of Canada when the ghost of a young man passes by and tells her “you again”. She doesn’t understand the meaning and tries to talk to that man, but he disappeared. While looking for that ghost, Eun Tak meets the woman who made the necklace she is wearing. She made that necklace with the design Kim Shin asked her too and it means  “a match made in Heaven”.  Continuing walking Eun Tak met Kim Shin.

Eun Tak and Kim Shin continue walking around Quebec, spending time together. Kim Shin talks about his first love whom he visited Canada four times. Without knowing that he was talking about her, Eun Tak gets jealous.

Eun Tak:”Did we meet somewhere before?”

Kim Shin:”Do you like me?”

At Kim Shin’s sudden question, Eun Tak confessed that she likes him. Then they went to have dinner at the restaurant they used to go years ago. There Kim Shin realized that he was the man he saw in Eun Tak’s future years ago. He continues talking about his first love to make Eun Tak jealous and then he asks her to meeting each other even when they return to Korea.

Back to Korea, Sunny checked the surveillance camera to see who delivered the letter for Eun Tak. She liked the man she saw on the footage and went to see Deok Hwa. As soon as she met Deok Hwa, Sunny asked Deok Hwa about Wang Yeo’s phone number. She got the number and called Wang Yeo who was shocked to see Sunny’s name when his phone ringed.


Preparing for her date with Kim Shin, Eun Tak looks around a magazine to find a place to visit. She sees there the park where Kim Shin’s loved ones are buried. She has flashbacks from her past and decided to go visit those graves. On one of the graves Eun Tak sees Kim Shin’s picture.

When Kim Shin came before her, Eun Tak got angry. She asked him if he is a ghost, if he is the Kim Shin she wrote about, she asks him why she can’t remember that they came there ten years ago. Eun Tak can’t understand why she can’t remember him if they’ve met. She doesn’t understand why she wrote that she is his bride…she has a lot of questions. But Kim Shin denies being him and leaves.

Eun Tak:”You are Kim Shin, right?”

Meantime Wang Yeo and Sunny met. She wanted to meet him, see his face and thank him for delivering Eun Tak’s letter.  But in reality Sunny wanted to see him. She still remembers who he is, the grim reaper who was her husband in her previous life.

Sunny:”I missed you!”

The night Kim Shin turned to ashes, Sunny met a little boy Eun Tak was helping every time he was bullied by older boys. Because it was raining heavily, Sunny took the boy inside and gave him something warm to drink. While talking to the boy, Sunny showed that she was angry with the almighty for removing her memory, then letting her remember. She suffered a lot and she wants to decide what happens to her memories. What Sunny didn’t know was that inside that little boy was the almighty. So after listening to her anger, he let her remember everything. She remembers Eun Tak, Kim Shin and Wang Yeo, but pretended she didn’t. When Eun Tak moved in the apartment next to her, Sunny got close to Eun Tak again. When she saw Kim Shin, the other day, she was shocked.


Eun Tak walks around the streets of Quebec, holding a maple leaf when suddenly she remembers her forgotten memories. She runs to Kim Shin and on her way she sees a candle. She blows that candle so Kim Shin would appear. He appeared, hugged her and kissed her.

Eun Tak:”I missed you!”

Returned to Korea, Eun Tak goes to Kim Shin’s house to see Wang Yeo. She is 29 years old and she is meeting the grim reaper again…before the perfect number.

Wang Yeo:”You’ve met me at the age of 29 as well. You met a grim reaper…”

Eun Tak keeps summoning Kim Shin anywhere and everywhere she is…at any time. One morning while leaving Eun Tak’s house Kim Shi met Sunny. Looking at her, Kim Shin saw Sunny’s future. In that future Sunny was smiling happily next to Wang Yeo. Back at the house both Kim Shin and Wang Yeo tell Deok Hwa who they really are, a goblin and a grim reaper.

Wang Yeo:”You’ll need to come with me. You’ll find out we aren’t going anywhere nice.”

Sunny is getting ready to leave. She put everything is order with the place she is living at and her restaurant. Then she says her goodbyes to Eun Tak. After meeting Sunny, Eun Tak had a date with Kim Shin and he proposed to her.

Kim Shin:”On another day that is just about right, will you be my bride?”


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