“Behind Your Smile”ep 10 ~Yi Ting:”I don’t care if Lei Xin Yu hates me.”


Since Yi Ting said that he regrets what happened between they, Xin Yu keeps avoiding him. But Yi Ting isn’t willing to accept that situation. He uses every chance he has to be close to Xin Yu. He walks Xin Yu home and makes sure Xiao Yue invites him to have dinner with them. Meantime Xiao Mao makes a plan to let Xin Yu find out that Yi Ting was the one that saved her the day of the accident. Since she found out the truth, Xin Yu changed her attitude regarding Yi Ting and brings him breakfast and coffee. Even if he doesn’t eat breakfast, Yi Ting was happy to eat what Xin Yu made for him.ep10_11

Episode 10

Xin Yu and Xiao Mao are leaving Yi Ting’s company after getting the funding they needed for the farm. On their way out, Xiao Mao wanted to tell Xin Yu that it was Yi Ting the one that saved her when she had the accident. But Yi Ting doesn’t want Xin Yu to know so he stopped them. He said that he needs Xin Yu to do something, but after Xiao Mao left, Yi Ting just wanted he and Xin Yu to go on a walk. Of course Xin Yu isn’t pleased. She is upset with Yi Ting because he said that he considers a stupid thing having kissed her.

While they were walking, Yi Ting suddenly stops and threw on the floor one of the napkins that Xin Yu wrote the other days…the one which it was written that Xin Yu has to make him laugh if he isn’t on a good mood. She told Yi Ting a joke, but it wasn’t funny so Xin Yu offered to make a magic trick for him.

Yi Ting walked Xin Yu home. When she thought that she finally can get rid of Yi Ting, Xiao Yue invited him to have a cup of tea and have dinner with them. At dinner Yi Ting refused to eat until Xin Yu wrote new notes for him. One bite for every note…and he was eating small bites. Seeing Xin Yu trying had to get rid of Yi Ting and Yi Ting trying hard to stay by her side, Xiao Yue believed that Yi Ting finally decided to open his heart towards Xin Yu. But Yi Ting refuses to accept his feelings and lies to himself that he is stuck to Xin Yu because someone is following her.

After dinner Yi Ting wants some fruits. He plays another game of rock, scissors, paper with Xin Yu for the fruits. The one who loses has to eat fruits…and Yi Ting wins. That night Xin Yu can’t stop thinking at Yi Ting and the way he was smiling at her that day.


Yi Ting is at home thinking about Xin Yu when he received the mail Xin Yu sent Zhong Won. In that mail Xin Yu was talking about her mother, her emotions and her sadness.

Yi Ting:”Not too distant by not too close. Not liking each other and also not hating each other. This is probably the best distance between you and me.”

In the morning Yi Ting went to pick up Xin Yu, but he became jealous when Xiao Yue told him that Xiao Mao picked Xin Yu early that morning.  Yi Ting went to the farm and couldn’t find Xin Yu or Xiao Mao. He asked Shu Fan and Shu Fan told him that Xiao Mao and Xin Yu are at the place where Xin Yu had her accident. Xiao Mao had asked Shu Fan to tell Yi Ting that if Yi Ting would come looking for him and Xin Yu. The same time Xiao Mao had asked Xin Yu to hide if Yi Ting would come to the farm.

Yi Ting went to the accident place and met Xiao Mao. They both like Xin Yu and Xiao Mao is willing to give up his love for Xin Yu in his brother’s favor…maybe he realized that Xin Yu and Yi Ting like each other. He pressures Yi Ting to tell Xin Yu that he is the one that save her the day of the accident, but Yi Ting refuses. He opens up and tells Xiao Mao how he felt, how he suffered after their father’s death and Yi Ting left his family. Yi Ting’s hated for Lin Man and his will to revenge his father’s death was the only thing that kept Yi Ting alive. He doesn’t know how to live without it.

Yi Ting:”Even if I have to be the devil, I must invade their dreams.”

Xiao Mao:”Don’t you think that after Lei Xin Yu appeared, you’ve changed?”

Xin Yu was curious how Yi Ting knows where she had her accident and followed him. She heard Xiao Mao and Yi Ting talking and discovered that Yi Ting was the one that saved her. Xiao Mao’s plan worked. He couldn’t betray his brother and tell Xin Yu that Yi Ting saved her so he made a plan to let Xin Yu discover that from Yi Ting’s mouth.


 Since she discovered that Yi Ting is the hero that saved her, Xin Yu brought him various breakfasts the next morning. Usually Yi Ting doesn’t eat breakfast, but because Xin Yu made it for him, Yi Ting accepted eating happily.  After he had breakfast, Yi Ting found on his desk a thermos with coffee and a note from Xin Yu. He reads the note and while smiling he drinks his coffee. Then he opens his laptop and smiles because there he found another note from Xin Yu.

Upset after her break up with Yi Ting, Qian Ni goes to find uncle Qing, her father’s employee and the only person who pays any attention to her. It’s been a while since uncle Qing quit his job and disappeared, but Qian Ni went to look for him at his old house. There Qian Ni met uncle Qing’s daughter, who was the same woman that was in prison with Xin Yu.

There is a board meeting at Lin Man’s company. Xin Yu sees that as the opportunity to tell her mother that she is save so she begs Xiao Yue to accompany her.


Xin Yu appeared in front of the reporters and angry people in front of her mother’s company. The moment Xin Yu was about to be beaten by all those angry people, Yi Ting and Shi Huan appeared. Shi Huan stopped the angry people while Yi Ting put his jacket on Xin Yu’s head and took her away from there. Boiling from anger, Yi Ting doesn’t listen to Xin Yu. He scolds her, screams at her and asked Shi Huan to take her home.

After Shi Huan and the girls left, Yi Ting participated at the board meeting. He bought 51% of Lin Man’s company shares.  He is the one that can decide what will happen to Lin Man and her company.

Yi Ting:”I don’t care if Lei Xin Yu hates me.”

Yi Ting lies to himself that he doesn’t care about Xin Yu or what Xin Yu might feel for him, but all he does is console her, protect her and make sure Xin Yu is happy. Because Xin Yu is sad and doesn’t come out of her room, Yi Ting went to her house. He asked her what can make her happy and he did what Xin Yu wanted. He helped Xin Yu get into her mother’s office at the company. Xin Yu sits at her mother’s old desk, she puts her hands under the desk and gets a note from there. On that note it was written Xin Yu’s wish. While reading the note, Xin Yu starts crying. Yi Ting gets close to her and consoles her.

Note:” Mommy never spends time with me. I hope she loses her job.”


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