Introverted Boss” ep 2 ~Hwan Ki:”Shut up if you want to live.”


Hwan Ki made a progress regarding his disorder and talked with Ro Won and Gyo Ri…of course without looking into their eyes. But still there is a huge progress for someone with extreme social phobia as Hwan Ki. He is so decided to get over his disorder that he made him mind to appear before reporters at a press conference. Unfortunately Woo Il stopped him and convinced him to step down from his CEO position.ep2_1

Episode 2

Hwan Ki went to give flowers to actress Chae Ro Won again, but he found out that he quit. On his way out, Hwan Ki meets Ro Won. Unfortunately that meeting caught him of guard and he couldn’t talk to her again. He hit behind the flowers he had bought her and ran away from her. He hit in the men’s bathroom, but Ro Won followed him. They each were in a bathroom so since he didn’t have to look Ro Won into her eyes, Hwan Ki could ask her few sentences. For the first time in his life he came out of his comfort zone and talked to someone for a while. She opened up and told Hwan Ki, without knowing who he was, that her sister committed suicide three years ago. She opened up and told the stranger that got her flowers for three years how she felt since her sister died.

After talking to Ro Won, Hwan Ki mustered the courage and went to see Gyo Ri at the hospital. He apologized for giving her a hard time and told her about his medical condition, about his social phobia disorder. He offered to pay for her medical bill, gave her some days off to rest and recover and offered to introduce her to a therapist if she needs one. Hearing what Hwan Ki had to say, Gyo Ri realized that she misunderstood him all this time.

Hwan Ki:”I have extreme difficulty interacting with people.”

When everything seemed to go well, news about Eun Hwan Ki being an abusive superior appeared. Reporters are at the company trying to find out what happened. Hwan Ki arrived while they were there. Luckily he could avoid them because Woo Il appeared and because no one knows Hwan Ki’s face.


Ro Won sees Hwan Ki running towards the lift and follows him. She caught the lift, but Woo Il comes in time to get her off the elevator. Then Woo Il tells Hwan Ki that Ro Won works at their company.

Later Hwan Ki meets Gyo Ri and tells her what to do if she wants to get out of that problem. Everyone is blaming Gyo Ri for the article that appeared so to help Gyo Ri, Hwan Ki told her to play stupid and pretend she didn’t talk to anyone about Eun Hwan Ki.

Hwan Ki:”Shut up if you want to live.”

After she met Hwan Ki, Gyo Ri met Woo Il. As Hwan Ki told her, Gyo Ri pretended that she didn’t talk to anyone about Hwan Ki. When Gyo Ri told Wool Il that Hwan Ki visited her in the hospital and brought her flowers, Woo Il was surprised.

Hwan Ki is on the rooftop reminiscing the night Ro Won’s sister, Ji Hye died and practicing his apology. Ro Won sees him bowing and apologizing and goes to him. But when Ro Won talked to him, Hwan Ki lost his balance and was about to fell over the roof. Ro Won rushed to catch him. When she pulled Hwan Ki, he was afraid that Ro Won will hurt herself so he hugged her and turned around. He fell on the ground and Ro Won on him. That day Ro Won saw Hwan Ki’s face, but she doesn’t know who he is.

In few seconds, Hwan Ki got his hat and run away.


There is a press conference regarding the article about Eun Hwan Ki being an abusive superior because of whom am employee was admitted to hospital. Hwan Ki prepared a lot. He made up his mind and practiced speaking before people despite his disorder. He got dressed and came down, prepared to apologize to everyone for what happened. But Woo Il stopped him!

Hwan Ki:”I’ll admit my fault honestly.”

Hwan Ki insisted to talk to the people gathered at the press conference and apologize, but Woo Il did everything he could to stop Hwan Ki. He even convinced Hwan Ki to step down of his position and be in charge of a new project. Woo Il and Hwan Ki’s father had already decided what Hwan Ki should do before telling Hwan Ki.

Woo Il:”Can you really stand before all those people?”

Instead of Hwan Ki, at the press conference appeared Gyo Ri and Woo Il. The first person to talk at the press conference was Gyo Ri. She apologized for the article that appeared without her consent and talked about Hwan Ki coming to see her at the hospital. Then Woo Il step in to answer to the journalists questions. During the press conference Woo Il announced that CEO Eun Hwan Ki retired from his position.

Meantime Hwan Ki was beaten by his father.


As the new employee Ro Won is send to give some expensive bags to an express courier. He has to deliver them to a photo shot. While looking for the courier, Ro Won sees Hwan Ki and jumps to conclusions. She believes that he is the courier and lets the bags with him. At first Hwan Ki didn’t want to deliver the bag to the photo shot, but he knew that Ro Won would be fired if he doesn’t.

There was too much traffic jam on the way so Hwan Ki left his car and run to the Park where the photo shot was scheduled. Because he was late with the bags, everyone thought that Ro Won gave the expansive bags to a thief and wanted to call the police. Ro Won on the other hand believed in the stranger she gave the bags and begs her superiors to wait a while more before calling the police. She goes to look around the park and try to find the courier. She sees him running towards her with the bags.

Ro Won:”I’ve been waiting for you!”

Hwan Ki:”I shouldn’t have gone near her in the first place. If I had told her…”

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